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LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 


1998 • Volume 41 

Covenant College 

Scenic Highway 
Lookout Mountain, Georgia 30750 

cW/m/«/ iDvMeae 

2 Opening 

wS^V^^M i 

HLl^^jJtM^jb' ^JffiKJZiJ 

•<**<^ rV«-.-^^M 

S'n 3HaA <*miyidh. . . 

3 Opening 

<lMu tiwieb a/be wi 

Psalm 31:15 

4 Student Life Divider 

Sa\ cheese... htlia {'huh spent her summer h 
Jordan ministering to people in the hospitals. 1 ler 
she h with some of the children she mis able t, 

Camp counselor... Udia 1 ourry spent hersummt 
like mam other Covemnt students, beingacounsi 
at Westminster Camp. Here she is with one of 'h 

cabin members. 

6 Student Life 

and Experiences 

&2i/toM4fA(wt the ( M€/t/ld 


'he Lord has provided an exhaustive amount of bless 
ngs from my summer experience in Jordan. Since my 
parents work as medical missionaries in Jordan, I was 
able to return home, live with my family, and revive my Ara- 
bic from the dusty corners of my brain. The Lord allowed me 
to make new friends, as well as learn more about the medical 
field through my daily routine. 

My summer day was filled with work in the hospital with 
the Arab people. I was able to attend various medical needs, 
and do other tasks such as paint, attend patient gospel meet- 
ings, and learn Arabic. One of the highlights of my day was to 

municating with the people. The language barrier between 
Arabic and English was quite large, and often I could not talk 
to the people or even understand what they were saying. In 
spite of the barriers, the people of Jordan were still some of the 
most friendly, hospitable people I have ever met. It did not 
matter that I could not speak with them, they treated me as a 
honored guest of their country. I am blessed to know the people 
of Jordan, and when I think of them I am reminded oi their 
friendly hearts and simple joys. 

~ Julia Ulrich 

Uganda... This picture was taken on Mt. Elgon as the Uganda team was walking 
hack from the village. Tim Black, one of the team members, said that he had not 
had anyone pray with him to accept Chirst that day, until the walk back cm this 
breathtaking mountain. 

Photo Courtesy of Tim Black 

7 Student Life 

Oh the things we do when we are Freshmen... 

Here the boys of Catacombs have a little fun before 




If I weren't a Young Life leader... Jason Trimiew and 
Michelle Seda once again encourage the freshmen to join Young 
Life and get involved with other organisations around campus. 

\ t 

Photo by Karen Richter 

Photo by Karen Richter 
Moving in... Each scar parents, K'A's, and student leaders gather for the fun filled time oj moving all oj oar new freshmen 

Jvbe&Amen 0biwUcdc 

r w , 

An Adventure 
3n MeJf 

Orientation week, it was the best of times, it was the 
worst of times. There was nothing to get out of bed 
for, hut there was everything to wake up for. The 
choices in the great hall were plenty, yet there was nothing to 
eat. There arose a man, a young college student, the first soul 
to greet me upon my arrival. His warmth and energy could not 
have been matched by any. Many more faces flooded by after 
his. The friendly and funny face of my RA from First Belz, my 
three new roommates, and my lovely small group leader. The 

outpouring of as- 
many faces that 
made the week 
short two years 
perienced Fresh- 
tion week, and 
able to sit back 
of the fun events 
can vividly re- 
grumbled when I 
my small group, 
other test. I 
found myself actually missing the events that surround the week 
this year. I longed to go and play all the get to know ya games, 
I actually wanted to go to the gathering the last night when 
you all walk down to the overlook, and sing before the student 
body. Freshmen Orientation week is a long week, with lots of 
things to accomplish, but hopefully most of us do have found 
memories of it. 

~ Neal Howard and Karen Richter 

Don't you trust us... The Confidence Course has become a well known tradition 
to build a deep trust and bond betiveen those in a group. Here, Heather Woods' 
small group does the trust fall. 

Photo by Kathleen Gulick 

9 Student Life 

The great outdoors... Members of Third South 
&tre*h to ?o camping with Rivmdell for their Day 
of Prayer outing. 

Rise and shine... Members of Gallery and Second 
Bel: came together for a breakfast worship. The nm 
halls not only had breakfast, but sang soii.qs and 
prayed together. 

10 Student Life 

£PtiM tj<htd !Jlrdel 

There is a day starred on my calendar every semester 
that is not often found on many other college calen 
dars and that is Day of Prayer. No classes are held, no 
offices are open. This is a day set aside specifically for prayer. It 
is a gift from a college that aims to hold Christ pre-eminent to 
students who need a time to stop the business of college life 
and re-focus; it is to be spent however the individual chooses. 
Many halls take advantage of a chance to get together; there 
are numerous memories made during camp-outs, hikes, and 
picnics where halls grow closer to God and to each other. 


the day alone 
a special time 
viduals to be 
before Him. 
day, students 
solitude, out- 
journals, or 
Though there 
activities on 
many groups or- 
such as Bible 
worship, testi- 
and of course 

Spending part of 
with God is also 
for many mdi- 
still and quiet 
Throughout the 
can be found in 
doors, writing in 
playing guitars, 
are no required 
Day of Prayer, 
ganize things 
readings, praise, 
mony, sharing, 
prayer times. 

One tradition that is sure to happen every Day of Prayer is 
Psi Chi's sunrise prayer time at Rock City. Vans carry those 
willing to rise early over to Rock City to pray; it is still dark 
when heads bow and eyes close, but when the "Amen" is voiced, 
eyes open to catch the beauty of the sunrise. Also, the tradi- 
tion of the tower watch lives on: this is a 24-hour period in 
which there is always someone praying in the Carter Hall Tower. 
Barring all weather conditions- rain, snow, or shine, the day 
goes on and many people end their Day of Prayer with a re- 
newed spirit and thankful heart. 

~ Paige Nelson 

Mmm, mmm good... Clay Tolson eats hot dogs and cookies with Third South 
on Rivendell after their camping trip during Day of Prayer. 

Photo Courtesy of Erin Harris 

1 1 Student Life 

Just sit right back and you'll hear a lal 

talc ol a date ooncoood; starring RhcttBentson a 
Amanda Floyd at Kilter 1997. 

Let's limbo... Jonathan Weaver shows how low he 
can ^o as fun idciir\ and Watt Marooney continue 
to lower the pole more and more. 

12 Student Life 


uuMek 9J &6wla *J/lcmka: 

The Not-So-Explicit 

I'm picturing reading through my yearbook many years 
down the road and coming across all the sorts of yearbook 
articles that are always so typical. Do we have to be ob- 
jective when writing about events that turn up in the year- 
book? This is about Kilter by the way, Kilter 1997. Hula 
Mauka. What exactly is that anyway? Hula is a kind of dance. 
And Mauka? Is that some sort of outfit maybe? A grass skirt 
and coconut bikini top? Or maybe one of the other fine out- 
fits we had represented. There were mismatched tropical 
prints, black socks and sandals, Polynesian natives (brown fin- 
ger-paint pro- videdthetan), 
Gilligan's Island ,^_ characters, and 

random island/ ^J _ ^^^ tropics 

to BF (v*fc make 

bunch of tourists W% LI ^ later on. 

maybe Mauka JJ had something 

to do with the /y food. Hula for 

the dancing be- ^f cause of the 

,I1U> Uve band " v lS^fe^- that we had ' 

and Mauka for "W^& the tropical 

cuisine that we got to munch 

on. There was a roasted pig, and other island treats like baked 
beans and lemonade (we are so darn cultural!). Not to men- 
tion our decorations. Little umbrellas like the kind in frozen 
drinks (alcohol free, of course) and crepe paper palm trees 
everywhere. was all so grand! 

One final thought on this Hula Mauka thing though, and I 
think that this is probably the best explanation. It's a tropical 
expression for surprise or pleasure. Like how much fun we 
had after a rousing limbo match (hula mauka! ). But for me, it 
was just seeing my stunning date, the best of all. ..HULA 

~ Rhett Bentson 

Tropical prints everywhere you turn... Albert Leavengood and Ben Baxter 
pulled out the loudest shirts they could find for this special tropical f est. 

Photo by Karen Richter 

13 Student Life 

14 Student Life 

Of The 

Skit night preparations may begin as much as one week or 
as little as one hour before their performance. Skits in 
elude music, dancing, impersonations and dramatizations. 
Carter Picture Night was held in the Great Hall with a wide 
range of vignettes. Fifth North took third place honors with 
their collage of music and lip sync. "What would OSHA do?" 
was the theme for second place winners Third South. They 
took a spin-off of 
o o d - b o r n 
video required of 
Work students, 
to Ghetto with 
an aerobics class 
for intramurals. 
turned red in the 
he tried to get his 
tion as the 

Founders Skit Night was dan- 

gerous and enter- taming. Third 

place went to Balcony who did an impersonation of chapel an- 
nouncements including those dealing with singles, married 
couples, and lobby couples. Blackwatch's top ten list of games 
that are not fun to play with only three people won them sec- 
ond place. First place went to First Belz who performed a rendi- 
tion of the fiasco held at Sunday meals in the Great Hall. 

The skit nights gave the halls a chance to do something as a 
group and to entertain the audience. 

~ Charity Throener 

Sweatin' to the oldies... Joey Redd and Jeremy Toole dance to the music 
played during Ghetto's rendition of an aerobics class. Ghetto took first place by 
humor, acting, and dancing to a medley of songs. 

Photo Courtesy of Suzanne Entrekir 

15 Student Life 

16 Student Life 


Local Churches 

Involvement in a local church has put into practice the 
things I am learning here at Covenant and has allowed me 
the opportunity to give back to the local community. It is 
part of our responsibility as believers to be part of a church 
family for accountability, spiritual growth, worship and service, 
be it youth ministry to high school students, inner city chil- 
dren, or widow's 
I believe it is 

for us to reach 
munity with a 
we all should 
of what the city 
fer us and we 
in giving back, 
ing a Youth 
practicum as- 
shocked to 
spend anywhere 
twelve hours a 

also important 
out in the corn- 
spirit of service, 
take advantage 
below has to of- 
should be active 
Upon complet- 
signment I was 
learn that I 
from ten to 
week performing 

my job as a youth director at Red Bank Presbyterian Church. 
It has indeed been a privilege to work for my home church 
here in Chattanooga for the past year. Filled with valleys and 
peaks, youth ministry is a teaching and rewarding experience. 
God is good. All the time. 

~ Matthew Bryant 

Where did it go... Noel Bentson helps with a Wednesday night youth group 
game at Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Chureh. Covenant students volunteer 
their time at mariy different churches. 

Photo by Jennifer Shaw 

17 Student Life 

So, what did you da for lull Break... Khn Mo. 

spent her Fall Break in Annapolis. Here she 
downtown at Starbucks with a few of her friendi 

Charleston, South Carolina... Mary 
Katherine lackson and lulia Lowry spent their 
Fall Break shopping and relaxing. 

Photo Courtesy ( 



^ it 


Covenant Scots... While many were away with their families 
and traveling all art mnd , many athletie teams , including the men's 
soccer team, stayed to play games. 

Photo by Stephen Fr 

Photo Courtesy of Barb Schreur 
Colorfest... Sarah Donaldson, Rub Peck, Jeannette I )iBemardo, Bob Wiegers, Mary Winer, Mike I lardie, and Ms. Cory 
enjoy a relaxing day listening to music and eating good food at ( lolorfest in Mentone, Alabama. 


18 Student Life 

SPo, 'Wmi <2)id u JJ€u QDe 

River_Break 1997 

fa WaMMietd? 

Perhaps the ideal fall break does not necessarily involve 
the associate dean of students and a professor in the 
backwoods of Alabama, but though Riverbreak was not 
necessarily ideal, it did exceed our expectations. Before we 
knew what we had gotten ourselves into, we were informed 
that our adventure was not just a break, but an experiment in 
education. Riverbreak was indeed a break from everyday life. 
We laughed, ate, and relaxed by the fire all week, but we also 
discovered a better way to learn. 

In another time zone, state, and culture (yet still on Lookout 
Mountain), is Mentone, Alabama- the setting of Riverbreak. 

We loaded our 
ourselves into 
headed toward a 
woods. Eleven 
one sagging roof, 
lives and 

biggest excuse 
together was to 
Christianity and 
fiction. To do 
discussed The 
Landscape: Faith 
Southern Fiction, 


stuff and 

the van and 
cabin in the 
of us slept under 
sharing our 
talents. Our 
for getting 
Southe r n 
this, we 

and Doubt in 
by Susan 

Ketchin. We learned how "education and community work in 
tandem," as Barb put it. The mind-set of service dominated 
the week, as shown by chores and encouraging words. Also, 
we were free from the usual cliques (although, ironically, we 
are one now), classes and stresses, so we were free to be ourselves 
and comfortable with each other. This atmosphere of 
community, service, and freedom, allowed us to learn in a whole 
new way. 

Of course Riverbreak wouldn't be Riverbreak without a river. 
On Sunday afternoon, after a hike to the bottom oi the gorge, 
we got to know the Little River very well. A few other 
attractions and distractions included the Mentone's Colorfest, 
visits from some Covenant folk, hymn singing, nightly dance 
parties, discussions of Iowa, poetry and prose readings, and 
general revelation. As we learned with and from each other 
through discussions, service and community, we learned that 
the classroom is not the only place for education. 

-Bob Wiegers 

Riverbreak... Mary Miner helps out with some of the chores involved in her Fall 

Break at Riverbreak 1997. 

Photo Courtesy of Barb Schreur 

19 Student Life 

Photo by Jen Shaw 

Cotton Candy Anyone. 7 ... ( )ne <>j the hi^est hits oj Burning at the Sluice III was the a>wm cinuh ihut seemed to never 

20 Student Life 

$xmw<x)mMta J99J 
Burning at the Stage 

°)ve(wme ^&m^e! 

This year's homecoming was the largest yet at 
Covenant, with nearly 560 alumni in attendance. 
The weekend of October 24-25 was filled with events 
for both students and alumni. Friday evening marked the 
return of "Burning at the Stage," a growing homecoming 
tradition. Last year, the class presidents wanted to do 
something for the students on homecoming weekend and 
the result was "Burning at the Stage". Take Spotlight Cafe, 
move it to the Highlands soccer field and add a bonfire. The 
event was a howling success, resulting in this year's class 
presidents collaboration to carry on the tradition. This time 
around "Burning at 

the Stage" was expanded to 

become a fall S<^ festival. 

Although rain S^/ // forced the 

event to be j/s / , f% moved to the 

Great Hall, it y^ ' / fi was not 

seriously S* ' , A/ hampered. 

Booths lined S / / / the perimeter 

of the Great \/ / / Hall serving 

up snacks, \ / / cotton candy, 

coffee, and root >^ / heev floats. 

The juniors ^^ sponsored a 

pottery booth, which allowed 

the sculpting of masterpieces. The moon walk provided the 
touch of a county fair and was well received by all. Of course, 
"Burning at the Stage" would not be complete without the 
"stage". Six different groups performed throughout the 
evening, displaying a vast array of talents and musical styles. 
The highlight was definitely a rare appearance by Scott 
Anderson, "The Dancing Machine", as he accompanied 
Andrew Hobbs, Isaac Wardell, Rich Keesee, and Dave 
Kauffman in their rendition of U2's "Discotheque". Other 
events of the weekend included the Multicultural 
Extravaganza, the cross-country invitational, both men's and 
women's soccer games, and the return of the Homecoming 
Parade. Overall, the weekend was enjoyable for both students 
and alumni, as they celebrated yet another year of God's 
faithfulness to Covenant College. 

-Tim Marshall 

Look what I made... The junior class sponsored the pottery stand at Burning at 
the Stage III. Elizabeth Hastie had fun creating her very own scidpture. 

Photo by Jen Shaw 

2 1 Student Life 

22 Student Life 


The Long and Winding story of The All Souls, All 
Saints, All Styles, All Sorts Party at Covenant Col 
lege on October 31, 1997. 
There was much excitement that day in anticipation of the 
party that night. We had classes and wanted to just get them 
over with and have a good time. When the time drew near, 
Founders Third Lobby (home to many famous events), was 
once again transformed into a madd party zone with all types 
of nuttystyle decorations that had a good time. The DJ came 
and began to set up the sound system and blast some tunes. 
Since there was dancing allowed, some people began to test 

and moved to 
fore the party 
fairly exciting. 

When it was 
party to begin, it 
were many 
monsters and 
and they 

The DJ started 
wacked out and 
the CD's and al- 
state of the 

the mucic, be- 
started!! It was 

time for the 
began. There 
people and 
wierdos there 
spooked us out. 
to get all 
began to spin 
ter the mental 
crowd. They 

were trans- ported to a zone 

of existence where music rules and everybody has a good time. 
The Crowd floated through time as the music transported 
us from the 70's to the 80's and 90's. We rocked to U2, Dave 
Matthews, Michael Jackson, House of Pain, Kirk Franklin and 
the Family and his grandmother and great uncle and second 
cousin twice removed and God's Property, Vanilla Ice, the 
Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, R.E.M., Bob Marley, and all types of 
other styles. The DJ was bombarded and harassed and treated 
like a robotic computeroid at times, but he had a good time 
too. The crowd danced and had food and drink. There was a 
contest for the best costume, bobbing for apples and a pin the 
horse or statement to the Wittenberg Door. All in all, Cov- 
enant College, the party place it is, was madd wicked funkadelic 

~ Ken Langley 

The human lightening rod... Jacob Claassen won the costume contest as 
portraying the human lightening rod . Claassen singed his chnhmo to achieve the 
full affect. 

All Photos by Cherith Johnson 

23 Student Life 

A Magical Tradition... Erin Farou/iai i 
|\nv!i[> /uiv ce/ehrared t/i/s magical traditit in fi ir mc 
vuiiy Here Erin is with her !am,h al this yet 
Madriml Feast. 

Merry Christmas to All... losh Green and Lindi 
Rile? enjoy a Magical evening at Madrigals. 

Photo by Jen Shaw 

The Madrigals Singers.. . The Madrigals Singers have been around since the 1 960's . This year's singers performed a wide 
range of songs from your traditional ( Christmas songs, to fun new songs, like Fruitcake! Umm... 

24 Student Life 

A Magical Tradition 

Christmas time in our family, as in many families, is 
full of tradition. One of those traditions is coming 
to the Madrigal Dinner. I remember the excitement 
that my parents shared as they returned to their alma mater for 
this festive occasion. I have been able to share in that excite- 
ment many times in my life as well. 

This tradition in my family began back in 1969, when my 
mother was part of the Madrigal Singers. That year, what used 
to be a simple affair featuring the singers in a post-dinner 
songfest, suddenly became quite an elaborate social event. 
Things like candlelight, soloists, a junior choir, a narrator, and 
even the boar's head, played their part in making an elegant 

served a steak 
was said to be 
1971, it was be- 
lt's shape as it 
and queen in 

occasion. They 
dinner, which 
"special." By 
ginning to take 
now had a king 
costume, and a 
Throughout the 
the Madrigal 
into what we 
full costumes, 
narrative, and 

My parents 

70's and 80's, 
Dinner evolved 
know it to be: 
full concert, full 
all the trim- 


;omg to 

the dinner again in 1982, and my first experience was when I 
was twelve in 1989. Since 1982, members of my family have 
attended all except three dinners. It has become quite a 
tradition that we love to share with each other and other friends 
and family. 

The "evolution" oi the Madrigal Dinner continues. The 
production is now done three nights, and is full of Christmas 
music, both traditional and refreshingly unfamiliar, from the 
Madrigal Singers, a brass choir, and a Renaissance ensemble 
that was new to this year's dinner. The viands are overwhelm- 
ing, as they serve a full five-course meal with everything from 
wassail to flaming plum pudding. It is a night full of merriment 
and joy as we celebrate the birth of our LORD. In my family, it 
is the commencement of the Christmas holiday, and truly a 
grand and magical tradition. 

~ Erin Farquhar 

Music, Laughter, and Fun... Madrigals Dinner is not only good food, but 
also fun times. Here the jester entertains the audience with his tunny tricks. The 
jester is truly a tradition that goes along with Madrigals. 

Photo by Jen Shaw 

Student Life 25 

Considering Lily... CAB 
exciting, and different , 
Considering Li'h 1 sent a gr< 
HafhiM ctair melodious 

Late \ii;/u Skate Night... An (iii»uin» tnu/i'tion 
oj CAB. This year CAB went in'rh the t/ieme q/ a 
Toga Party. I [ere Christopher Boone is getting ready 

to 'show his stuff on the rink. 

Photo by Stephen Freas 
Campus Activity Board presents... The Trinidadian \ieel drum hund was dejinately cm exciting and fun event that CAB 
brought to Covenant. They performed in ( lhapel that morning and here they are that evening with several C Covenant ( College 
students learning to play just like them, or at least learning how to heat on the drum. 

26 Student Life 

vcmifatA tJ&otmUu &%€M/bd 
Fun on Campus 

CAB managed another eventful year as it brought some 
unique activities to Covenant 's campus as well as some 
historic favorites. We began the year in line with tra- 
dition as Kilter lit up the Great Hall. "Hula Mauka", a Hawai- 
ian phrase literally translated into "dancing in the mountains", 
provided an appropriate theme, as hula dancers cluttered the 
dance floor and tacky tourists challenged the limbo stick. In 
another attempt to keep tradition, the Covenant community 
was given opportunities to snuggle-up under the stars for drive- 
in movie favorites (popcorn and soda provided an extra ro- 
mantic twist). We followed 
last year's con- cert theme by 
bringing in vari- u j J^^J ILaMfc/ \\f.\s ous bands and 
solo .Hirsts; jj ffwSDjSWm Dave Wllcox 
and Harrod and 11 jfljj Hjff B^HKy Funck were re 
turning favorites i|jMlBKa^Bi|jH[^ m llu ' fall se- 

Considering ^fLrmW J Lilly Then 

mellow folk- \*ij^Kr style and poetic 

lyrics provided <|Hv2 the musical mo- 

tif until a ^^B^ Trinidad ian 

steel drum band swept through 

the Great Hall sending shock 

waves through campus and 

leaving no one in their seats. To top the fall semester off, Sat- 
urday afternoons were filled with paintball tournaments in 
Covenant's new facility. These tournaments were full of ruth- 
less, in your face, paint-splattering excitement! Once again 
CAB came through with several fun ways to enjoy campus life. 

-Laurel Usher and Rachel Bode 

Harrod and Funck... This extremely coo/ duo always seem to pack in more and 
more each year. Harrod and Funek are dejinateh a (Covenant ( ollege favorite. 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 

Student Life 27 

,4 ^ 

To die or not to die, that is the question... The PLi\er, played by /s<u«. Wharton, i\ bein^ killed by Rosenerantz- The 
Player actually fakes the death and i\ aj>j>lauded by the players. 

28 Student Life 



And * 

Are Who? 

I was having trouble paying attention. It was chapel at the 
beginning of the year and we were in the midst of what 
seemed like fifty announcements as various clubs and stu- 
dent projects vied for our commitment. There had been sev- 
eral fairly interesting clubs mentioned so far, but none had 
grabbed my attention to the point that I was willing to commit 
to it that very instant. Then Nancy Young stepped up to the 
microphone. By the time she got out her first sentence, I was 
already sold. 

"This fall, the Covenant Drama Club will be doing a pro- 
duction of Tom S t o p p a r d ' s 
Rosencrantz and Guildenstem Are 

which this play YBf# was based), it 

Stage hand, cos- tume fluffer, 

chair tester, or even... actor, I 

realized that participating in this play was an absolute neces- 
sity for my well-being. 

Apparently I'm not the only one who holds the play in high 
regard. Professors Wildeman, Pettit, Foreman, and Hesselink 
were all surveyed and asked to each suggest several plays that 
they thought we should try to stage. Rosencrantz and Guildenstem 
Are Dead was the only play that appeared on all four lists. 

Maybe it was just the aggravating persistence of the ticket 
sellers, or maybe it was something else, but there seemed to be 
a general air of anticipation generated among the student body 
as well. That Friday night, the final performance, was one of, if 
not the largest crowds that Covenant Drama has ever witnessed. 
As one of the actors on stage that night, let me say it was 

~ Caleb Monroe 

Rosencrantz and Quildenstern... John Calvin Traver and Paul Dreher have 
a discussion during the first act of the play. 

All Photos by Stephen Frt 

Student Life 29 

Rocky at Rock City... Kellie Bumside, lessia 
Kellogg, Ann' I lomer, and Wary Grace Rogers talc, 
a [>iai<re ii'it/i Rocb the Elj at Rock City Garden 
around the Christmas season. 

Covenaitf CoIIi-gc mui coffee... Thegourrru 
rage hit Covenant and made Greyfriar's the "usual 
for Covenant students. 

Take a walk on the Walking Bridge... The Walking Bridge is home to 
during the night. 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 

/vo/i/i' who jog during the day and stroll 

30 Student Life 


ft ft 1 1 V ife 
1" ' • "l ' jk 


Everybody's been down the mountain for a good time 
right? I hope so. If you have, you may recognize some 
of the places. If you don't recognize them, then relax 
and become excited, for you are about to find out some slick 
things to do in Chattanooga. 

First, I like to eat and so do you. You should go to Lupi's. 
The nuttiest, maddest, phattest pizza place in Chattanooga 
or the interior universe. Get a calzone. They are correct and 
large and better than good. Perhaps you'd like to have some 
coffee or exotic pastries. You should swing next door to 
time you may 
time for free, 
to do is go for a 
stroll on the 
It does not ac- 
thinks deeply 
who walk upon 
what you dis- 
walking, it may 
repeat it. After 
walking bridge 
walk, you could 
Blue Angel and 

From time to 
want a lovely 
What you need 
walking bridge, 
tually walk, it 
about those 
it. Be careful 
cuss whilst 
hear you and 
crossing the 
that doesn't 
head to the 
hear some live 

music and eat some food. Sometimes they have open mic night 
and you can embarass yourself off of campus. Speaking of good 
times and great oldies, I had the privilege of performing at 
the Kudzu Festival this year. It took place under the walking 
bridge. Look and listen for signs of this historic music event. 
Looking for different excitement? Good, I will tell it to 
you. Do you like fish? Go to the Tennessee Aquarium located 
in downtown Chattanooga. Also for a sports good time (be- 
sides the Scots) you could go to a Mocs game. UTC is right in 
Chattanooga too and they play sports. Oh, you're hungry 
again. You must go to Durty Nellie's. It is completely phat 
and profesionally skilled. It is an Irish pub style place and it is 
all about having a good time. There are more things to do in 
Chattanooga, but these are highly favored. All in all Chatta- 
nooga is a lovely town and I hope to see you enjoying it. 

~ Ken Langley 
The Tivoli... Many Covenant students get dressed up in their best clothes to see 
performances by the Chattanooga Symphony at the Tivoli in downtown 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 

Student Life 31 

32 Student Life 

in the 

(jtmd (Owtdoo/tA 

There was an active group of students outside this year. 
Some went hiking, some went biking, some went to 
the underworld of caves, and there were even a few 
that found their home on cliffs. Whoever could get together 
at any miscellaneous time, would take the afternoon to find a 
harder climb, maybe Kayak at Little River Canyon, or, even 
better, practicing Kayak rolls in Covenant's pool during the 
winter! It wasn't uncommon to get "stuck" out climbing and 
somehow failing to return for class. 

Even though trips were usually spontaneous, last minute, 
and always with a slightly different group, all those involved 
became good friends. There is a stronger connection formed 
by hanging your life through someone else's hands, getting 
worn out together on a long ride, or going through that rapid 
upside down! 

But the con- nectiontoGod 

through relying 
to calm fears in 
praying for the 
few minor inju- 
Since God 
doors, all of us 
enjoy the cre- 
unique ways! 
people get the 

was fostered 
on Him; trying 
prayer or even 
healing of the 
ries we had. 
made the out- 
felt blessed to 
ation in such 
Not many 

experience of hanging off a big cliff, riding down a smooth 
rapid, or even flipping over the handlebars! And to experi- 
ence nature with other people is really awesome. When ev- 
eryone really wants to do something well, it is so inspirational! 
Old timers like John Simpson, Tim McDowell, and Sam 
Glaser helped teach newcomers like Tim Rowe, John Drake, 
Jacob Claasen, Matt Mantooth, Jenny Erbel, Nicole Horton, 
Monique Good, Ginny Blair, Matt Marooney, Jeremy Toole, 
and others become familiar to their activity. Some were aim- 
ing to train hard, and they improved quickly. Others only 
wanted to get a taste and have fun. But there was a unique 
bond between the people that couldn't be explained. We all 
went to different worlds together, and the ones who had been 
there with me, always caught my eye when we were back in 
Covenant land. Seeing them created an instant memory to 
the times God had provided elsewhere. 

~ Stephen Freas 

Stretch... Monica Napier stretches herself to reach the next hand grip while rock 

Photo by Stephen Freas 

Student Life 33 

Northern Ireland... Vhe Northern Ireland team 
of Belfast. 

Three Hots and a Cot... Man Kimbrell and his 
pal A! clean up after serving < me < 1/ the hi x meals at 
the Bon n Mission m New Ybr/< City. 

34 Student Life 





his year I had the awesome opportunity to spend my 
Spring Break on a Break on Impact trip to Northern 
Ireland. The team was made up of fourteen: Dot 
Hunter as our staff advisor, ten students from Covenant Col- 
lege, and three students from Mississippi State University. From 
day one we knew that this trip would be like no other missions 
trip any of us had ever been on. The team spent weeks prepar- 
ing for the evangelism that we would be doing in Northern 
Ireland. We arrived in Northern Ireland Sunday morning and 
John Moxen and the rest of his staff from Project Evangelism 
did not blink an eye before they put us to work. As we wit- 
nessed throughout the week it became more and more appar- 
ent to me and others in the group that the trip name, Break on 
Impact, was very significant. First, one must be broken and 
humbled before the Lord to 

work with these men, 

women, and g children. It 

was evident JifL t ^ at lt was 

Christ speaking rtaSK^ I through us as 

we shared the l]^|4^-^2lj Gospel oi 

Jesus Christ to (Pi those in a 

nearby army M camp, the 35 

or so Catholic H children that 

showed up at a §| Protestant 

church to hear g| the Word of 

the Lord pro- |j| claimed, and 

those at a pri- ' mary school 

in downtown Belfast. 

This trip also impacted each of our lives greatly. I have 
never been on a trip in which you could see the eagerness of 
those wanting to know Christ so vivid in their eyes. Joey, one 
of our team members from MSU got the chance to share the 
Gospel with a little boy named Sean who could not stop shak- 
ing because he was so eager to pray to the Lord. God also 
proclaimed Himself by the beautiful surroundings of Northern 
Ireland. Each day that we were there we caught a glimpse of 
God's creativity. There are endless stories that any one of us 
can tell you about God's goodness and faithfulness to us on our 
Break on Impact trip to Northern Ireland. I praise Him for the 
opportunity to serve Him. 

-Karen Richter 

Around the World in 10 days... Ryan Mcllhenny enjoyed working with the 
children of Ireland at a Protestant church called Raulph Mullen. Here is one of 
the little girls, Shauna, that he and the others in the group got a chance to witness 
to and share the love of the Lord with . 

Photo Courtesy of Albert Leavengood 

Student Life 35 

Sand Parties... lydia Thompson and Ashley Cobb 
bwh turtles at Daytona Beach over Spring Break. 

Rocky Pop Birthday... Wimhip Vamer, Sarah 
Talarico, Wes Hollowell , Mark Jenkins, Chip 
Millette, Kristy Fan. Ty Wilson, and Lang Martin 
celebrate Lang's Birthday in Colorado over Spring 

Photo Courtesy of Valerie Howard 

In Our Nation's Capital... Tabitha Ellis and Leah Heisigwent 
to the White House on their Spring Break trip to Annapolis, 
Maryland and Washington, DC. 

Photo Courtesy of Tabitha Ellis 

Photo Courtesy of Bryonie Rayburn 
A Break in Myrtle Beach... Olivia Pugh, ( '.hristy ( larlson, Shannon Kiscr, Bryonie Rayburn, James Richardson, and Stc 
Lindemann pose for a picture at Brookgreen ( JardVm in Myrtle Beach. South C \irolina during ( Ihorale Tour. 

36 Student Life 



&o ike <s W 
of the World 

Several Covenant students and alumni took advantage 
oi some dirt cheap airline companion tickets and trav 
eled overseas for Spring Break. Leah Behm and I were 
two of those adventurous people. We had studied together in 
1995 in the Czech Republic and directed our newest adven- 
ture back to Eastern Europe to visit our favorite old haunts. 
We spent a few days in Vienna, a few days in Prague, an after- 
noon in Olomouc, and many, many hours on public transpor- 
tation (trains, buses, trams, etc.).' 

While in Europe, we noticed an amazing phenomena: Cov- 

and Alumni 
each other. For 
national Air- 
Amsterdam, we 
Martin and the 
on Impact 
with Covenant 
Vienna and in 
ate dinner in 
other Cov- 
too. The world 
small place! 

Leah and I had similar impressions of this trip. Having been 
to the same places together three years previously, we immedi- 
ately went back to our common favorites and took each other 
to any sights the other missed on our first trip to Eastern Eu- 
rope. These jaunts included Sacher Torte at the Hotel Sacher 
and Kunsthistoriches Museum in Vienna. In Prague we visited 
Hradcany Castle, Saint Vitas Cathedral (our favorite cathe- 
dral anywhere), and numerous strolls down the Charles Bridge. 
We also enjoyed a nostalgic lunch at Big Ben in Olomouc with 
our favorite foods, lots of chocolate, and took delight in find- 
ing that things were still unchanged. Prague was our favorite 
city in 1995 and it still is in 1998. 

~ Betsy Matthews 

A Stitch in Time... James Livingston, Skye Parrish, Erin Farquar, Danny 
Patterson, and Robert Uthlaut spend an afternoon m C charlotte, North Carolina 
during Chorale Tour. The Chorale Tour traveled to North Carolina, South 
Carolina, Georgia, and Northern Florida. 

Photo Courtesy of Bryonie Rayburn 

Student Life 37 

Cheese... Dr. Steele and his wife enjoyed the 

dinner despi 

te the ran 

. Thes 


is chap 


for this year 

s Spring I 


Which dan 

:e with t 

lis son 

.... U 

irel { h 


Brent lacks* 



e few c 


pots to 

dance under 

u Spring 


i. Mm 

they ,i 

st have 

to figure out 

which dm 



On the Overlook at Rock City... Matthew Bryant and Emily 
Boatright enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounded everyone 
at Spring Banquet. Jt ivas dejinately an Enchanted evening at 
the Enchanted Gardens. 


Photo Courtesy of Emily Boatright 

Photo Courtesy of Albert Leavengood 
My feet are killing me... Karen Richer and Albert Leavengood decide to let their dancing feet have a lute break. Despite 
the rain, there were unforgettable memories made at Spring Banquet this year. 

38 Student Life 

An Evening to Remember 

I could have danced all night. This years Spring Ban- 
quet took place at the Enchanted Rock City Gardens 
on April 17. Although many might remember this night 
for the rain that drizzled down upon us, I myself will remem- 
ber it for danc- ing to the 
wonderful Big A Band, in the 

night! As every- ^^B fl^B 

ing we got the Jfffl^^&^Jto to 

g^l WmM various rock 

V ^1? overlook 

where we would ^M ^M be spending 

our evening. f| The dancing 

lessons that had taken place 

the days before were quickly put to use. Afterwards everyone 
enjoyed squeezing in the covered spots for dinner. Then once 
again the dancing began. It truly was an enchanted evening 
filled with laughter as toes were stepped on, umbrellas were 
held why trying to dance, and professors and their wives 
showed us "how it was all done". It was truly an "Enchanted" 
evening at Rock City. 

-Karen Richte 

Singing and Dancing in the Rain... Molly Bruegger and Jonathan Davis did 
not let the rain stand in their way, they danced anyway! 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 

Student Life 39 

An overview... I V. Graham led students m singing 
hymns during chapel Thursday and Friday chapels 

were (Hied u'ith smy'inj, Scripture readings, sharing 
and prayer. 

Praying with open hands... Anthony Tucker and 
hey Redd pray with their hands open during chapel. 
Janna Levi spoke on prayer and asked the students 
to pray with their hands open to signify a surrender 
to and a receiving of God's w" 

40 Student Life 

and Times 

Covenant's student ministries are closely connected with 
Covenant's chapel program because ministry can be 
one constant way of responding to the challenges 
brought forth through examining God's word. Although Isaiah 
reminds us that all of our good works 

are but filthy rags, ^^Sa J ames tells believers 

that faith with- Wl# out works is dead. 

Thus, ministry in ^*^X fk/i&p any form is a natu- 
ral response of \^\l\w^Sf God's children to 
His works of love \ ^ dbs* and merc y in their 

Both -^fefe. M Covenant's chapel 

program and its ^5S§^ academic curricu- 

lum provide op- v8%5 portunities to recog- 

nize God's gifts to ^^m hls children. By 

sharing God's V^^ § ifts °f time ' ears ' 

and heart, among " other gifts, partici- 

pants in ministry [ n all forms demon- 

strate a natural response that must occur when we as servants 
are confronted with the reality of our sin and God's grace. 

-Camille Joseph 

Christopher Parkening... Covenant hosted mam' different people to perform in 
chapel this year. One of them was classical guitarist Christopher Parkening. 
Parkening gave the testimony behind the music as he played. 

Photo by Jen Shaw 

Student Life 41 

Around Founders... Come to Hie Jungle and get 
wur face painted. Samh Barker enjoys painting what 

Cross Dressing is Fishy Business... The Bah 

decided to go with a little different twist this yet 
Corrie Ranted and her friend quickly find out. 

42 Student Life 


dwi/i de ' ^a/dek 
Covenant College Student Life 


•• — ' : :«§» 

One Carter Council member said, "It was a labor of 
love, that was a lot of fun" concerning the plan 
ning and execution of the now popular and much 
anticipated annual relay race through Carter Hall. February 

day. Weeks of 
into this years 
but it was all 
students look for- 
as an opportunity 
brave or silly they 
Council put on 
an opportunity 
of Carter Hall to 
culiar talents in a 
petitive atmo- 
from each hall 
in an array of 
games from 

alkaseltzer tablet 

25th was the BIG 
preparation went 
Tour de Carter, 
worth it. Many 
ward to this time 
to show us how 
are. Carter 

Tour de Carter as 
for the occupants 
show off their pe- 
friendly, yet corn- 
sphere. Members 
had to participate 
wierd and wacky 
shooting an 


off the forehead of a friend, to breaking an egg placed on 
someone's head with a fish. Of course, Tour de Carter would 
not be the same without the bonus stunt. This year, brave vol- 
unteers had to eat dog food...yum-yum. The winners for this 
year's competition was Second Central, and in second and third 
place was a combination team from Ghetto and Fourth North, 
and Second South respectively. 

-Nathan Brauer 

Blackwatch Brew... Mmm, Mmin, Good. Jonathan Crabb stirs up some 
yummy Blackwatch brew for all who visited their hall at Around Founders. 

All Photos by Cherith Johnson 

Student Life 43 

Lights, Camera, Action... Doyle Allen (Duchess' infant) and Caleb Monroe (Chesire Cat) both enjoyed participating in 
Covenant College's Spring Play, Alice In Wonderland. 

44 Student Life 

Spring Play 1998 

Lights! Camera! Action! After four performances, 
beginning on April Fool's Day and ending with the 
Children's Literary Fair on April 4, the curtain drawn 
on one of the best productions that the Covenant College 
drama club had seen in a while. Alice (Nancy Young) is lost 
in a world of nonsense after she falls down the White Rabbit's 
(Thomas C. Andreas) hole. She finds herself in a garden of 
enchantment where she meets Tweedledee (Josh Moon) and 
Tweedledum (Dan Wykoff). Alice then leaves the scene be- 
cause of her frustration and runs into the Caterpillar (Bill 

then eats a bit 
grows to a 
height. From 
lows the 

(Caleb Mon- 
house. She 
the Duchess' 
Allen) who is 
more than a 
She leaves the 

Higgins). She 
of the 

mushroom and 
more normal 
there, Alice fob 
Chesire Cat 
roe) to the 
(Maria Bell) 
tries to comfort 
infant (Doyle 
actually nothing 
spoiled brat. 
Duchess' house and finds the Chesire Cat waiting to speak to 
her. After a strange conversation with him, she proceeds to 
find the March Hare's (Marty Marquis) house. She stumbles 
upon the March Hare's tea party and is berated and abused by 
the Mad Hatter and the Dormouse (Frances James). Alice 
leaves only to find herself caught up in a web of deceit with 
the cards (Josh Moon, Dan Wycoff, Angelica Gritter). The 
tyrannous Queen of Hearts (Jessica Wallis) and her meek hus- 
band, the King oi Hearts (Doyle Allen), discover this plot 
and the Queen calls for a beheading. The Queen calls for a 
croquet game and Alice had difficulty with her flamingo. Soon 
Alice is in the Court where she finds out that "all ways are 
the Queen's ways." Alice awakes to her sister's (Angelica 
Gritter) calls and wonders if it was only a dream. 

-Thomas Andreas 

Alice In Wonderland... Alice (Nancy Young) questions the Caterpillar (Bill 
Higgins) on how she can grow to be BIGGER. 

All Photos by Stephen Frea; 

Student Life 45 

1/ you're happy and you knmv it... Clap your 
kinds'. Watthelc Sicdhoh I and other students' clap 
their hands to a song at the Caedman's Call concert. 
C VB concerts not only benefit Covenant students, 
but also the surrounding community. 

Here I ami... Ryan Mcllhenny peaks out from 
behind his drum set during a Jupiter Road concert in 
the Great I lall. The group consists of five past and 
present Covenant students. 

46 Student Life 

A Banquet, 

This was a great semester for CAB. The Board tried its 
best to benefit the college with different activities as 
well as exciting concerts. We were able to bring 
Caedmon's Call here in February, even after the huge snow- 
storm caused them to postpone the concert for a week. Ev- 
eryone seemed to enjoy the concert. The band was very en- 
joyable. Those that were able to help the band before and 
after the con- C ert found that 

they were cor- dial offstage as 

well as on stage. The members 

were fun and talkative to all 

that approched /^V— ^ tlu-m. Beb o 

Peterson were ' f ■ ■ /i^S ^ ■ ^j* § ood openers 
and prepared ^pP^* ^^^Ifes, the audience 
for the awesome \ . % ^ performance 

that would fol- low. The Wes 

Kmg, Phil Keaggy, and 

Scott Dente Trio Concert at 

Memorial Au- ditorium 

proved to be a great success. Covenant was able to open the 
opportunity for the city to enjoy some powerful Christian 
music. Spring Banquet was a smash as couples danced under 
the stars at Rock City's overlook in a wet, but beautiful atmo- 
sphere. The band allowed couples to fox trot, waltz, and even 
do the rumba. The dance lessons that were offered earlier in 
the week, proved to beneficial as students showed their stuff 
on the dance floor. 

-Laurel Usher and Janelle Bulicz 

This world has nothing for me... Lead singer Derek Webb ofCaedman's Call 
performs in the chapel. Caedman's Call used a variety of instruments including 
the guitar, tamborine, trash cans, organ , washboards and other various percussion 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 

Student Life 47 

48 Student Life 

"In All Things, Christ 


A pause to think and look... There are families ev 
erywhere. There are introductions, hugs, and ex 
cited chatter as everyone has a seat at Senior Ban- 
quet. Each senior's emotions are like a see-saw... from the ec- 
static relief of making it to this eventful day, to the nostalgic 
sadness of saying "good-bye" and ending another chapter in 
our lives. As we sit, we are served by the faculty and by other 
Covenant students, all of which we have grown to love and 
appreciate. As Dr. Foreman, David Yagoshi and Jenny Johnson 
come forward to speak, we are reminded of the depth of rela- 
tionships that have developed 
in our years at Covenant and 
our academic maturity that 
has certainly grown since the 
day we stepped onto 
Covenant's ^ campus. Our 
eyes are blurred @% ^j^it as the slide 
show takes us ^^mjl^F back through 
our college jf^ years, giving us 
snapshots of 9 memories that 
will not soon be forgotten. 

In the course of the evening, 

each senior is given the 

chance to pause and to look 

back and then to look forward to the future that God has 
planned for each one of us. We are all reminded of our divine 
purpose as we leave this place- "In all things, Christ pre-emi- 

-Amanda Levi 

Words of Wisdom... Dr. Cliff Foreman spoke to the graduating seniors at this 
year's Senior Banquet. In the days to come, each senior will receive many words 
of wisdom from their friends , family, and just like tonight, their professors . 

Photo by Stephen Freas 

Student Life 49 

So happy together... The 1998 spaduates stand as the. procession ends. They 
class of 1998. 

: approximately 150 graduates in the 

50 Student Life 


Like the Corner 

A few of us Seniors have compiled a list of memories 
that we have of Covenant College that only our class 
will remember. They are events that occurred and 
people that we knew from our freshman year (which seem like 
a long time ago). We trust that this list will bring back memo- 
ries and cause a few chuckles. 

Top Ten List of Memories that will leave with the Class of '98 

#10 Karis - Dramatic Dance Group 

#9 Dr. Baxter - Business Professor 

#8 The Biological Handgrenade Ladder 

#1 Tucker Hall 

#6 STD Slide Show 

#5 Wylie Collins 

#4 The Great Honorarium Scandal 

#3 The dummy dropped off of the chapel balcony 

#1 Founders shower heads strung around the Great Hall 

#\ Larry Shuppe! ! ! (need we say more?) 

~ Sarah Viss 

Strike a pose... Rachel Jimenez poses for one of the many pictures that the 
1998 graduates were in. 

All Photos by Stephen Freas 

Student Life 51 

Philippians 4:5 



The question of what kind of flower Blackwatch would 
be raises some very deep metaphysical and theological 
questions. Questions such as... Do flowers exist or do we 
only have the image of a flower in our heads? And, are 
there truly different types of flowers or are those names 
just an attempt by the human mind to take control of 

Theologically, how can we compare ourselves with a 
flower when a flower is finite in its existence while we 
on the other hand are eternal, at least in spirit? Another 
question also raised by this topic is the issue discussed in 
Self in Society - Did Jesus come to earth to save man 
and thus bring about man's sanctification or did he want 

us to strive for the sanctification of the world as well? 

With all of these musings in mind, the answer to the 
question is a Tiger-lily. This unique flower is symbolic of 
the brotherhood of Blackwatch. A "wise" philosopher, 
Greg Thompson, was the founder of the "Tiger." Through 
his mysterious ways, Greg referred to people as Tiger. This 
soon was picked up by other members of the hall as a 
reference to comrads. Eventually, Mr. Thompson was re- 
ferred to only as Tiger, hence the beginning of the tradi- 
tional naming of the Tiger. But now that Greg has moved 
on in life, we continue the quest of seeking after the Ti- 
ger. And that is why we are best exemplified by the Ti- 

~ Biggun and Tiger 

Mat Witherow RA 

Bill Anderson 

Jonathan Crabb 

James DeRuyter 

Andy Dixon 

Dave Graham 

Tim Gregson 

Stephen King 

Shannon Kiser 

Jim Knox 

Justice Litle 

Lang Martin 

Chip Millette 

Jon Murton 

Thomas Olma 

Danny Patterson 

James Richardson 

David Robertson 

Jamin Scribner 

Cedric Thomas 

Robert Uthlaut 

Winship Varner 

Mike Vendsel 

Johnathan Weaver 

Bob Wiegers 

M placktoatcf) toere a 

toe tooulb be a 


Heave-ho. . . Blackwatch performed their skit of the Top 1 games that cannot b 
played with three people . Lang Martin, Mat Witherow, and Cedric Thomas show 
the difficulties of playing tug-ofwar with three people. 


Once upon a time, a princess named Little Red Riding Hood 
had a very strange dream that she was sent by her fairy godmother 
to discover the seven essences of life. As she set out on her jour- 
ney from Balconville, she passed a tall tower with a beautiful young 
girl in it. LRRH called out to her, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down 
your hair." At that, the girl obeyed. Suddenly, the tower trans- 
formed into a huge choclate bar. "Essence #1" was inscribed on 
the wrapper, so LRRH proceeded to drag the chocolate bar with 
her. As she entered a forest, she noticed a very bubbly curly haired 
girl picking up red Skittles from the ground. LRRH questioned 
the girl as to what she was doing, to which the curly haired girl 
replied, "I was lost in the woods, but these strawberry Skittles will 

Skipping along, she came to a giant beanstalk. Spying a little 
boy not too far away, she asksed him what the bean stalk was for. 
He inadvertantly transformed into a pumpkin. On it was a sign 
which read, "Open me-lots of surprises inside!!" Much to her de- 
light, there was a can of spaghetti-o's and a glass of milk enveloped 
in bubble- wrap and taped together tightly! "Wow!" exlaimed 
LRRH, "four essences in one pumpkin!" Joyfully she continued on 
her way, humming a Bangles song and doing a few interpretive 
dances as she looked for the final essence. After a long hike she 
saw a shimmering something in the distance. The final essence! 
She ran toward the vision in slow motion with Chariots of Fire 
playing softly in the background. It was a hairbmsh with the words 

lead me home." Then she took a package out of her pocket and "Sing into me" written on it. Feeling a great sense of accomplish- 
gave it to LRRH before disappearing. Inside the package were a ment in her efforts and fulfilled search, LRRH gathered all of the 
pair of new white socks! "The 2nd Essence!" cried LRRH. essences in her arms, and sighed happily as she slowly drifted awake. 

Smooch... Sarah Baker Jfcpes fellow 
Balcony member, Frances James , a h 
kiss . 

3(f tfje falcon? toere 

Wt tooulb be a 


Four of a kind... Anandit Mangalwadi, Maryrose Miller, Carrie Hayes, and 
Monica Napier pose for a shot in front of Founders . 

Holly Brady RA 

Sarah Baker 

Leah Behm 

Maria Bell 

Sharon Davis 

Erin Farquhar 

Jeanne Faucheux 

Taylor Gaskill 

Karen Grady 

Shannon Green 

Carrie Hayes 

Erin Hess 

Hiroko Iguchi 

Frances James 

Kristin Kelley 

Katie LeHeup 

Anandit Mangalwadi 

Heidi Metrakoudes 

Maryrose Miller 

Monica Napier 

Summer Ray 

Ashley Smith 

Julie Stair 

Holly Tolson 

Amy Townsend 

55 Halls 



Long ago, in a land far away, there lived a famous ruler 
named King Green. He was a well loved king who led the small 
kingdom of Catacombs on great adventures. Although he only 
had twenty-one subjects, his kingdom was a mighty bastion of 

One day, Thomasina was reminiscing while on a date with 
one Cold Fish Walton. She remembered her childhood, after 
which she proceeded to put her lipstick all over her face. Cold 
Fish Walton was astonished and ran out with Thomasina, leav- 
ing their pea soup to cool. 

The vagabonds of Catacombs were at their usual antics of 
vandalizing cement pads. Fortunately the strange reoccurring 
character appeared on the scene and frightened the young men 

One day, while the twenty-one subjects were eating their 

pea soup, King Green was hit by a bucket of filth from above 
and became the evil Janitor. He was joined by his accomplice 
Nerd Boy. All of the subjects were afraid of the consequences 
to their small kingdom. 

A strange reoccurring character said that the only way to 
end this curse was to face the Janitor in fierce body to body | 
combat in a mystical place he called TWA. So, the team Boys 
and Ivy volunteered to fight the Janitor. The day came to fight. 
With the support of the local tribe of primitive rednecks, Boys 
and Ivy beat the Janitor, breaking the curse. 

On Saint Andreas Day, all the people turned out in their 
best to celebrate the breaking of the evil curse. All was well 
with the Kingdom of Catacombs once again and everyone lived 
happily ever after. 

~ Thomas Andreas 

Josh Green RA 
Thomas Andreas 
Matt Ashworth 

Brian Bear 
Jonathan Brindley 
Robert Colvin 
Jonathan Davis 
Daniel Floyd 
Stephen Freas 

Chris Gosey 
Wes Hollowell 
Will Johnson 
Nathan Maphet 

Dave Perry 

Nathan Post 
Joseph Robins 

Tim Rowe 

Ed Silva 

Joseph Staven 

John Sweet 
Justin Walton 

3lf Catacombs* mere a 

ilismep character, me 

moulb be 

because be Ijasi 

trtmplesi anb it is! 

a catchp name. 

Nighty night... Nathan Post, Joseph Robins, and Daniel Floyd take a rest on 
Catacombs . 



Once upon a time, in a land far away, there were 
twenty-five little princesses. Now, these were no ordinary 
princesses, nor was this an ordinary land. It was a magi- 
cal candy land where Blow Pops, York Peppermint Pat- 
ties, Butterfingers, and Circus peanuts covered the coun- 
tryside. In fact, there was never worry of a shortage of 
snacks during the annual examination week because the 
land naturally developed its own products for the prin- 
cess to enjoy. 

The girls in this particular kingdom were dedicated to 
working out daily and the princes in surrounding king- 
doms knew not to mess with them. In fact, it was for their 
own well being that they did not upset these valiant prin- 
cesses. Some were known to have the skills of karate and 
all were cultured in the art of self defense. 

One night some princes in a lower kingdom decided to 
attack the land of Fifth North. This poor army of princes 
were in for a surprise. They did not have a chance against 
the mighty princesses. The Fifth North princesses were 
not only stronger, but they had the blessing of the Candy 
Corn Buddha. After a fierce battle, the princes were 
forced to retreat in haste. They returned to their country 
with a new found respect and admiration for the women 
of Fifth North. Once again the warrior princesses were 

To celebrate their victory, the princesses put on some 
Janet Jackson and En Vogue and had a huge dance party. 
And they all lived happily ever after in their magic king- 

~ Kristy Farr 

3f Jf tft!) Bortlj toere a 

Bt3nep character... 

toe tooult) be 


Toga.' Toga.' Toga.'... The girls of Fifth North pulled off their bedsheets and 
dressed up for the toga party at the skating rink. 

Michelle Seda RA 
Ginny Blair 
Rachel Bode 
Lisa Branson 
Kerry Caviness 
Laura Childs 
Ashley Cobb 
Kristy Fan- 
Lisa Franceschini 
Autumn Fredericks 
Carlle-Lize Hacquebord 
Elizabeth Hastie 

Anne Hexum 

Valerie Howard 

Colby Mason 

Starr Moore 

Paige Nelson 

Jenny Prentice 

Tiffany Robeson 

Emily Sanders 

Sarah Talarico 

Lydia Thompson 

Laurel Usher 

Damaris Wessel 

Nancy Young 

57 Halls 



Once upon a time, in the land of Camelot, there lived 
twenty-six princesses. These twenty-six princesses lived 
under one King, but held in their hands many different 
riches. Each priceless treasure was gained from slaying a 
different dragon and through a different land. Although 
each princess experienced a unique battle, they all could 
find comfort in each other. Through laughter, tears, and 
embraces all twenty-six princesses came together in their 
castle on Fifth South. 

~ Erin McDowell 
"The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; 
and though all of its parts are many, they form one 
body. If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if 
one part is honored, every part rejoices with it." 

I Corinthians 12:12a and 26 

S^J^ L. \£l/: 

Raven Crown RA 

Vanessa Baloche 

Karen Bennett 

Emily Boatright 

Janelle Bulicz 

Karen Herder 

Alexandra Hobbs 

Angela Holt 

Leah Kring 

Pamela Lucas 

Jennifer McClain 

Samella McCullough 

Erin McDowell 

Grace McLellan 

Annamarie Meyer 

Reidun Paulsen 

Jessica Reph 

Linda Riley 

Melissa Rine 

Wava Ruckel 

Kara Stanley 

Carrie Stewart 

Dawn Swinney 

Sarah Viss 

M $ iftfj g>outf) toere a 


Wt tooult) be 


image ts( 
nothing ! 

An excuse to get dressed up... Annamarie Meyer, Raven Crown, Carrie 
Stewart, Kara Stanley, Angela Holt, and Alexandra Hobbs are ready for afw 
night at Les Miserables . 


We are a hodgepodge of people. We don't have many a studious hall, but we also balance our studies with many 

traditions. In fact, in the past four years there has been other activities. Some of these activities include: explor- 

only one tradition that seems to have characterized the ing the campus in all of its mystery, intramural sports 

"personality" of our hall. Somehow we attract some of (in which we are intramural champions in football, and 

the most unique individuals who really have nothing in have participated in all the other events), coming up 
common. Yet we always have good fellowship and great 
unity despite the diversity that exists between us. The 

seniors on this hall who have lived the duration of their 
college years on this hall, find exceeding joy and delight 
in this fact. 

We seem to be thought of as a quiet hall, but if 
one were to spend even the slightest amount of time on 
our hall they would see that this is not the case. We are 

with the winning skit for Founders Skit Night '97 (and 
the second place skit for '96), finding the ark in '96, and 
receiving third place in the homecoming parade in '97 
(out of three entries). 

As one can see First Belz is a unique, yet diverse group 
of men. 

-Albert Leavengood, Nathan Knutson, Ben Claassen, 

& Jeff Prager. 


Albert ' 

back and relaxing... Jeff Prager, Matt Marooney, Nathan Bland, 

' , and Jonathan Hastings lounge around the First Belz lobby. 

M Jf trsrt pel? toere a 


toe tooulb be 

(green anb 


Jlecausie tfjat 

ig tofjat toe 

toore toljen toe 

toon tJje 





Albert Leavengood RA 

Greg Anderson 

Ben Baxter 

Tim Black 

Nathan Bland 

Ben Claassen 

Jacob Claassen 

Tim Cleary 

Brian Delmar 

Steve Dunn 

Jesse Elliot 

Jonathan Hastings 

Neal Howard 

Andrew Kinzler 

Nathan Knutson 

Matt Kuiper 

Tim Larson 

Matt Marooney 

Jeff Prager 

Jonathan Thrower 

Warren Trice 

&OM/dk loerii/icd 


To the girls on Fourth Central: 

God from the beginning of time and before has been a 
God of unity! I see small glimpses of his unity through 
the unity of the girls on Fourth Central. You are always 
there for me and for each other. You pray for, uphold, 
love, encourage, understand, have compassion for, accept, 
know, have joy with, are patient with, are kind to, are 
good to, show faithfulness to, and invite growth in me 
and each other. 


~ By an anonymous hall member in response to the 
chapel about seeing God in others. 

Debbie Marshall RA 
Amy Campbell 

Kim Collins 
Janneke Counts 
Rachel DeVries 

Kim Elmer 
Joanna Hastings 
Carolyn Hubbard 
Valerie Hultink 
Marlain Liggett 

Sarah Lown 

Jennifer Morrison 

Liz O'Leary 

Beth Owens 

Dianna Pohl 

Esther Potoshnick 

Olivia Pugh 

Leigh Anne Robinson 

Jesica Swartz 

Jana Trikenskas 

Sarai Ussery-Perez 

Teresa White 

toe tooulb foe 


Feel the love... Jesica Swartz and Liz 
O'Leary portray the friendships found 
on Fourth Central. 

Chattanooga Choo Choo... Debbie Marshall, Esther Potoshnick, Beth Owens, 
}ana Trikenskas, and Leigh Anne Robinson take a walk around the Choo Choo. 

$ou/Uik Jtto/tMi 


{ 4S 

KX^ 1 

Lfi 3 


Play time... Some of the best times 
on the hall are just hanging out with 
friends . 

Where the girls are... Monique 
Good, Stacey Ogburn, Molly Maddox, 
and Hannah Hager enjoy the warm sun 
at the beach . 

Fourth North, The "Forbidden City" 

Girls together-talking and giddy. 

Soccer and running and basketball 

These girls do it all! 

Beautiful voices are heard late at night, 

Dancng and singing - oh what a sight! 

Friendships, relationships, all tied into one 

No early mornings, but late nights of fun! 

H.O.W. - found on the wall 

Come to the "Forbidden City," 

We Welcome all! 

~ Katie Stortz 

,es Miserahles... Therese Middendorf, Katie Schenk, Jessi Terry, Monique 
jood, and Katie Stortz get ready to go to the play, Les Miserables. 

3Jf Jf ourtf) Movti) toere a 


toe tooulb be 

"Hi* fanner 

ouer me 

is Houe" 


partner prock 

t£ our hall 


Catherine Middendorf RA 

Kristy Clark 

Angela Ficca 

Monique Good 

Hannah Hager 

Maija I verts 

Nicole Jenkins 

Polly Johnson 

Molly Maddox 

Katie May 

Therese Middendorf 

Stacey Ogburn 

Destiny Rahrer 

Katie Schenk 

Katie Stortz 

Jessi Terry 

61 Halls 

&<cmMi ^Ptwdk 


The fog was so thick on the mountain that night, 

From Carter the chapel was lost out of sight. 

The voice on the phone was that of young Chris, 

The love of fair Stephanie telleth her this 

"Dear one, warn your hall mates; be ready for flight, 

For the British attack the Scots tonight!" 

So into the hallway did Stephanie run 

And shouted the warning to everyone. 

But all of Fourth South was asleep and was hushed 

Save the maid in the towel singing "Where's my hairbrush?" 

"Come Lisa!" said Steph, "we have no time to lose! 

The red-coats are coming- 1 just got the news!" 

"Fear not, friend," said Lisa, "I know what to do. 

Climb up to the tower, take two lanterns with you. 

I shall be ready to ride and spread the alarm 

Through Carter and Belz and Schmidt and Rayburn." 

So Stephanie Sligh, as fair as a flower, 

Raced with her lanterns up into the tower. 

Meanwhile, dear Lisa, yet stood with her steed, 

And peered toward the tower, seeing two lights indeed!" 

So into the fog she did gallop and cry 

A warning to all that the British were nigh. 

You know the rest. In the books you have read, 

How the rest of Fourth South all jumped out of their beds 

And mustered their forces to stop the attack 

And defeated the British, but did Lisa come back? 

Alas, it was somewhere 'tween Founders and Mills 

The fog claimed her. They say she still wanders those hills. 

And at midnight, oft times, you can still hear her cry 

A warning to all that the British are nigh. 

Anna Usta Lins RA 

Shanna Usta Barrett 

Alissa Usta Bragdon 

Jeannette Usta DiBernardo 

Amanda Usta Easton 

Tabitha Usta Ellis 

Alison Usta Fikkert 

Teresa Usta Fink 

Kara Usta Griffith 

Leah Usta Heisig 

Amy Usta Hudson 

Angela Usta Isbell 

Christine Usta Lamb 

Austina Usta McFarland 

Laura Usta Mehne 

Ellie Usta Page 

Bryonie Usta Rayburn 

Laura Usta Rodriquez 

Stephanie Usta Sligh 

Jenny Usta Walker 

Lisa Usta Weir 
Grace Usta White 

3$f pour ball lucre a 

tofjat tooulb it be? 



"usrta" t£ 

3PoItsi!) for 

If you wanna he happy for the rest of your life... jenny Walker, Amanda" 
Easton, Anna Lins, and Austina McFarland practice for their upcoming debut 
in Carter Skit Night. 


Once upon a time, not too long ago, in a small colony out 
in the woods, lived twenty-three young women. These 
women each had their own dreams that they were pursuing, 
but managed to enjoy the company of each other. They 
would gather with their brother colony (2nd Belz) to sing 
and roast marshmallows around a bonfire. Other mischie- 

passed on for generations. 

One day, while walking through the colony, a furry little 
critter came through the door of one of the huts. Shocking 
all of us, he waddled into the room, sniffing and nibbling 
our stocking feet. His cuteness was overpowering, but he 
began to grow on us. His breed was ferret and we named 

vous tasks consisted of stealing pillows and freezing their him Herman. We placed him as our mascot because he also 

cases to earn a medal and the initiation of their new sisters. 
The colony had many unique qualities about them. One 
was Herman. You might be asking yourself, "What the heck 
is Herman?" Well, Herman is a bread that became an im- 
portant part of the colony a year ago and it had somewhat 
been a unifying aspect for everyone. The bread is still being 
baked and the women became favorable to baking the bread 
(and eating it at gatherings), and it became a tradition to be 

would be remembered by the colony and would be one of 
the many stories that would be passed on for generations. 

The twenty-three young women glowed with the love of 
the Lord, and shared that with the other colonies in the 
Kingdom of Covenant. These women were affectionately 
known as the Women of the Colony, Gallery (or Gal Girls). 

~ Sarah McWilliams 

Strike a pose... The freshman <>/ 1 tallery do a little dance for the camerafor their 
reshman initiation at Steak 'N Shake. 

Heather Woods RA 


Sara Akin 

Shannon Dager 

Carey Echerd 

Laurel Foreman 

Danielle Gay 

Lisa Gurney 

Mary Katherine Jackson 

Julia Lowry 

Julie Moore 

Jennifer McKenzie 

Sarah McWilliams 

Ruth Nichols 

Sarah Paulk 

Karen Richter 

Emily Stout 

Charity Throener 

Rachel Tilley 

Krista Tiscione 

Julia Ulrich 
Kristy Weaver 
Bethany Weston 



Once upon a time, in a magical place called 
Carterland, there lived a group of folks in a little ham- 
let called Ghetto. 

The members of this race were, in general, bald (with 
a few exceptions who were teased at birthday parties and 
other social occasions), male, and between the ages of 
18 and 21. They were known to sometimes don wife- 
beaters and toot brass instruments for no readily appar- 
ent reason. Most were nocturnal creatures, who spoke 
longingly of "sleepy-town" when daylight came. 

Rumors abound throughout Carterland concerning 
what went on in Ghetto when all the Carterlanders were 

asleep. Some said the Ghetto-dwellers swallowed swords I 
and breathed fire. Others alleged that they bowled all I 
night, (and that's why we have thunder). There were evenl 
stories whispered in dark corners of Sega "FIFA '97 SOC-l 
CER" tournaments 'til the wee hours. ..(can you imag-l 

The Ghetto-dwellers spent four years going on excit- 
ing adventures, slaying dragons, attending soccer games, 
rescuing maidens in distress, playing frisbee golf, over- 
taking fortresses, storming castles, and reading many 
books along the way. 

"And the peasants rejoiced." 

Kevin McQuillen RA 

Kris Bentson 

Richard Brown 

Ben Collison 

Michael Dixon 

Mark Fields 

Sam Glaser 

Sam Hettinger 

Sean Hildebrandt 

Jason Jacobs 

Brent Jackson 

Pete Johnson 

Davison Long 

Phil Long 

Taylor Long 

Matt Marchman 

Jeremy Martin 

Jonathan Mullen 

Will Neely 

Matt Novenson 

Jake Patton 

John Perkins 

Matt Potoshnick 

Joey Redd 
Andy Schmidt 
Matt Siedhoff 
John Simpson 
Jarrod Taylor 
Jeremy Toole 
Joseph Wise 

M the ghetto toere a 

3t moulb be the 1984 

Station toagon 

(rear-enbeb bp a jfHack truck) 
that pour mom brobe mhen 
pou mere in elementary 
school, for the follomtng 
-3Jt is stremn mtth 
iHlcBonalb'S mrappers, has 
got Coke-Statneb carpet anb 
that "libeb-tn" smell. 
-!3fter a long, barb bap at 
school, it is a sight for sore 

-3t's mhere pou got in fights 
mtth pour brother, then 
learneb to sap pou mere Sorrp 
-J^o atr-conbtttontng 

I'm here to pump you up... The Ghetto prepares for intramurals by getting 
pumped up in aerobics class . 


The banana split is the ultimate dessert with all its 
varied flavors and textures. All of the different ingredi- 
ents represent the unique personalities on Highlands. 
IWhen making a banana split, of course you must include 
the quiet and gentle sweetness of vanilla ice cream, which 
brings to mind Sherry Eubank, Jo Chinchen, and Esther 

Next, you add the toppings. Stacy Cason, Julie 
Swanson, and Holly Eubank are tangy and spunky like 
strawberries. Hot fudge is comforting and warm, like Sa- 
rah Donaldson and Sarah Fleugge. Pineapple topping is 
sunshiney and makes you smile, like Katie Anderson, 

Allison Atkins, and Aarin Clark. Emma Keen and Jamie 
White are like caramel-genuinely sweet. 

The most fun one has making a banana split is adding 
the extras. Megan Mcllhenny, Nellie Vaughn, and Meg 
Hayes have multicolored personalities, like rainbow 
sprinkles. Nuts are flavorfully funny, like Lisa Ayres, 
Jenny Pruitt, and Katie Jordan. Tammy Luchenbill, Katy 
Morgan, and Jennifer Lefler are like cherries-bright and 

Finally, you can't forget the banana-Shauna deBoer- 
both for the funny yellow dress she wears and for her hi- 
larious personality. 

Ring around the rosie... Shauna de Boer, Julie Swanson, Katie Anderson, 
and Jamie White play a game on Highlands. 

Lisa Ayres RA 
Esther Alfonzo 
Katie Anderson 
Allison Atkins 

Stacy Cason 
Joanna Chinchin 

Aarin Clark 
Shauna deBoer 
Sarah Donaldson 
Holly Eubank 
Sherry Eubank 
Sarah Fluegge 
Meggin Hayes 

Emma Keen 

Jennifer Lefler 

Tammy Luchenbill 

Megan Mcllhenny 

Jennie Pruitt 
Julie Swanson 
Nellie Vaughn 

Jamie White 


Once upon a time there was a jungle maiden who lived in a small 
village with a pet mosquito. Everyone in the village ate oatmeal and 
were very happy. One night the dastardly cereal raider stole all of the 
villagers' oatmeal fields. The jungle maiden felt very sad. "I will go on a 
quest with my mosquito to find some more food," she said. That night, 
while she was sleeping, the jungle maiden had a vision of a celestial 
chilli pepper. When she awoke, she said to her mosquito, "I know what 
we need, but I can't remember what it is." By and by, they came upon 
an exotic Skyebird and a colorful Lizbird. They had dyed their feathers 
red. "Red!" exclaimed the jungle maiden. "The thing in my dream was 
red!" The two continued on in their quest and some time later they 
came across Lady Jenny who was watching "Veggie Tales." "A veg- 
etable ! " proclaimed the jungle maiden. "It was a red vegetable ! " "Camille 
and Allison have some lovely pictures of colored vegetables," suggested 
Lady Jenny helpfully. So, the jungle maiden found her way to Camille 
and Allison's Coloring Wall of Fame. They directed her attention to 
an exquisite picture of a red chilli pepper. "We must find the Land of 
Chilli!" exclaimed the maiden. As it happened, the jungle maiden and 
her faithful sidekick came upon Lady Laurel reading poetry to a warm 
and fuzzy moose. "Do you know where we can find the Land of Chilli?" 
inquired the jungle maiden. Lady Laurel pointed them to the North 
and the jungle maiden resumed her quest with vigor. All of a sudden, 
the dastardly cereal raider leaped out from behind a vine and attacked 
the jungle maiden in order to steal her oatmeal rations. But lo and 
behold, Tesia, the red ninja dropped out of a tree and kickboxed the 
dastardly cereal raider mercilessly while kiko, the peasant cheerleader, 
cheered her on. After the jungle maiden had thanked Tesia profusely, 

Laini Young RA 

Allison Fekete 

Allison Harbert 

Kim Honaker 

Tesia Janos 

Mindy Johnson 

Dawn Johnston 

Camille Joseph 

Angie Kinsey 

Sarah Knox 

Rachel Lammers 

Jenny LoPiccollo 

Julie Loud 

Sarah Martin 

Skye Parrish 

Liz Sands 

Elizabeth Stewart 

Yukiko Takata 

Michelle Thomas 

Laurel Tolson 

Lycia van der Westhuizen 

66 Halls 

3ff jungle toere a 


Wt tooulb be a 

met CfttUt 

Tesia escorted the cereal raider to Dr. Dawn for counseling. Having 
fully recovered, the jungle maiden and her flustered mosquito progressed 
toward the Land of Chilli. And so it came to pass that they met the 
illusive tribe of Mosquito Squashers (Laini, Mindy, Julie, and Michelle). 
Before the tribe could squash the jungle maiden's mosquito, he did 
some tricks to make them swoon with laughter, allowing them enough 
time for a hasty retreat. Next, the pair passed a burning cottage from 
which Sir Jake and just rescued Lady Angie. Firefighter Rachel success- 
fully put it out. "Wow! I just put out a red hot one!" she said. Finally, the 
jungle maiden arrived at the Land of Chilli and made her way to the 
castle of Princess Lycia. Kim, the court musician, greeted her with a 
drum salute. The drawbridge to the castle was broken, so Lady Allison 
assisted the jungle maiden by spiking her over the moat. Lady Sarah 
gave the jungle maiden a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and escorted 
her to the washroom to freshen up for dinner. But Lady Sarah Knox 
was taking a very long shower, so the jungle maiden was late for dinner. 
When she made her entrance at the Great Hall, the jungle maiden was 
surprised to see everyone she had met along the way. She also met 
Princess Lycia who introduced her to Prince Penthouse. He said to the 
jungle maiden, "You are the best maiden in the whole kingdom be- 
cause you are not flirty." The jungle maiden sarcastically replied, 'You 
mom!" Then they all sat down to a delicious meal of oatmeal seasoned 
with chilli peppers. The jungle maiden thanked Princess Lycia and 
returned to her village with some new oatmeal fields. After she had left, 
Lady Elizabeth entered the Great Hall and announced cheerfully, 
"Rehearsal's over; did I miss anything?" 

Welcome to the jungle. 




Fall of 1997 represented a new beginning for Pent- 
house. It is new in the fact that seventeen of the hall's 
twenty-two residents were either freshmen or transfer 
students. Of the remaining five, only three lived on 
Penthouse last year. 

Penthouse RA, Justin Corder, is not only new to the 
hall, but is the youngest RA in Founders as well. This 
has not in any way prevented growth but has brought 
creativity and fun to the hall. 

This year stands out as rebirth for Penthouse. Its 
members are building the hall from ground up, repre- 
senting a conglomerate of personality types and inter- 

ests. Penthouse is not a hall of similar individuals or a 
single interest clique, but rather a balanced group of 
diverse students united by their appreciation of indi- 
viduals' differences. 

And, as if that is not enough coolness for one hall, 
chicks really dig us too. During open dorms, you won't 
see Penthouse boys sitting in their rooms alone. 

Call it an unexplainable phenomenon, a strange co- 
incidence, or divine predestination, but somehow the 
most "money" twenty-two males at Covenant ended up 
together on the same hall, Penthouse. 


The Penthouse guys. . . Led by Justin Corder, Penthouse performed yet another 
inventive and unique skit for Founders Skit Night. 

Justin Corder RA 

Brian Court 

Alex Erickson 

Chris Folkerts 

Nathan Fowler 

Michael Franks 

Yon Gautsch 

Nick Herndon 

Pete Herron 

James Kessler 

Chris Knodel 

Shawn McKnight 

Josh Moon 

Chris Render 

Rob Righter 

Ben Robertson 

Mike Robertson 

Kirk Shore 

Eric Towers 

Pablo Varela 

Jake Walls 

Stephen Wheeles 

Dan Wykoff 



The computer terminal is in pastel blue and pink, the colors 
carefully chosen to help soothe any anxiety that you may have 
about the trip. You step up and insert your boarding pass. You 
glance around, wondering why you decided to take the trip. 
You've heard great things about the River, but in fact, don't 
know much about it. You've certainly never met someone who's 
been there. "Thank you. You may board." 

You pick up your bag and move to the first sleek gondola. 
Your guide greets you with a smile that's too cheery to be fake 
and seats you with the other passengers. "Everybody ready?" he 
asks. No one responds, but he remains unphased. "Okay. Wel- 
come to your intorductory tour of the River. As most of you 
know, the River is a trans water- it passes through a series of 
Gates, each of which is a portal to a different world. There is, 
of course, no way I can take you to see all two thousand of the 
River's shores, but the eighteen planets that we will tour have 

Jeremy Jones RA 
Mike Bedzyk 
Andy Crews 
Phil Gelston 
Josh Good 
Brandon Justice 
Steve Lindemann 

Nate Malone 

Marcus Mininger 

Caleb Monroe 

Mike Mullinax 

Nate Oster 

Scott Parish 

John Porter 

Charles Royal 

Dan Steere 

Clay Tolson 

Matt Wright 

M pour Ijall toere 

a country... 
toljat tooulb pou be? 


tlje mttrble 

tfje eartl) 

such rich socieities and such scenic beauty that you'll never 
have enough time to take it all in, anyway. Despite the mixing 
of culture, pleasure, and trade brought about by man's creation 
of the River, each of these worlds has managed to maintain its 
own unique traditions. Each planet is an island in space in and 
of itself, but because they each share the River, they are each 
connecteed to something much greater than the sum of its parts. 
The soft thrum of the aqua engines below the deck of the 
gondola begin. You watch the shore as it is pushed away by the 
edge of the transwater, then you raise your hand, lean forward 
and say, "I have a question." The guide replies, "Hey, feel free 
to ask me anything. That's what I'm here for." 

"I was just wondering what the name of this boat is." 
Your guide stands proud and says, "Why, you're aboard the 
Gateship Rivendelll" 

~ Caleb Monroe 

The Qong Show... Clay Tolson and Jeremy Jones perform magic acts during 
Rivendell's performance at Skit Night. 


In the forest of Lookout Mountain, Georgia, there is an 
ancient cave. All types of inhabitants existed there. But it 
was mostly a BAT cave. These Bats were known around the 
area for all types of deeds and things. When there was crime, 
the Bats were there. Perhaps robots were needed to patrol. 
These Bats were in control. And frequently there were se- 
curity problems on the mountain, particularly the area sur- 
rounding the BAT CAVE. So the highly skilled Bats get 
together all their security equipment and scanned the area, 
made checks, recorded important data, and took readings. 
In addition to their duties, they also enjoyed what it was. 
They were known to have a good time. And a good time 
was had by those who were in existence around their brains. 
Ask and it shall be proven. 

Exciting things happen when the Bats happened to share 
their ontological status with other humanoids, robots, 
robotoids, and other types of beings. They like to perform 
spontaneous raps at any given moment without warning. 
However, Reader, you must beware. These Bats are not just 
for a good time, they are an important service to the col- 
lege. If you are familiar with the campus of Covenant Col- 
lege, you may understand what happens next. There are 
hidden Bats working secretly in the following departments: 

It is exciting. Come by the BAT cave one time and you 
shall see all the skills represented on BAT CAVE 2ND BELZ. 

~ Ken Langley 

3f ^>econb pel* toere 
an animal... toe 
tooulb be 

a HOT! 

The Blink and Belz... When in doubt of where you may find a Second Belz 
man, look in the Blink! 

Mallory Dean, RA 

Makoto Asano 

Bradd Bieshaar 

Jared Bostrom 

Peter Brangwin 

Robert Brant 

Josh Bray 

Matthew Bryant 

Dave Dennison 

Danny Gerhardt 

Jesse Haga 

Rich Hess 

Dan Hudson 

Jay Jacoby 

Ken Langley 

Scott Oberg 

Jon Polk 
Nick Powell 
Kent Shore 
Sam Spiritosanto 
Eric Tuininga 
David Vreken 
Chris Wright 

£fe<xmd TDenJ/icd 


We on Second Central have been asked, "What kind 

1. We won't know what you mean by "coke" and 

of Coke would you be?" Well, after discussing the term besides " coke " limits y° u to one ^ of POR Classic > 
"coke" -supposing the question to be what sort of pop we Cherr ^ Caffeine Free, and Diet are all the types of Coke 
were- the decision was that we didn't want to be a pop at y° u can § et and frankl J that would § et old fast " Please 
all. Our hall prefers the Kool-Aid that Gerald and Bran- 
don so generously provide from their five-gallon dispenser. 
Our taste is much more refined from the rest of Covenant's 
and maybe that is why no girls come on our hall. It doesn't 
matter and that is another story altogether. So we are 
Kool-Aid men and we drink all the flavors of the rain- 
bow. From Grape to Kiwi and on down, the more flavors 
in the mix the better. So next time you ask us what "coke" 
we drink remember these two things: 

say pop, because you have all the variety in one little 

2. We don't prefer pop we are Kool-Aid fanatics! 

In closing remember to spare yourself the shame and 
don't ask us about pop. The question should not be, 
"What kind of pop would you be?" The question is, "How 
many glasses of Kool-Aid can you drink?" 

~ Timothy Bentson 

# n 


M m 1 

Jason Trimiew RA 
Stephen Ashworth 
Rhett Bentson 
Tim Bentson 
Ryan Boone 
Brian Carlisle 

Keith Case 

Gerald Collins 

Vaden Cox 

John Drake 

Paul Dreher 

James Goodman 

Jeff Helmus 

Josh Hinman 

Tommy Horner 

David Kaufmann 

Matt Kickasola 

Matt Kimbrell 

Adam Leestma 

Ryan Leestma 

Jon Lillie 

Tim Marshall 

Chris McCartney 

Ben Moffitt 

David Pendergrass 
Tommy Ragsdale 

Jed Royal 
John Calvin Traver 

Ty Tyler 

Brandon Van Eck 

Evan Williams 

M i£>econti Central toere a 


Wt tooulb be 

Itool -&tti 

If you can't find anything to wear... grab a sheet and join the Second Central 
guys at the skating rink. 

£Pe<xmd ' £Pwsdk 


In the year of the Luthelites, eleven years post-war venturing there 
was a clan in the northern expanse known as the Retrac clan. It was a 
savage group of dirty men The Retrac clan would venture south into 
mid-sized towns like Turboken and Doerbek killing the cows arid women 
alike, returning satisfied only by victory. They were a feared people. 
Then one day a young woman from the Retrac tribe dishonored them 
all. Diepazyap left: secretively south on a cold winter night to meet with 
the people of Klockenburst This information she gave might have well 
been the living heart of the Retrac clan; for it had the movements of all 
its people and war plans, stuff that you just don't want your enemy 
getting. She returned with a heavy purse. When she returned she was 
hung for treason. The tribe was dishonored and distressed. They had 
been skewered from the inside.. .and it hurt.. .hurt like pain...the kind 
that really hurts.. .the tribe split into three sections because of different 
opinions. Three leaders quickly arose, greedily grabbing a position in 
authority, offering a bewildered people solace in a time of chaos. The 

first and most honorable of the leaders was Lupiot, a young farmer 
who's wife died several years ago. He was trying to assemble a group to 
go farther north and start over. He was the mark of hope in the tribe; 
always full of enthusiasm and a few heavy words. The second man was 
Kimlorbintotinastosemkindlyplease, the brother of Lupiot. He prom- 
ised the people a time of victory and peace if they attacked their en- 
emies to the south. No one liked spontaneous violence in the Retrac 
clan, so they hung Kimlorbintotinastosem-kindlyplease. The third leader 
was a beautiful cocker spaniel who offered his people protection, but 
they killed and ate the cocker spaniel. So, the people followed Lupiot's 
words and gathered their belongings and headed north. It was cold up 
north so the people made ice knives and ran down south quickly and 
killed all their enemies before their ice knives melted. The victorious 
Retrac clan has conquered their enemies. Ice is our friend... but, my 
sweet child, ice is also very cold. Cold like hearts of the now-vio- 
lent Retrac clan. So, to this day, the Retrac clan eats only ice. 

Yummm.'... The men of Second South frequently take advantage of their grill to 
further refine their cullinary skills. 

Paul Counts RA 

Scott Anderson 

James Bilbrey 

Dan Birchler 

Josh Bird 
Nathan Brauer 
Andy Canning 

Matt Cobb 

Daniel Cohee 

Chad Cureton 

Jeremy Deutschmann 

Nate Early 

Joe Egan 

Evan Fellers 

Blake Gilmore 

Elisha Godfrey 

Jonathan Hamilton 

Matt Hedinger 

Jason Heerema 

Dan Herron 
Andrew Hobbs 
Cale Home 
Eric Hornich 
Allen Kamp 
Rob Kheen 

Mark Krieg 

Nathan Longfellow 

Matt Mitchell 

Matt Peters 
Chris Quillen 
Matt Remillard 
Ben Richards 
Maht Shapiro 
Joel Swanson 
Isaac Wardell 

s>econb H>outlj toere a 

We tooulb be a 

because tfjere is! a bartetp 

of toapsi pou can gerbe us 



Once upon a time, there was a little town called Bluffsville. 
It was a very pleasant place to live and the people appreciated 
the fact that they could have their privacy and live indepen- 
dently. Some of the residents of Bluffsville, however, worried 
that no one knew about their beautiful town and as a result, no 
one could hear their opinion on issues. 

As the years wnet by, the people of Bluffsville and the 
appoined officials became more frustrated at the fact that they 
were not included in the countywide carnivals and other festi- 
vals that took place during the year. They did not like feeling 
isolated and out of touch with the social events that took place. 
They decided they must do something, but what? 

One day, a hero flew into the town and landed right in the 
middle of Bluffsville. The people made her feel very welcome, 
even though they wondered why she had come to their small 






Tonielle Adams RA 

Angie Case RA 

Katie Akin 

Doyle Allen 

Rachel Altork 

Chris Ammons 

Brian Baxter 

Emily Beeman 

Noel Bentson 

Corrie Blankenbeckler 

Xavier Cabezas 

Carlos Canales 

Pavel Chiva 

Bryan Counts 

Thomas Ellis 

Jessica Fisher 

Amanda Floyd 

Laura Hansen 

Andrew Hansinger 

Esther Herron 

Philip Howlett 

Becky Huggins 

Francesca Kellogg 

Hannah Kennedy 

Jeremiah Khokhar 

Jon Larson 

Tim Larson 

Debbie Legters 

Amanda Levi 

Janna Levi 

Carissa Maliepaard 

72 Halls 

town. They soon found out that she had come to help make 
the residents of Bluffsville more content. As time went by, the 
people started to notice several positive changes since "the Lady 
who could fly" came into town. With the help of the local 
officials, she started to unite Bluffsville with the surrounding 
towns. People from nearby villages started visiting Bluffsville 
and most important, the people of Bluffsville felt like they were 
more informed on what was going on - when people had sug- 
gestions on how to make the town a better place to live, she 
was always ready to listen and take action. 

The people started referring to their hero as RD, because 
she was Really Dependable. Since the RD came to Bluffsville, 
there has been harmony in the town, and the people have full 
confidence that it will remain that way. 

~ Blessing Oguntebi 

Rob McAvoy 

Heather McCauley 

Ally McFarland 

Wil Meiners 

Kim Moore 

Miriam Mwaria 

Lizzie Neuhoff 

Blessing Oguntebi 

Dave Orr 

Rob Peck 

Terrie Petrella 

Risa Sankawa 

Tim Sotello 

Deborah Spiritosanto 

Katie Swierzb 

Megan Toms 

June Webb 

Sam White 

Greg Wilhelm 

David Yleah 

3f tfje apartment* toere a 


toe tooulb be 

Manilla ice cream 

tottl) multt-coloreb 


Da' Big House!... Noel Bentson, Carissa Maliepaard, Megan Toms, and 
Amanda Floyd hang out on a typical evening at da' big house. 

&mfod wewfrwd 


Once upon a time, there were a vast number of beautiful 
flowers found in the far corners of the earth. It was decided 
that the royal princess o( Covenant College would find the 
rarest, most beautiful flower, and surround herself with its ex- 
quisite beauty. A royal pronouncement was made to present 
the fairest flower of the Kingdom before the princess. Brought 
to her were exotic orchids, whose rarity intimated a sense of 
mystery. There were dainty daisies, whose beauty was found 
in simple elegance. There were multi-colored roses that had 
in each petal a drop of romance. Daffodils, which exuded sun- 
shine, and morning glories, that reflected the radiance of a 
brilliant sunset. 

Each of these flowers were brought in separate vases to the 
princess. The princess looked at each rare flower and began to 
weep. Her Resident Director wrapped her arms around the 

princess and tried to comfort her by asking, "Whatever is the 
matter, my dear princess?" "Oh," cried she, "each flower is so 
beautiful and unique in itself, however will I pick my favorite?" 
No one seemed to be able to come up with a solution for the 
distress of the princess. 

One day an old stranger passed through the land and heard 
of the princess' grief. He requested an audience with her and 
told her, "My dear, why not put all the flowers together in a 
bouquet and let them shine?" The princess was ecstatic about 
this idea and immediately ordered that this be done. 

Individually, the flowers were stunning, but when placed 
together, there was never such a beautiful sight to be seen. 
People came from far and wide to see the exquisite breathtak- 
ing ensem the princess' flowers. 

~ April Megginson 

3f ^hiro Central toere a 


Wt tooulb be a 


bouquet of 

rare mutlt - 



Aloha... April Megginson, Jessica Wilson , and] ana Werson are decked out in 
their Hawaiian Kilter attire . 

Shelley Slater RA 

Sarah Armes 
Kathryn Bragdon 

Laura Bursi 

Christy Carlson 

Shannon Carraher 

Amy Clawson 

Maria Ellis 

Beka Enter 

Jenny Erbel 

Alisha Ferman 

Kristin Fray 
Rachel Gleason 

Kara Gray 

Christy Holliday 

Dana Hopson 

Nicole Horton 

Jessica Hudson 

Jenny Kadtke 

Stephanie Kirkpatrick 

Katie Lee 

April Megginson 

Kristen Musselman 

Rachel Powell 

Stephanie Schneider 

Stephanie Sproul 

Sarah Staley 

Anita Taylor 

Cherish Vance 

Mandi Viverette 

Jana Werson 

Jessica Wilson 

73 Halls 

3~Aifod ' Jfaydk 


One day, the girls of Third North went for a walk in the woods, better, Krista wished for some more sour gummi worms. Kim- 

As they walked along the girls discovered a shiny yellow rock berly took the pebble and simply thought, "May, 2001." Anne 

with the words "Magic Pebble" on it. The girls were amazed wished she were a bit taller. Kara wished for a 48-hour day and 

and wondered how this magic pebble worked. As they contin- lifetime supply of mint chocolate-chip ice cream. Angie wished 

ued along, each girl looked at the pebble and began to thing of that all her freckles would disappear. Janine wished that God's 

what they would wish for. Kristen smiled and wished she could w iH would be done on earth as it is in heaven. Joanna wished 

think of a good prank. Danielle wished for a new tower in Carter, for a life full of love and plenty of cappuccino and sour jellybeans. 

Meghan took the pebble and wished for her prince to come, for Crystal wished for no more phone bills and two more pebbles, 

world peace, and for everyone in the world to have a Dalmation Elizabeth took the pebble and wished for a day spent in the 

puppy. Jenn wished for a full scholarship. Laranda wished for country and a lifetime supply of TCBY yogurt. Melissa just 

the Lady Scots to get a high seed in the National Tournament, wished for a normal pebble so that she wouldn't have to think 

Charity wished that she could play the piano and meet George U p a wish. And Angelica smiled at all the girls and wished for 

Strait. Nola took the pebble and thought, "I wish I could marry the "glue" to hold all of these girls together. At the end of the 

Bo Duke and drive the General Lee one time." Katie wished hike, the girls climbed the stairs to Third North to get ready for 

that Tom Cruise would show up at her door. Tracey wished for a another week. As for their wishes... Well, all that can be said is 

golden stairway to heaven. While Corrie wished she could sing that God is in control and all the girls lived happily ever after. 

Elizabeth Robeson RA 

Charity Anderson 

Crystal Anderson 

Kristen Brauer 

Jennifer Collins 

Krista Deutschmann 

Staci Haggerty 
Joanna Hessenbruch 
Danielle Huckabee 

Miri Jamison 

Kimberly Johnson 

Angie Keller 

Laura King 

Meghan Kirby 

Jodi Krieg 
Anne Lichlyter 
Katie McKittrick 

Nola Muir 
Laranda Mullinax 
Katie O' Grady 
Tracey Record 
Melissa Stanton 
Heidianne Thames 
Janine Tuininga 

3lf OHjirrj BortF) toere 

a color... 

Wt tooulb be 



Boring? Never.'... Third South girls go for a spontaneous swim. 


Once upon a time in the enchanted kingdom of Third South, 
in the land of Covenant, there lived 26 beautiful princesses. In 
order to earn the title of Lady in their kingdom, they adventurously 
dined at the International House of Crumpets at an hour when 
the rest of the land was tucked safe in their beds dreaming of slay- 
ing CHOW homework and dancing at the merry festival of Kilter. 

For amusement, these young maidens loved to frolic at a game 
they affectionately deemed "take your aggressions out on fellow 
Covenantians," also known as intramural soccer. The princesses 
enjoyed their weekly Bible studies and hall meetings in which 
among other things they lamented over troubles with the knights 
of Covenant, taking comfort in Psalm 57:3. They also had the 
traditional Thursday night gathering, where they congregated to 
watch ER and discussed afterwards the correct handling of blood- 
born pathogens. 


One of the tragedies in the lives of the princesses of Third South 
was that whenever they tried to plan outings with the manly knights 
who resided in nearby kingdoms, a rain cloud was always there to 
give them trials and tribulations. Good triumphed over evil though, 
because the princesses smiled and persevered in joy on their rainy 
Day of Prayer camping trip, their rainy hall feast, and their rainy 
evening of carving pumpkins. 

The best thing about the lives of the Third South princesses 
was that they truly care for one another and loved to spend time 
together in good conversation and evenings filled with laughter. 
Although Lady Jenny liked to streak through the usually peaceful 
kingdom, and Ladies Cherith and Erin were known to display their 
undergarments on the announcement board, the rest of the prin- 
cesses forgave their wavering mental health and did not throw 
them in the dungeon. And they all lived happily ever after. 

The End. 

M ®\)ivb g>outf) toere an 


Wt tooulfci be 


Katie O'Qrady, Nola Muir, Krista Deutschmann, and Jennifer Collins 

take advantage of a beautiful mountain day while hanging out with second South 
on the balcony. 

Erin Harris RA 

Esther Belz 

Jane Belz 

Molly Bruegger 

Jenny Davis 

Kim Elliott 

Sarah Ellison 

Deb Fish 

Stephanie Glass 

Katie Grant 
Angela Heirendt 

Amy Homer 

Jennica Jardine 

Cherith Johnson 

Myriam Jones 

Jessica Kellogg 

Rebecca Lawton 

Erin Lively 

Kerry Lyman 

Katie McClellan 

Michelle Murray 

Sarah Sligh 

Missy Taylor 

Amber Temple 

Alana Trimmier 

Mary Frances White 


d l <mnde / iA< 

Founders R.A. 

Lisa Ayres 

Holly Brady 

Justin Corder 

Mallory Dean 

Joshua Caleb Green 

Jeremy Jones 

Albert Leavengood 

Kristen Sandhoff 

Mat Witherow 

Heather Woods 

Laini Young 


Shauna deBoer 

Erin Farquhar 

Dave Graham 

Dan Hudson 

Andrew Kinzler 

Steve Lindemann 

Rob Righter 

John Sweet 

Charity Throener 

Laurel Tolson 

Photo Courtesy of Kathlei 

So, what do you think about that... Founders' Council reps, contemplate a: 
new idea for the Founders' All Saint Soul-Party. 


Jason Trimieiv and josh (mm Jo some practical service while 
v their fellow RAs better at Jack's Farm. 

Carter R.A. 

Paul Counts 

Raven Crown 

Erin Harris 

Anna Lins 

Debbie Marshall 

Kevin McQuillen 

Catherine Middendorf 

Elizabeth Robeson 

Michelle Seda 

Shelley Slater 

Jason Trimiew 

Carter Council 

Rachel DeVnes 

Kim Elliot 

Kristy Farr 

Nicole Jenkins 

Anne Lichlyter 

Nathanael Longfellow 

Jen McClaine 

Austina McFarland 

John Mullen 

Jedidiah Royal 

Stephanie Schneider 

Svuleed nm Acwid ' Aa& mid 
the fmwidedhm m the ea/dh. 
Isaiah 43:13a 

{Pkwtdm J997 

An unknown world awaits me. 

The Lord leads my soul away, 

He says, "Forget your past, 

Push forward to the goal, 

And hand Me your fears each day." 

"I am your stronghold in a day of trouble." 
Well Lord, that day is now. 
I am trapped by my fears, 
As each day draws closer, 

Please hold back my tears or tell me how. 

Lord my faith in you is still strong, 
And I have no doubt you're by my side, 

I thank you for this chance, 
To learn more than I've imagined, 

So please don't let me hide. 

Oh Lord how awesome you are! 

You knew my fears before they came to be, 

You are always close, 

You put your arms around my soul, 

And you say, "Child, give these fears to Me." 

"My burden is easy," He said. 

"And my yoke is light. 

I carried the cross on my shoulder for you, 

I am strong, 

And will carry your fears tonight." 

What can you say to Jesus 

When He makes an offer like such? 

You accept His strength, 

Lest His love overwhelm you, 

And say, "For me why do you care so much?" 

"Have I not told you, 

That my love for you is great? 

I would die for you, 

Go to hell for your sin, 

So that my Father would open the gate." 

"Enter through the narrow gate, 

And join My Father at His throne, 

There is already a place prepared for you, 

Go in, 

And you shall never be alone." 

"So Lord these fears I have, 

You offer to take them away? 

You carried the cross, 

Died and were treated with shame, 

So that I would have a place to stay." 

An unknown world awaits me, 

But to my Savior it is His backyard, 

He will show me around, 

He will lead my heart, 

And from me He will never go far. 

~ Darcee Nevin 
Written the night before she left for Slovakia 

I don't ever want to go home... Scharlie Frame, Rebekah 
Bomer, andKristen Sandhoff enjoyed touring around Europe. 

80 Academics 


Study Abroad 

1997 Slovakia Study Abroad Students 

Rebekah Bomer Darcee Nevin 

Megan Brandon Corrie Rantal 

Jocelyn Davis Steve Rowe 

Jennifer DeHaan Kristen Sandhoff 

Carey Echerd Ryan Steinbrecher 

Scharlie Frame Rachel Tilley 

Jennifer Green Ty Wilson 

Jessica LaRose Jason Wood 

It's a Small World after all... Here are several of the girls who went to Slovakia 
in Fall of 1997 taking a break during one of their weekend tours for a fun picture . 

Photo Courtesy of Kristen Sandhoff 

Oh the Friendships you make... Darcee hJevin 
and Jen Green enji >yed n >< mxing u >gether and getting to 
know one another better during their time in Slovakia. 
Slovakia 1997... The Slovakia team was a diverse 
group of people that gained a common bond and 
made many friendships during the time abroad. 

Photo Courtesy of Kristen Sandhoff 

Academics 81 

The root meaning of the word "Sabbath" is to cease, or to de- 
sist. After six days of labor, God stopped his creation work, rested, 
and was refreshed. After six years of sowing, pruning, and gather- 
ing, the land was to lay fallow for one year. After six years of labor 
at Covenent College, faculty members are allowed, even encour- 
aged, to rest from their ordinary academic labors and be refreshed 
through other pursuits and experiences. I was granted such a sab- 
batical during the spring semester of 1997. Here are some of my 
activities and their effects on me from my semester of refreshment. 

The Sonship course of World Harvest Mission 

~ a crumbling of my personal self-protective, self righteous kingdom, 
and the beginning of a pursuit to know what it means to live in the 
Gospel and the righteousness of Christ. 

A couse with Dr. Larry Crabb offered through Reformed Theo- 
logical Seminary 

~ a challenge to learrn a whole new way of relating to people in pain, 
not as their professional problem solver, but as one who connects with 
wounded and disconnected souls. 

A week at the L'Arche Community in Mobile, AL 

~ an experience in loving and being loved apart from what you can 
"do;" an understanding of what it means to be a shepherd to broken 
people; a sense of how important the acknowledgment of brokenness 
is to the building of true community. 

Two weeks at Mepkin Abbey near Charleston, SC 

~ a challenge to see and experience worship as the primary thing in 
life; an understanding that worship is more than just cerebral, and 
more than a sermon; a challenge to move toward simplicity and order 
from the normal chaos of life. 

Hello there little cutie... Professor Ray Clark travelled with 
Graham to Latvia along with Mrs. Clark and Dr. Tim Evearitt. 

Two weeks in Latvia to work with Christian teachers in their 
recently acquired freedom from Communism 

~ the joy of teaching "grace" to those who have lived under oppressive 
law all their lives; the joy of feeding hungry minds and souls with the 
meaning of biblical truth for their teaching; the extending of my small, 
narrow-minded world; watching God direct me in a ministry where I 
had virtually no control over anything. 

The revision of my book for teachers now entitled Teaching 

~ a renewed and expanded vision for what biblical truth should mean 
to those who teach, this time including a concern for what God's grace 
might mean to the way we educate. 

I take all these refreshing things as God's loving gifts to me, and 
I pray for the power of Christ to pursue the visions which have 
developed because of them. I believe this was a sabbatical worthy 
of the name. 

~ Donovan L. Graham 


82 Academics 


Home Siveet Home... This building is called home 
to mans families who live m Latvia, h is a reminder 
of the Communism that they used to live under. 

The white palace... Dr. Graham saw this Roman 

Catholic Church on his trip to Latvia while on 

All Photos Courtesy of Don Graham 

83 Academics 

The artist's eye... Art minor Grace White concentrates while 
sketching in Covenant's chapel. 

Psalm 90: 17 says, "And let the beauty of the Lord our God 
be upon us, and establish the work of our hands for you; yes, 
establish the work of our hands." Because beauty comes from 
God, the creator of everything that is good, Christians ought 
to praise Him for the beauty in this world. Even though it is 
fallen in sin, this is the same world about which God declared, 
"It is good." A Christian artist can understand the marvelous 
nature of creation better than a non-Christian, and it is impor- 
tant that he show his worldview through his art, as a testi- 
mony of love for God. 

One Covenant College art student, Chris Ammons, ap- 
proaches art with the desire to glorify the Lord. But, he real- 
izes that his work does not have to be "Christian art" about 
Biblical incidents or truths in order to please God. "All art, 
unless it is sacreligious, brings glory to God through the act 
of Creation," he believes. Creativity is one characteristic that 
comes from being made in God's image. Nature, like art, can 
praise God without telling stories or teaching doctrine; it sim- 
ply displays the Lord's beauty and creativity. 

There is no single "Christian art" style at this college. Erin 
Petrella paints figures in black and white oil paints, and I make 
prints and pencil drawings of musicians. Joshua Caleb Green's 
impressionist-surrealist style was influenced by European 
museums he visited while studying in the Czech Republic. 
Ty Williams and Brent Jackson are in charge of a relatively 
new pottery club. Raven Crown, from the photography class, 
took some of her favorite photographs in Europe last spring. 
Jill Mullins loves to photograph elderly people because she 
can see their life experience and wisdom in their faces. 
Covenant's artists certainly offer a diverse sampling of cre- 
ativity and God-given talents! 

~ Grace White 

84 Academics 


Art on Campus 


"I think that God can 

1 definitely be glorified 

V ^ ^K 

1 through art because we see 

p *a 

1 from new perspectives the 

m '< ' A 

1 beauty of his creation and 

Pi fl 

1 we also use artistic gifts he 

^^^ l 7™ 

1 has given us." 

F^ 7 

^ ~ Rebecca Lawton 

Joy. . . This smiling woman sitting in a chair was artfully captured by Jill Mullins , 
who utilized sunlight, perspective, and angles in her photograph. 

Photo by Jill Mullins 

Photo by Raven Crown 

A chilling remembrance... A photograph taken at 
Auschwitz by Senior Raven Crown helps us to see for 
ourselves the cold and grueling reality of imprisonment 
in a concentration camp . 

Take my life, Lord, and mold me... A good potter 
has skillful hands and a gentle touch to create a piece. 

85 Academics 

Youth Ministry... Matt Kimbrell and Erin Lively have gone 
through hen Teague's Youth Ministry class and spend much of 
their free time doing what they do best, ministering. Here they 
are at Young Life Camp with some of the other staff. 

As I thought about sharing my experience ministering 
to teenagers, African American teenagers living in one of 
the poorest housing projects in Chattanooga, a few memo- 
ries of a time I could see measurable change in one of our 
boys' and girls' lives came into mind. Most of my thoughts, 
though, were filled with memories of heartbreak and feel- 
ings of helplessness. And then I thought, perhaps these are 
what I need to write about... 

I do not intend to share a story though. I want to share 
the way in which God used my broken heart, my feelings of 
helplessness, and the teenagers who caused these to change 
my life. 

As I came to know these teenagers, I came to know their 
vast needs. I was faced with children who had children of 
their own, violence, poverty... more than I can begin to 
describe. Even harder to accept than their needs, though, 
were the walls which seemed insurmountable, the rivers 
which seemed too wide to bridge. The more I saw the depth 
of their needs, the more I saw my lack of ability to meet 
their needs. I felt trapped by my culture and distanced by 
my lack of suffering. I became painfully aware... I had little 
to give. For a while, I was overwhelmed, drowning in my 
helplessness. And it was there, in the deep pool of my weak- 
ness, I came to understand the even deeper ocean of God's 
strength as I never had before. 

I still experience heartbreak as I walk alongside of these 
teenagers I have come to love. I am learning not to feel 
helpless, though, because I am not the source of help. I am 
learning I do not possess the balm which will heal their 
wounded hearts, only the hands, which I offer to God, and 
He may choose to use to use to apply it. 

~ Vanessa Baloche 

86 Academics 


Realtional Youth Ministry 

"There is nothing else 
like Youth Ministry. You are 
ministered to as much as you 

~ Jennifer McKenzie 

Young Life... Jason Trimiew spent part of his summer at the Young Life camp, 
and has worked with Young Life for several years. 

Photo Courtesy of Vanessa Balo> 

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer McKe: 

Hello Mother, Hello Father... Camp could not get 
much more fun for Jennifer McKenzie with her youth 
group from Lookout Mountain who she works with. 

Qod's Handiwork... Vanessa Baloche spends much 
of her spare time with the kids she ministers to. Here 
she is pictured with scwral of them. 

87 Academies 

Hamilton County Sheriff's Department... left I'mver 
stands in from aj the building he sewed his pmcticum at. 

tjfttt/enf ? J J\o<fi<ttnhi ; 

SJjt tfft hut it t c£ Vwtc/i 

y/tat/ie J ?ti//iam,}, €m't. 

Around 7:00 a.m. I arrived at the Hamilton County Pa- 
trol Center in Red Rank for my first experience in a ride- 
along. I met with Chief Tommy Standifer as well as an of- 
ficer Max Templeton who I would ride with for the next 
nine hours. 

I began the day at The Hamilton County Court House 
where officer Templeton was needed for a court appearance. 
I was given permission to sit with the officers on the side 
bench during court. Officer Templeton had one of the most 
interesting violations. One defendant was written a viola- 
tion for running a train red light earlier in December. While 
in court, the defendant claimed that he should not be re- 
sponsible for the ticket. He asked the judge to call Queen 
Elizabeth and tell her that Prince Charles was having diffi- 
culty at court. He actually believed that he was royalty and 
that he wouldn't have to pay for the ticket or court fees. I 
recall myself, as well as the whole court room erupting into 

After sitting in court for three hours, Officer Templeton 
and I rode back to Red Bank and Soddy Daisy where patrol 
began. We drove up and down Highway 27 in pursuit of 
speed violators for two hours. Our most exciting and only 
high speed pursuit was at the end of the two hours. Officer 
Templeton's radar gun clocked a Ford Probe going 81 mph 
in a 65 mph zone. Because we were heading in the opposite 
direction of the vehicle, Officer Templeton made a u-turn 
in the grass medium in order to pursue the violator. Before I 
knew it, our patrol car was cruising at 1 15mph. Within sec- 
onds, Officer Templeton caught up with the Probe and pulled 
it over. The woman driving the vehicle was cited with a 
ticket of excessive speed. 

After lunch was over, we took into custody a woman with 
an expired license plate, and suspended license. Since the 
lady was taken into custody we had to impound the car and 
take inventory. While checking the vehicle the officer found 
marijuana paraphernalia that she said she was holding for 
her boyfriend. This day was a great opportunity for me to 
see all different aspects of what a patrol officer's duty requires 
of him. I am very thankful for this experience. 

~ Jeff Prager 

88 Academics 


Student Practicums 

*& *£* w 

"Holding screaming 
kids while doctors cut 
on them." 

~ Nathan Knutson 

Interned at Erlanger 

It's a life... Mary Katherine Jackson holds a hahy whose mother chose to give 
him life because of the AAA Women's Service, where Wary Katherine does her 

Qive me an R... Dan Hudson works with the 
students of Ridgeland High School. 

A day in the life of a cop... Jeff Prager got the 
chance to patrol on Highway 27 f< >r speed violators. 

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Prager 

• -•: • 

3 tle&i/w tke/be£cfae that Ike men 

fwiu Acmcfo, wUtwwtwudh 

1 Timothy 2:8 







2-0 Cardinal Stritch Univ. 


2-2 Berry Coll. 

0-4 Life Coll. 

5-1 Cumberland Univ. 

2-0 Bluefield Coll. 

3-1 Lee Univ. 

8-1 Montreat Coll. 

3-0 Tennessee Temple Univ. 

1-0 King Coll. 


2-1 Tennessee Wesleyan Coll. 

1-1 NyackColl. 

0-1 Bryan Coll. 

0-1 Martin Methodist Coll. 

5-2 Milligan Coll. 

2-2 Brewton-Parker Coll. 

3-4 Embry-Riddle Coll. 

1-0 Piedmont Coll. 


5 - 1 Anderson Coll. 

Conference Semi-final 

2-0 King Coll. 

Conference Final 

3-1 Milligan Coll. 

Region Tourney 

0-4 Lindsey Wilson 

<*&! "#*--$'' 

-1^* Et'^^^BBr*-* 

■' y T/i?L- i i* • * ^^^B 

M ^ - - 

Here we go again... Freshman Richard 

Brown winds up to score another. Brown 

had 10 goals this season, making a big impact 

in Covenant's conference championship . 

"Back off"... Senior Ian Mattice guards senior keeper Todd McMillan after a close ball. Both Mattice and i 
McMillan played extremely well this year, leading the team past Milligan in the conference final. McMillan 
had six shutouts this year at keeper. 

"You can't guard me-the Secret Service can't guard me 1 ."... Junior Matt Kimbrell toys with the 
opponent. Kimbrell was one of three Acedemic All Americans for the Scots, along with Josh Good and 
Chris Moore . 

92 Sports 

rJlien 6- Sroceek 

"Do what has to be done, When it has 
to be done, And as well as it can be 
done." Whether it be stressing the goal 
of a compiled team GPA of 3.0 or above, 
pressing on through the rigorous train- 
ing sessions each week, or filing out onto 
New Scotland Yard or onto the 
opposition's unfamiliar surroundings to 
play the world's most loved game, the '97 
Scots looked to this above phrase as a 
simple reminder towards team ambition. 

With nine returning starters, the team 
pledged to accept nothing less from 
themselves than another TVAC cham- 
pionship followed by a trip to the Mid- 
South Region tournament. This feat had 
not occurred since the '94 season. High- 
lighted by two late strikes by Matt Cobb 
in a 2-2 tie against rival Berry College, a 
3-1 comeback victory against Lee Uni- 
versity, and a soccer fan stampede follow- 
ing a Jackson Alexander bending a 20- 
yard gamewinner in a 2-1 win against 
Tennessee Wesleyan, the Scots would 
end their 18 game regular season as the 
TVAC first seed. This allowed the team 
to play host for the conference tourna- 
ment in which they would first defeat 
King College 2-0 in the semi-final. In 
the TVAC final, dealing with a sloppy 

playing surface due to rain and with the 
November mountain chill, the Scots 
would raise the trophy once again, 3-1 
winners against Milligan College. The 
team would later bow out against two- 
time defending NAIA National Cham- 
pion Lindsey Wilson College. 

The Scots posted a 13-5-3 record on 
the year, and Brian Crossman was named 
TVAC Coach of the year. Josh Good, 
Ian Mattice, and Todd McMillan were 
voted onto the All-Conference First 
team, and Matt Cobb and Anthony 
Tucker were secon team selections. Ian 
Mattice was placed on the All-South 
Region team, and NAIA Scholar Ath- 
lete All-Americans were Josh Good, 
Matt Kimbrell, and Chris Moore. This 
year's team was powered by consistent 
defensive play, active senior leadership, 
and offensive output by Matt Cobb, Ri- 
chard Brown, and Jackson Alexander. 

Special thanks go out to Dave Fish 
for keeping our Yard the best playing 
surface we saw all season, Gurney for an 
excellent job in the Sports Medicine 
department, and to every Covenant 
Soccer fan - you help make each home 
match unforgetable. 

~ Todd McMillan 

3 by Stephen Freas 
Calm, reserved, and composed. . . Sophomore Matt Men's Soccer: 

Cobb made his presence felt, scoring a team-high 14 (Back Row, L-R) Daniel Herron, Josh Hager, Jarrod Taylor, John Sweet, Daniel Steere, Kurt Halvorson, 
goals this season. Blake Gilmore 

(Third Row, L-R) Matt Cobb, Ian Mattice, Anthony Tucker, Todd McMillan, Mark Krieg, Josh Good, 

James Goodman, Chris Moore 

(Second Row, L-R) Coach Stanton, Sam Hettinger, Scott Noll, Phil Long, Andrew Cook, Matt Kimbrell, 

Jackson Alexander, Coach Crossman 

(Front Row, L-R) Richard Brown, Taylor Long, Ryan Boone, Matt Potoshnick, Matt Marchman, Josh 

Moon, Wes Hollowell, Ty Tyler, Elisha Godfrey 

Sports 93 

Lady Scots 





5-0 Cardinal Stritch University 

1-3 Transylvania University 
0-2 Midway College 
5-0 Lee University 
2-0 University of Montevallo 
4-0 Montreat College 
7-1 Bryan College 
6-1 King College 

0-2 Berry College 
3-1 Birmingham Southern 
8-0 Milligan College 
3-2 Huntington College 
0-8 University of Mobile 
2-1 Piedmont College 
1-2 Tennessee Wesleyan College 


TVAC Conference Semi-final 
3-0 Milligan 

TVAC Conference Final 
1-2 Tennessee Wesleyan 

Senior Kim Brock takes off... Brock 

provided a great attitude and team leadership, 
while having a great season . 

94 Sports 

Senior Jill Hancock goes for another. . . Whether it was playing at sweeper or striker the result was always 
the same, Hancock was the best no matter what. The Lady Scots will miss Hancock as she moves on from 

Qet offmel... Sophomore Dawn Swinney keeps the opponent off the ball. Using her quickness, Swinney 
was a big force for the Scots this season. 



Doing it all alone... Freshman Monique Good 
provided solid play in the middle . Many of the 
Freshman this year got great opportunities to play 
and the Lady Scots look forward to a strong season 
next year. 

The Lady Scots past soccer season was 
one of exciting new beginnings as a num- 
ber of promising new freshmen joined the 
team. Along with the new beginnings, 
however, came the end of a four-year stint 
that will not soon be forgotten. 

This year's graduating seniors represent 
the group of freshmen that joined 
Covenant's first year program in 1994- 
The women's program has come quite a 
long way since its humble beginnings as 
a club soccer team. And much thanks is 
due to those graduating seniors for this 
progress. The leadership and godly ex- 
ample set by seniors Kim Brock, Rachel 
Jiminez, Polly Johnson, Beth Owens, Jill 
Hancock, and Lisa Fish is one that will 
not be quickly or easily replaced. 

The 1997 season was a successful one 
over all. Despite nagging injuries rang- 
ing from shin splints to a knee surgery for 
Maija I verts. The team was able to finish 
the season considerably strong, with a 
record of eleven wins and six losses. For 
the graduating bunch, this season's record 

combined with the past three years' total 
equals an overall record of forty-three 
wins, twenty-three losses, and one tie. 
Within conference play, the seniors' 
record for four years was twenty-three 
wins and only four losses. As well, a num- 
ber of players received conference and 
regional recognition. Rachel Jiminez, 
Lisa Fish, Kim Brock, and Jill Hancock 
all received All-Conference honors. 
Brock and Hancock were also awarded 
positions of the All-South team. In ad- 
dition, Melissa Stanton was awarded 
Acedemic All-American honors. 

As the seniors have stepped down and 
the underclassmen step up, there is an 
anticipation of a wealth of promising sea- 
sons to come. Those who started out with 
the program four years ago will be greatly 
missed both on and off the field, but trust 
that the wealth of talent and character 
evident in the lives and attitudes of the 
underclassmen will provide the leadership 
necessary to be successful in the coming 

~ The Lady Scots 

Women's Soccer: 

(Back Row, L-R) Coach Van Steenburg, Hannah Hager, Elizabeth Hastie, Melissa Stanton, Maija lverts, 

Katie May, Coach Duble 

(Middle Row, L-R) Stacy Ogburn, Dawn Swinney, Beth Owens, Rachel Jimenez, Jill Hancock, Monique 

Good, Sarah Lown, Liz Sands, Kara Gray 

(Front Row, L-R) Jennifer Prentice, Erin Hess, Polly Johnson, Kim Brock, Molly Maddox, Rachel Powell, 

Sarah Ellison 

Sports 95 





Berry College Invitational 
Georgia State Invitational 
Vanderbilt University 
Greensboro Invitational 


Oglethorpe Invitational 
Covenant College Invitational 


NAIA Mid-South Regional 


Berry College Invitational 
Georgia State Invitational 
Vanderbilt University 
Greensboro Invitational 


Oglethorpe Invitational 
Covenant College Invitational 


NAIA Mid-South Regional 

Jeremy Jones pushes hard as he crosses 
the line... Jones was one of two seniors on 
the team who led by example; working hard 
and being determined to do their best. 

96 Sports 

Photo b\ Sti 



All Photos by Jenn Shaw 

Preparing for the big race... Phil Gelston, Will Meiners and Jeremy Jones think about the upcoming 

meet. Plauged with an injury ridden season, the Scots still persevered to the end, sticking together as a team. 

Mary Miner closes in... on the finish line. Miner was one of three seniors on the cross-country team this 
year who exhibited leadership on the squad. 

tMem b wtoo&b- wcmmAm ^/ftymwi 4 c^Wi4- wcMmbtu 

The Scots had a suc- 
cessful season despite be- 
ing plagued with injuries 
throughout it. The upper- 
classmen provided tre- 
mendous leadership and 
encouragement to the un- 
derclassmen, while the 
underclassmen gained 
valuable experience that 
can benefit the Scots in 
years to come. Several 
runners helped carry the 
load and as the season pro- 
gressed they developed a 
true spirit of oneness and 
came together as a team. 

At the regional meet, 

all of the nine participat- 
ing runners ran with cour- 
age and perseverance. 
Everyone, but the number 
one runner, finished with 
a personal best time and 
no one gave up until all 
of the Scots had crossed 
the finish line. With the 
loss of only two seniors, 
Phil Gelston and Jeremy 
Jones, the Scots have 
much to look forward to 
as the underclassmen 
continue to grow closer 
together and strive for the 

~ Fritz Shalmo 

The Lady Scots ran the 
race set before them with 
perseverance and grace as 
they grew together as a 
team and successfully rep- 
resented Covenant on 
and off the trail. A good 
number of the Lady Scots 
were plagued with nag- 
ging, season long injuries 
that affected the entire 
team. Despite these inju- 
ries they continued to sup- 
port and encourage each 
other throughout the sea- 

The Lady Scots are los- 
ing three seniors; 

Catherine Middendorf, 
Mary Miner, and Leah 
Behm. This will be a 
great loss for the Lady 
Scots, as all three pro- 
vided tremendous leader- 
ship and encouragement 
during the season. 

The Lady Scots have 
much to look forward to 
as the top two runners in 
the region meet will be 
back for another year. 

~ Fritz Shalmo 

Men's Cross-Country: 

(Back Row, L-R) Coach Hilger, Dan 

Emerson, Dave Kaufmann, Phil 

Gelston, Coach Kaufmann, Rob 


(Front Row, L-R) Jeremy Jones, Wil 

Meiners, Jeremy Toole, Tim Sotelo, 

Nate Malone 

Women's Cross-Country: 

(Back Row, L-R) Coach Hilger, 
Catherine Middendorf, Stephanie 
Kirkpatrick, Megan Mclihenny, 
Coach Kaufmann 

(Front Row, L-R) Naomi Emerson, 
Mary Miner, Leah Behm, Sarah 
Talarico, Carolyn Hubbard 

Sports 97 

Lady Scots 





W Agnes Scott College 

L Bryan College 

W Tennessee Temple Tourney 

W Montreat College 

L King College 

W Tennessee Temple University 

W Brenau University 

L Bluefield College 
W Clinch Valley College 
L Bryan College 
W Judson College Tourney 
W Tennessee Temple University 

Bluefield College 
L Clinch Valley College 
L Milligan College 
L King College 

W Montreat College 
L Milligan College 
W Brenau University 
W Agnes Scott College 
W Knoxville College 

Photo by Stephen 1 reas 

Dig it... Junior Sarah Franklin had another 
good season. She was 2nd in the conference in 
blocking and 3rd in kills this year. 

5 Sports 

Bump, Set, SPIKE. . . Freshman Kimberly Johnson played very well , hopefully setting the stage for years to 
come in Lady Scots Volleyball. 

Another pointl.. . The Lady Scots congratulate each other after a rally in which they came out on top. 


cwien & w 

Most times when you ask a player how 
their season was, you laugh when they say 
that it was a rebuilding year. But it really 
was for the women's varsity volleyball 
team. With only three returning players 
and seven total players, the Lady Scots 
were in for a rough season. Blessed with 
no injuries, the Lady Scots took on the 
TVAC with gusto. Under second year 
coach Kimberly Hays, the Lady Scots won 
the first women's volleyball tournament 
in almost twelve years. Playing at Judson 
College in Alabama, the Scots swept the 
tournament with four wins and no losses. 
Sophomore Missy Taylor, was named to 
the All-Tournament team, while Senior 
Captain Allison Fekete was named the 
Tournament Most Valuable Player. 

It was a frustrating season, in spite of 
their hard work, for the Lady Scots. With 
only seven players, practices were tough 
and scrimmaging was even tougher. It was 
not uncommon to see some of the guys 

from around campus helping out at their 
practices. The Lady Scots would like to 
thank Dave Franklin, Andy Gast, and 
Josh Keck for their help throughout the 

Although the Scots had some trouble 
putting everything together as a team, 
four players were honored individually 
in the conference. Allison Fekete was 
named to the All Tournament Team for 
the N AI A conference tournament, and 
she was second in the conference for 
assists and third in the conference for 
serving percentage. Junior Sarah 
Franklin was second in the conference 
for blocking and third in the conference 
for kills. Sophomore Jenny Davis was 
second in the conference for digs and 
Freshman Kimberly Johnson was fifth in 
the conference for blocks. Overall, the 
Lady Scots finished with a record of 16- 
1 1 overall, 3-9 in conference. 

~ Jenny Davis 

There she goes again... Senior Captain Allison 
Fekete sets up another opportunity for Sarah Franklin 
to spike the ball. Allison was named to the All- 
Tournament Team for the NAIA conference 

Women's Volleyball: 

(Back Row, L-R) Staci Haggerty, Kimberly Johnson, Sarah Franklin, Alisha Ferman, 

Coach Hays 

(Front Row, L-R) Melissa Taylor, Jennifer Davis, Kristy Weaver, Allison Fekete 

Sports 99 






100-108 Lee Univ. 







Ddist Cc 

Martin Methi 

King Coll. 

Bryan Coll. 

Clinch Valley Coll. 
Virginia Intermont Coll 

Lee Univ. 
Milligan Coll. 
Tennessee Temple Univ. 
King Coll. 

Tennessee Temple Univ. 
Milligan Coll. 
103-80 Tennessee Wesleyan Coll. 
82-65 Alice Lloyd Coll. 
Bryan Coll. 
Montreat Coll. 

Clinch Valley Coll. 
Virginia Intermont C< 
Tennessee Wesleyan C< 
Bluefield Coll. 
Alice Lloyd Coll. 
Bluefield Coll. 
Alice Lloyd Coll. 

Stepping it up, Freshman Dave Dennison 
provided a good attitude and great play. 

Though only a Freshman, Dennison started the | 
last half of the season and was a solid force all 
around for the Scots . 

100 Sports 

Junior Brian Court breaks the press... Using his speed and agility to bring the ball up the court, Court 
rarely had the ball stolen as a result of a press. 

The air up there... Senior captain Matt Davis soars for yet another spectacular dunk. Davis was very 
consistent and never gave up despite a difficult season. 

tAlen & SHaA/ceMaU 

The Covenant Scots ended the 
'97-'98 season with an overall 
record of 9-15. Injuries to key play- 
ers early in the season forced the 
Scots to adjust their style of play 
and constantly change their start- 
ing line-up late into the season. 
The Scots continued to play hard 
finishing third in the TVAC in 
team defense, and second in 
rebounding. Consistency at the 
free throw line placed the Scots in 
fifth in the NAIA and first in the 
TVAC in free throw percentage. 

Junior point guard Brian Court 
was named to the first team all- 
conference as a result of his excel- 
lent play and leadership, and was 
also named an all-American 
scholar athlete with a 3.88 GPA. 
He was sixth in the TVAC in scor- 
ing (17.7ppg), third in free throw 

percentage (84%), sixth in three 
point field goal percentage (42%), 
eleventh in field goal percentage 
(47%), eleventh in average assists 
(3.0), and twelth in average steals 

Senior captain Matt Davis also 
had an excellent season, finishing 
fourth in the TVAC in rebound- 
ing (7-4), ninth in field goal per- 
centage (58%). 

Overall, the team struggled 
throughout the season due to 
injury, but they still played hard 
and did well under difficult 
circumstances. With the return of 
injured players Jake Walls and 
Mark Fields and three of this year's 
starters, the Scots are looking for- 
ward to a good season next year. 

~ Josh Hinman 

Nailing the three... Junior Sean Hildebrandt comes 
up big. Hildebrandt never stopped hustling and as a 
result was one of the Scots top rebounders . 

Men's Basketball: 

(Back Row, L-R) Coach Ken Brooks, Coach Bill Dennison, Sean Hildebrandt, Dave Dennison, Cedric 

Thomas, Jake Walk, Mark Fields, Coach Brian Giroux 

(Front Row, L-R) John Maffet, Nick Herndon, Jared Bostrom, Clint Ball, Brian Court, Seth Toner, John 


Sports 101 

Lady Scots 

















Bryan Coll. 
Clinch Valley Coll. 
Virginia Intermont Coll. 
Lee Univ. 
King Coll. 
Milligan Coll. 
Lee Univ. 

Tennessee Temple Univ. 
Judson Coll. 
King Coll. 

Tennessee Temple Univ. 
Milligan Coll. 
Tennessee Wesleyan Coll. 
Alice Lloyd Coll. 
Bryan Coll. 
Montreat Colle. 

Clinch Valley Coll. 
Virginia Intermont Coll. 
Tennessee Wesleyan Coll. 
Bluefield Coll. 
Alice Lloyd Coll. 
Montreat Coll. 
Bluefield Coll. 
Bluefield Coll. 
Tennessee Wesleyan Coll. 

Sophomore Destiny Ranter sets up for the 
free throw... Rahrer did very well this year in 
her sixth man role and had a great attitude on 
the court. 

102 Sports 

Sophomore Kristy Clark makes her move... In only her second year at Covenant, Clark led the NAIA 
in points per game at 26. 

Freshman Joanna Hessenhruch blows fry the defender... Hessenbruch utilized her great quickness to 
give others the opportunity to score , while remaining one of the top scorers for Covenant . She was named to 
the all-freshman TVAC team. 

cwien 4 


The Lady Scots finished the sea- 
son with an impressive 18-8 record 
and a third place finish in the 
TVAC regular season. In the con- 
ference tournament Covenant de- 
feated Bluefield, but lost in the sec- 
ond round to Tennessee Wesleyan 
by only one point. 

Many of the Lady Scots were 
honored for their impressive season. 
Kristy Clark led the N AIA in indi- 
vidual scoring with 26 points per 
game and was named along with 
Charity Anderson to the TVAC 
all-conference team. Crystal 
Anderson, who finished eighteenth 

in the NAIA in rebounds, was 
named honorable mention for the 
TVAC all-conference team. 
Joanna Hessenbruch was also hon- 
ored as she was named to the 
TVAC all-freshman team. 

Many freshman stepped up this 
year with big contributions, and 
the Lady Scots will look to them 
even more next year as they seek 
to fill the vacancies left by Char- 
ity and Crystal Anderson. With 
no players sheduled to graduate 
after next season, there are high 
hopes for continued success in the 
years to come. 

-Josh Hinman 

On another fast break, Kristy Clark lays it in... 

The Lady Scots played great defense all year, forcing 
many turnovers and converting them on the other 

Women's Basketball: 

(Back Row, L-R) Coach Tami Smialek, Kimberly Johnson, Tracey Record, Shannon Green, Nola Muir, 
Dawn Johnston, Meghan Kirby, Crystal Anderson, Charity Anderson 

(Front Row, L-R) Kara Smith, Kristy Clark, Laranda Mullinax, Joanna Hessenbruch, Destiny Rahrer, 
Ashley Smith, Anita Taylor, Aubry Smith 

Sports 103 











Yo Mama: 

Laini Young, Angie Kinsey, Laurel Tolson, Skye Parrish, 
Rachel Lammers, Yukiko Takata, Elizabeth Stewart, Al- 
lison Harbert, Emily Martin, Michelle Thomas, Julie 
Loud, Mindy Johnson, Kathleen Gulick, Tesia Janos, 
Jenny LoPiccolo 

Alum and Some: 

Troy Duble, Jeremy Martin, Phil Howlett, Eddy Hilger, 
Brian Geroix, James Van Seenburg, Toby Riggs, Jon 
Richards, Mike Parker, Brent Faulk, Lucas Mininger 

Phat Mamas: 

Jenny LoPiccolo, Kim Honoker, Skye Parrish, Yukiko 
Takata, Darcee Nevin, Laini Young, Allison Harbert, 
Camille Joseph, Emily Martin, Laurel Tolson, Kathleen 
Gulick, Julie Loud, Michelle Johnson, Rachel Lammers, 
Mindy Johnson 

Fromunda Cheese: 

Ben Collison, Joey Redd, Kris Bentson, Sam Glaser, Pe- 
ter Johnson, Michael Dixon, Jake Patton, Kevin 
McQuillen, Davidson Long, Joseph Wise, John Perkins, 
Jon Entrikin, Jason Jacobs, Scott Oberg, Matt Novenson, 
Will Neely, John Mullen, Jeremy Martin 

We're Taken: 

Allison Fekete, Emily Martin, Lisa Fish, Sarah Franklin, 
Joanna MacNair, Chandra Solle, Jessica Meyer, Kim 
Brock, Kathy Stevens 

Alum and Some: 

Troy Duble, James Van Steenburg, Eddy Hilger, Mark 
Duble, Philip Howlett, Jon Richards, Kris Germain 

Photo by Cherith Johnson 

Proving she still has the touch... Suzi Entriken, 
a part of the former women's club soccer team , tries 
her hand at intramurals . The Entrikens could often 
be seen playing with various halls during intramural 
seasons. This was a great way to get to know them 
outside of the Residence Halls . 

104 Sports 


Eddy Hilger, Kris Qermain, Dave Kaufmann, Jon Richards, and Troy Duble won the 3~on-3 
tournament... The i-on-3 tournament was a hit this year with many teams competing for the championship. 
The Championship game was played at halftime during the men's and women's games against Lee College. 



Photo by Jen Sha^ 

Freshman Holly Tolson shows what Balcony is 
made of... Tolson, like most students, played for 
her hall's intramural team. This is a fun way to 
spend time together as a hall and it also serves as a 
great stress relief from the academic rigor of 

Photo by Jen Shaw 

Sports 105 






1st Belz and Company: 

Matt Kuiper, Steven Dunn, Albert Leavengood, Jeff Prager, 
Nate Knutson, Jeremy Roerdink, Dave Franklin, John 
Hastings, Gabe Johnson, Jacob Classen, Nate Bland, John 
Thrower, Ben Classen, Scott Parish, Crosby Smith, Mat 
Withero, Justin Corder, Evan Moore, John Davis, Brian 
Freed, Greg Wilhelm, Greg Anderson, Matt Marooney 

The Champs: (Men's) 

Eddy Hilger, Troy Duble, Philip Howlett, Kris Germain 

Mitochondriacs: (Women's) 

Laura Hansen, Julia Ulrich, Rachel Altork, Michelle 

Thomas, Laura Bursi 

Nunya Bidness: 

Jake Patton, Kevin McQuillen, Anthony Tucker, Aleisha 
Ferman, Matt Siedhoff, Jon Mullen, Scott Oberg, Kim 
Johnson, Charity Anderson, Crystal Anderson, Kristen 
Sandhoff, Grace McLellan, Therese Middendorf, Maija 
Iverts, Catherine Middendorf 

The Chary tals: (Women's) 

Melissa Stanton, Elizabeth Robeson, Charity Anderson, 

Crystal Anderson, Kimberly Johnson 

Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke It!: (Men's) 

Jake Patton, Kevin McQuillen, Matt Seidhoff 

Amazon Runners: (Men's) 

Will Meiners, Josh Good, Peter Herron, Jeremy Jones, 

Matt Mantooth, Stephen Wheeles, Dan Hudson, Rich 

Hess, Greg Wilhelm 

Frog Stompers: (Women's) 

Carolyn Hubbard, Sara Akin, Laurel Tolson, Theresa 

Fink, Sarah Knox 




As Director oflntramurals, Betsy Matthews 
changed a lot this year. Under her leadership, 
and the hard work of Laurel Tolson, Chris Render, 
and coundess others , intramurals were well loved 
by all. They provided students with a chance to 
fellowship together through sports and encouraged 
good attitudes. 

106 Sports 



Senior Jeremy Deutschmann sprints through the defense. What could be better than sleep on an 
early Saturday morning? Intramural football , of course. 

Making it look easy, Freshman Tim Bentson 
sets up for another shot on goal. Outdoor soccer 
was a well recepted first for intramurals and was a 
great way to enjoy the beautiful weather during the 

All Photos by Jen Shaw 

Sports 107 

^tei^Mn wAo frtcJe frfeod 'no 

umaeh, (ml / tcdAe/t iei Atom 

umo/t } twyiJmia wKA AiA 

Acvndb wAcdtA <mod, tAcd 

Ae mem Acme Mm^eiAma fo 

^me Ami wAo AaA need. 

Ephesians 4:28 

Sn $u& ^uvmfo 


108 Organizations Di\ 

Backpacking Club 

Andrew Perkins, Lydia Thompson, Rob Righter, Crosby Smith, Darren 
Hawk, Joel Knutson, Shauna DeBoer, Esther Belz, Rachel DeVries, Sarah 
Baker, Matt Monahan, Paul Dreher, Evan Williams, Josh Hinman, and 
Andrew Hansinger. 


Rob Simmons, Laurel Usher, Rachel Bode, and Sam White. 

There are a million little 
kids running down a hill 
yelling and screaming 
happy things as they know 
that today is Saturday and 
that means their friends 
from Covenant have come 
to play with them. There 
will be games, songs, goof- 
ing around, crafts, and, 
most importantly, stories 
about their best friend, 
Jesus. Chattanooga 

Children's Ministry is a 
ministry to inner-city chil- 
dren that teaches them 
about Jesus through cre- 
ativity, love, and Bible sto- 

By exposing himself to a 
different kind of people, 
Ken Langley learned an im- 
portant lesson about God's 
sovereign plan. "I have 
learned more about human- 
ity this year. I learned that 
people are people and it 
doesn't matter where we are 
in life, God still has a plan 
for us. God puts people in 
certain places for a purpose. 
He will use you wherever 
you are, whether you are a 
college student or an inner- 
city child," he explained. 

The Bagpipe 

Kara Griffith, Bob Wiegers, Kim Elliot, Rachel Powell, Leah Heisig, Mike 
Vendsel/jennaStowe, RhettBentson, Eric Towers, Lindsay Davis , Christine 
Lamb, Mart;) Marquis, Jed Royal, Sarah Sligh, Kim Collins, Jeanette 
DiBernardo, Warren Trice, Cherish Vance, Jenny LoPiccolo, Sarah Fluegge, 
Blessing Oguntebi, and Angela Holt. 

Chattanooga Children's Ministry 

J ana Werson , Joanna Hastings , Jonathan Thrower, Jonathan Hastings , Caleb 
Monroe, Sarah Staley, James Kessler, Ben Robertson, Eric Harnick, Jenny 
Erbel, Daniel Cohee, Stephanie Sproul, Sara Akin, Teresa Fink, Ben 
Richards , Justin Corder, Robert Righter, Ginny Blair, and Maryrose Miller. 

Good Friends... Laura Rodriguez and her young 
friend enjoy each other after they finish color- 
ing on a Saturday afternoon. Rodriguez, along 
with the rest of the team that regularly went to 
the inner city, loved the positive feedback they 
received from the children. 

110 Organizations 

Commissioned Club 

Carolyn Hubbard , David Yleah , David Robertson , Luke Wynja , Julia Ulnch , 
Krista Tiscione , Joanna Hastings , Sarai Ussey-Perez, )esica Swartz, and Dr. 
Roger Lambert. 

Dance Club 

Rohm Amnion. I hiniA HaLi. K^ihci 1'<A: IVum Ivmimsmi mi, Aslilo' I nbh. I'.uth 'i units . Jonathan /Aims, 
Huh R'Mcmn, Tlii' I: His, I, ism I'Mrii's, ),'-,si, ,i hsfi, i, vImi'Ii. I iMmr, Kurt I ImIi mi sum, I leather/ (armoti, 
Josh /(miiiuih, N(ef>lien lUhhunk. \\"i's / /ij//oul-// . KmiiIv.K donate). Mm Jamison, Jenniea Jnrdme, 
\iJiole lenhm.s, Nathan Larson, Tim Laison Jemii|e> I ol>i,,olo \Imii Mmioomv l o/fo Mason, Katie 
Mel Jellan l (hi v I ii I hit Wull ii ( ' I li l I ii I i ml, i I'rentke, 

Chns/Wer \\ „ Is. J I Ii Ii II ', , II i . . lu mi lul, u mson, Jarrod Ta^or, 
Jonathan Thrower, Jason Trimiew, Bethany Weston, and Nancy Young. 

Dance Team 

Kristy Fan, Tiffany Robeson, Laura Childs, Carrie Hayes, Monica Napier, 
and Katie Anderson . 

Taking A Break... After a hard day of hiking, 
the Backpacking Club takes a break and feels a 
great sense of accomplishment. "It is exciting to 
actually get out and do some serious hiking and 
there is a lot of satisfaction when you finally reach 
your goal," explained Esther Belz. 

Evangelism Club 

Jeremy Jones, Daniel Baker, Jamin Scribner, Ben Moffitt, Tim Cummings, 
and Shannon Carraher 

Organizations 111 

QLAD Tutoring 

Jennifer McClain, Esther Potoshnick, Sharon Davis, Teresa White, Karen 
Herder, Linda Riley, Laura Hansen, Tommy Homer, Andy Hansen, Angela 
Heirendt, John Ohanian, Jennie Pruitt, Camille Joseph, Stephanie Sproul, 
Alex Hobbs, Jennifer Lefler, Katie Anderson, Carrie Stewart, Katie Lee, 
and Allison Atkins. 

Homeless Ministry 

Jonathan Crabb, Jonathan Davis, Jenn Green, Rachel Tilley, Joe Staven , 
Winship Varner, Nathan Maphet, James DeRuyter, Jon Murton, Pete 
Herron, Jen DeHaan, Neal Howard, Molly Bruegger, Meggin Hayes, 
Susan Green, and Justin Walton. 

Junior Class Council 

Lydia Thompson , Andy Perkins, Jason Trimiew, Brian Court, Brentjackson, 
Brandon Justice, David Robertson, Rachel DeVnes, Shauna deBoer, and 
Sarah Baker. 

Mountain Biking 

Paige Nelson, Stephen Freas, Noel Bentson, Tim Rowe, Stephen Rowe, 
and Tim McDowell. 

College life this year was 
full of fun activities that 
allowed us to take a break 
from the stress and the 
books. The Senate did an 
excellent job this year giv- 
ing the students at Cov- 
enant many opportunities 
to get involved and have 

The Sophomore Class 
Council joined with other 
class councils to plan differ- 
ent events like the trip to 
Six Flags with the Juniors 
and the 80s Night with the 
Freshmen. Homecoming 
this year was Burning At 
the Stage III, where the 
Sophomore leaders helped 
by creating root beer floats 
for all the listeners as they 
enjoyed the great music. 

The Sophomore class 
did a service project each 
semester. They raked leaves 
for the widows in the fall, 
and in the spring they built 
houses for Habitat for Hu- 
manity. Overall the Sopho- 
more Class Council had a 
wide variety of events that 
were enjoyed by the whole 

Giving It Her All... Tiffany Robeson puts hei 
entire body into her dance at one of the basket- 
ball games. By going over and over the routines 
Robeson was able to perform each move with pre- 
cision and the right amount of energy. 

112 Organizations 

The Chorus Line... Tiffany, Laura, Katie, Monica, 
Cristy, and Carrie were a unified team that prac- 
iced often so that they would all he in sync as 
:hey performed during halftime at home basket- 
ball games. 

Pioneer Clubs 

Ashley Smith, EstherBek, Melissa Rine, J uliaLowry, Need Howard, Megan 
Tomsjanelle Bulk-, Jennifer Md. '.lain, Karen I lerder, and Angela Heirendt. 

Organizations 113 

*m mil an 81 m 

~ •"= ' -:" - ^ ^ ~ i 1 ^f^Msrsr 

Publications Photo 

Stephen Freas , Monique t iooti, Nicole Horton, Cherith Johnson, Jen Shaw 
and Nellie Vaughn. 

Psi Chi 

Dianna Pohl (Chaplain), Danny Patterson (President), Carlos Canales 
(Vice President), Dawn Johnston (Treasurer) , Rachel Jimenez (Secretary), 
Krista Tiscione, Shanna Barrett, Kevin McCarty, Paige Nelson, Carissa 
Maliepaard, Jennifer McClain, and Melissa Dyches. 

W M 





i ^p 

' £ 




Rachel Bode , Lang Martin , John Simpson , Brent Jackson , Sam White , Jessica 
Colvert, Chuck Royal, Sarah Baker, Megan Toms, Paige Nelson, Colby 
Mason, Vaden Cox, Tiffany Robesori, Lydia Thompson , Steve Wycoff, Andy 
Millette, Peter Johnson, Mandi Viverette, and Justin Corder. 

Roller Hockey 

Scott Anderson , Stephen Wheeles , Rob McAvoy, Jon Lillie , Sarah Talarico , 
Ben Collison, Mark Kricg, Ken Langley, James Bilbrey, Nate Early, Matt 
Hedinger, Paul Counts, and Danny Gerhardt. 

"Now, let's go back and 
review... what was 3 + 4? 
Right, it is 7. Now what 
would 3+4-2 be? It's okay, 
take your time... Yep, it is 
5 . You are so smart and you 
are doing great in math. 
Let's keep on working." 
This could have been a 
conversation that went on 
at the GLAD Tutoring 
each Tuesday and Thursday 

GLAD Tutoring was a 
program headed up by Beth 
Ann Rolleston through 
New City Fellowship. Es- 
ther Potoshnick and Jenni- 
fer McClain worked closely 
with her in order to get 
Covenant students in- 
volved. At the beginning 
of the year, there were just 
a faithful few that went 
down to help, but as the 
year went on more and 
more students began to tu- 
tor. While the main goal 
was to help kids with their 
schoolwork, many impor- 
tant bonds were made be- 
tween the kids and their 
tutors. Friendships began 
and trust was formed. 


Celebrating a Challenging Semester... After 
working so hard all semester, Esther Potoshnick 
and Shatara enjoy each other and some good food 
at the Christmas party. By tutoring, Potoshnick 
was able to help kids in school and in their spiri 
tual walk. 

114 Organizations 

Senior Class Council 

Becky Huggnw, ]ejj Prater, Doyle Allen, Sarah Viss, and Amanda Levi. 

Sigma Tau Delta 

Noel Bentson, Kara Griffith, Esther Herron, Amy Moffitt, Magen 
VanderHart, Sarah Baker, Emily Beeman, Wendy Butters, Rebekah 
Cameron, Jeanne Faucheux, R. Parker McFiirland, Wclissa Stanton, and 
John ( 'alvin Traver. 

Sophomore Class Council 

Tim Marshall, Autumn Fredericks, Matthew Bryant, Jarrod Taylor, )enny 
Davis, Greg Anderson , and Blessing Oguntebi . 

gles and some mischief... It was pure fun as 
lennifer McClain, Iesha, and Chantal laugh and 
tease each other at the Christmas party. Jennifer Stoplight 

, ^, 11.1 r 1 • ■ i r i L^'dia Thompson, \ alcric llnit.ii,! . I ai"e .\r/v>ii, Sarah LiLnu<< 

md Chantal did many tun things outside or the rj raucr 
:utoring sessions, including eating meals together 
and spending the night at Covenant. 

Organizations 115 

Student Senate 

Josh Good, Marcus Mininger, Charles Royal, Megan Toms, Paige Nelson, 
Rob Simmons, Becky Huggins, Lydia Thompson, Tim Marshall, Ty Tyler, 
Dean Scott Raymond. 


Karen Richer, Charity Throener, Josh Hinman, Blessing Oguntebi , Jessica 
Hudson, Sarah Fluegge, Janelle Bulicz, and Angela Heirendt. 

Vicious Circle 

John Perkins (President) , Meg Hayes, Annamarie Meyer, Sarah Fluegge, 
Monique Good, Cale Home, Joel Swansonjarrod Taylor, Amy Clawson, 
Jenny Prentice, and Jeanne Faucheux. 

Widows Ministry 

Jill Mullins , Jesica Swart?, Angela Holt, Nicole Horton, Ben Moffitt, Chris Quillen, 
Jake Claasen, Jarrod Taylor, Scharlie Frame, Joel Knutson, Leigh Anne Robinson, 
Daniel Cohee, Jonathan Hamilton, Jamin Scribner, Jon Lillie, Dave Vreken, Mm 
Jamison, Rachel DeVries, Nicole Tolene, Shannon Green, and Monique Good. 

Driving up to a dilapi- 
dated house, you pray that 
tonight you will finally get 
through all the rough walls 
that your new friend has 
put up. While this young 
teenage girl has had a life 
of disappointment, anger, 
and hurt, you pray that 
through constant love, per- 
severance, and God's grace, 
your new friend will turn to 
the Father for love and 
consistent friendship. The 
members of the Urban 
Young Life team formed 
friendships with teenagers 
from the inner city so that 
these teenagers could see 
the love of God. 

While it was tough 
working with these teenag- 
ers, it was a great opportu- 
nity to see more of how 
God works and join along 
side Him as He works in 
these kids' lives. "God 
continually taught us the 
meaning of unconditional 
love, as well as opening our 
eyes to the reality of the gift 
God has given us in broth- 
ers and sisters from another 
culture," Vanessa Baloche 

116 Organizations 

Get Off the Bus: Ready for a weekend of fun, 
Matt Novenson, Vanessa Baloche, and many kids 
from Urban Young Life, wondered what the week- 
end ahead of them held. It would be full of fun, j 
crazy times, but hopefully there would be some 
amazing revelations made about Christ. 

Brass Choir 

Matthew Bryant, Andy Crews, Mallory Dean, John Drake, Teresa Fink, 
Kimberly Honaker, Stephen King, Jamc; Knox, Albert Leavengood, Julia 
Lowry, Marcus Mininger, Nate Oster, Robert Peck, Andrew Silman, Eric 
Towers, and June Webb. 


MiL' Buhl, \Liru iiu IVm /ii.iii :i;:i K1M01 IViK. i i ' ,■:•;:;. ,ii ,!!■ : Munmm I \inaru). j mciu i run^r,, AnJ% Craiv 
KimlvrK CrmiiT Sdduiui jV/W liiur, 1 I i' /i.jiuutIi- I iifo'iui.l, I l,S \)i ( n\ bAmk. firm Fjrjufun \kiriw hnnc 
Kristin Fray, Kalhenne Grant, Timnth> ' n.^ 11 ' ■,nm.i I I.miii^ I ii,i!i;,m I Lwne Vk'i'm 1 Liw DauT) Johnston, DavidKaitjmann, 

:; kkdjMTs.lamaralucnenbi, 
Mil! MiiJk'li. !■ ii.itlwn Midi 11 . Mm mi \lu ;ru. \W I'.mwi. I \mw\ lUiawi I Jm I'ii, - I >iii. > I ;-.'>:. i, Ijiiw Pugri, Summer 
Rav, BnnnK Rinnimi I i li 1 1 vu \> , | ' „ ; , -■. .■ :' ■ ''.. \| , 7 , m Alana Trimmier, 

n ; R ' Mm I • m fa . adlvkWynja. 

Madrigal Singers 

Mike Bedzyk, Maria Bell, Peter Bragwin, Christina Carlson, Jeannette DiBemardo, 
Timothy Gregson, Joanna Hastings, Matthew Kickasola, Shannon Kiser, Jonathan 
Larson, John Livingston, Julia Lowry, Skye Parrish, Daniel Patterson, James 
Richardson, Rachel Tilley, Jessica Wallis, and June Webb. 

Full of Life and Full of God: The junior highers 
enjoy each other as they celebrate Christmas. 

Vanessa Baloche, Becky Huggins, and Matt 1^°™"% ,, c , nt R R , R , „ , q 

ii l i j i i Esther Aljonzo, Sarah Armes, Sarah Barker, Ben Baxter, Jane Belz, Snauna deooer, 

Novenson all helped these teens, through SOngS, Krista Deutschmann, Jeannette DiBemardo, John Drake, Kimberly Elliot, Naomi 

games, and lessons, to see that the only true fun Emerson, Sarah Fluegge, Kristin Fray, Angela Holt, Will Johnson, J enniferLoPiccob, 

comes once God enters their life. Sarah McWllUa ™> Nate ° ster * Amb * r T <^ le - and Beth ™>' Weston - 

Organizations 117 

'97-'98 Year in Review '97-'98 Year in Review '97-'98 Yea 

President Bill Clinton was the first 
Democratic president in 60 years to be 
elected to a second term. Under his presi- 
dency, the United States enjoyed the low- 
est rate of inflation since the early 1960's, 
and he was the first president in 1 7 years 
to submit a balanced budget to Congress. 

But Clinton soon found himself on the 
defensive. It began when Democrats were 
put under investigation for running an il- 
legal fund raising campaign in the 1996 
presidential campaign. Then in January 
1998, allegations were presented that 
Clinton coerced Monica Lewinsky to lie 
under oath about their relationship dur- 
ing the Paula Jones sexual harrassment 

As Clinton's character was being chal- 
lenged in the United States, the Presi- 
dent was also dealing with the threat of 
war in Iraq. 

United States Secretary of State 
Madeleine K. Albright was the highest 
ranking woman in the history of the US 
government, and she was admired by re- 
spected diplomatic corps. The on-going 
troubles in the Middle East kept the 60- 
year-old diplomat busy from the day she 
was sworn- in to the top job at the State 

Yasser Arafat was chairman of the Pal- 
estine Liberation Organization and presi- 
dent of the Palestinian National Author- 
ity who played an important role in the 
Middle East peace process. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin 
Netanyahu rejected the land-for-peace 
bargain with the Palestinians which led 
to dozens of deaths by terrorists through- 
out Israel. In the summer of 1997, two 
suicide bombings in Jerusalem, claimed 
by the militant Muslim group Hamas, 
drove Netanyahu to halt peace proceed- 
ings indefinitely. 

'97-'98 Year in Review '97-'98 Year in Review '97-'98 Year 

118 Mini-Mag 

in Review '97-'98 Year in Review '97-'98 Year in Review 

In the month of September 1997 two 
international figures' lives ended. On 
September 5, at the age of 87, Nobel 
Peace Prize winner Mother Theresa died 
of heart failure. Mother Theresa was 
known through her work with the poor, 
the sick and the dying all around the 
world. She worked through the religious 
order of Roman Catholic nuns that she 
founded called the Missionaries of Char- 

Also in September, Diana, Princess of 
Wales, was killed in a car crash in Paris. 
The country had witnessed an astonish- 
ing outpouring of grief that was felt all 
around the world. More than a million 
bouquets of flowers were stacked outside 
the royal palaces. 

'- :; 'iv-- : ' ^".^ 

-:c^,.:^-;^ ;":;-:-■ 

y* ^- r J**JTs - ~ 

E2Jt x*£' — - 

v 2z^*fmMlB 



The US Senate Governmental Affairs 
Committe, chaired by Sen. Fred Thomp- 
son, investigated alleged campaign fund 
raising abuses by Democrats in the 1996 
presidential campaign. 

Space exploration had its successes and 
its disappointments. The roving vehicle 
Sojourner, the first mobile explorer to 
land on another planet, landed on Mars 
in 1997 and gathered soil and rocks. The 
Sojourner left the Mars Pathfinder land- 
ing cratt that transmitted a flood of in- 
formation to scientists back on Earth. 

The space station Mir was launched 
in 1986 and has been in orbit tor nearly 
12 years. The joint US-Russian missions 
have been plagued with continual prob- 
lems, but the station is scheduled to he 
in orbit by the year 2002. 

n Review '97-'98 Year in Review '97-'98 Year in Review 

Mini Mag 1 19 

( 97-'98 Year in Review '97-'98 Year in Review '97-'98 Year 

What's Hot 
in 1997 

Top Ten Video Rentals in 

1) The Devil's Own... 

Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt 

2) Donnie Brasco... 

Al Pacino, Johnny Deep 

3) Sling Blade... 

Billy Bob Thorton 

4) Dante's Peak... 

Pierce Brosnan 

5) Murder at 1600... 

Wesley Snipes, Diane Lane 

6) Absolute Power... 

Clint Eastwood 

7) Scream... 

Neve Campell 

8) Crash... 

Holly Hunter, James Spader 

9) Father's Day... 

Robin Williams 

10) Inventing the Abbotts... 

Liv Tyler, Joaquin Phoenix 

Top 10 Most Popular Movies 
of 1997 at the Box Office 

1 ) Kiss the Girls 

2) Seven Years in Tibet 

3 ) Soul Food 

4) In and Out 

5) The Peacemaker 

6) Rocket Man 

7) LA Confidential 

8) The Edge 

9) Most Wanted 

10) Gang Related 

Jewel began writing songs when she was 17. Now, at 23, she's a star. Her firl 
album, "Pieces of You," was released in 1995 and became an instant and prolonged 
hit, spending well over a year on the top charts. She was raised in Alaska where she 
began performing at the age of five. Her junior and senior year in high school were 
spent at the Interlochen Fine Arts Academy in Michigan. She then went to Sal 
Diego, which she now calls home. However, Jewel makes a point of maintaining i 
solid connection to her roots in Homer, Alaska-she carries a container of genuine 
Alaska dirt whereever she travels. 

How did a trio of adolescent boys from 
America's heartland manage to hit star- 
dom in the music world? By being 
young, cute, blonde and happy, the 
brothers Hanson became the newest 
kids on the pop charts. The band's in- 
fectious single "MMMBop" and their 
album "Middle of Nowhere" flooded air- 
ways around the world. The band con- 
sists of Isaac (16), Taylor (14), and Zac 

'97-'98 Year in Review '97-'98 Year in Review '97-'98 Yea i 

120 Mini-Mag 

Review '97-'98 Year in Review '97-'98 Year in Review 

The Dave Matthews Band has dem- 
onstrated over the course of three albums 
and several years of extensive touring 
that it has staying power on the record 
charts. Combining elements of rock, 
jazz, funk, folk, and worldbeat, the group 
is soulful and subtle in its harmonies and 
rhythms. Dave Matthews was born in 
Johannesburg, South Africa, and moved 
to Virginia about 10 years ago. He 
formed the group in 1990. They had in- 
tended to come up with a "proper" name 
for the group, but the name stuck before 
they had time to change it. 

The WNBA-Women's 
National Basketball Asso- 
ciation—completed its 
inagural season with the 
Houston Comets winning 
the championship. And as 
the season came to a close, 
the WNBA announced 
that eight-team league 
would grow to 10 teams in 
1998. The new teams, 
Detroit and Washington 
D.C., will join the East 
with Charlotte, Cleveland 
and New York. 

The Top 10 Singles in 1997 

1) 4 Seasons of Lonliness... 

Boyz II Men 

2) Honey... 

Mariah Carey 

3) You Make Me Wanna... 


4) How Do I Live... 

Leann Rimes 

5) Quit Playing Games... 

Backstreet Boys 

6) Mo Money Mo Problems... 

The Notorious B.I.G. 

7) Semi-Charmed Life... 

Third Eye Blind 

8) 2 Become 1... 

Spice Girls 

9) I'll Be Missing You... 

Puff Daddy & Faith Evan 

10) Foolish Games... 


The Best Selling Albums of 

1) Butterfly... 

Mariah Carey 

2) You Light Up My Life... 

Leann Rimes 

3) When Disaster Strikes... 

Busta Rhymes 

4) Ghetto D... 

Master P 

5) No Way Out- 

Puff Daddy & Family 

6) The Dance... 

Fleetwood Mac 

7) Greatest Hits Collection... 

Brooks & Dunn 

8) Much Afraid- 

Jars of Clay 

9) Pieces of You... 


10) Collection of Hits... 

Trisha Yearwood 

in Review '97-'98 Year in Review '97-'98 Year in Review 

en/I ^athek; ^e a/ie Ike 
ciau, (wid &cu cm/I fooMek; 

€md cm we a/te Ihe wcfok c£ 

mom/i Acmd. 
Isaiah 64:8 

\11 People Divider 

Hometown: Orlando, 

Major: Biology; Minor: 

"Challenges make you dis- 
cover things about yourself 
that you never really know." 
Cicely Tyson 

Hometown: Lakeland, 


Major: Elementary Ed. 

"All things you ask in prayer 

believing, you shall receive." 

Matthew 2 1:22 

Hometown: Chattanooga, 
Major: IDS-Biblical 
Studies, Sociology, Phi- 

'There is no man whatever 
that hath my want in refer- 
ence unto the things of God, 
but Christ will be unto him 
that which he wants." John 

SP. ^Racket Mfovk 

Hometown: Wherever my 
family happens to be 
Major: Biology; Minor: 

"P.S. God's real. This Bible's 
real. You're really a screw- 
up and Christ really did die 
for you. Which part are you 
unsure of? Because if ever 
you doubt, just think of the 
screw-up part... concentrate 
on grace!" Karima 

Hometown: Bozeman, 

Major: Elementary Educa- 

"My flesh and my heart may 
fail, but God is the strength 
of my heart and my portion 
forever." Psalm 73:26 

Hometown: Bozeman, MT 
Major: Elementary Educa- 
tion; Minor: Art 
"But those who hope in the 
Lord will renew their 
strength. They will soar on 
wings like eagles; they will 
run and not grow weary, 
they will walk and not be 
faint." Isaiah 40:31 

jVcdcdie {fA&tmi&e 


Hometown: Inverness, 
Major: Business Admin. 
"Trust in the Lord with all 
your heart and lean not on 
your own understanding; in 
all your ways acknowledge 
him, and he will make your 
paths straight." Proverbs 

Hometown: Lookout 

Mountain, Georgia 

Major: Environmental 


"There are always plenty of 

people and animals to make 

us happy." 


Hometown: Thomasville, 


Major: Business 

"He who hesitates is lost." 

^BenjamfH SP. SBawk 


Hometown: Atlanta, GA 
Major: Music; Minor: Bible, 

"The gospel is not appre- 
hended by the understanding 
and memory alone, as other 
disciplines are, but it is re- 
ceived only when it possesses 
the whole soul, and finds a 
seat and resting place in the 
inmost affection of the heart." 
John Calvin 

Hometown: Memphis, 


Major: History; Minor: 


"Life is a comedy to those 

who think, a tragedy to 

those who feel." Horace 


Hometown: Tacoma, 


Major: English; Minor: 

Sociology, Education 

"Be sure that the ins and 

outs of your individuality 

are no mystery to Him; and 

one day they will no longer 

be a mystery to you..." C.S. 


CtCathJeen audit 

Hometown: Hartland, MI 
Major: Elementary Ed. 
"Riches I heed not, nor 
man's empty praise. Thou 
mine inheritance now and 
always: Thou and Thou 
only, first in my heart. 
High King of heaven, my 
Treasure Thou art." 
Henrietta Eleanor Hull 

Hometown: Kennewick, 

Major: Biblical Studies, 
Sociology; Minor: Philoso- 

"May the wealth of the glory 
of God shine through me, 
not that I but that He may 
be glorified." 


Hometown: Greenville, SC 
Major: Elementary Educa- 
tion; Minor: Spanish 
"Search me, O God, and 
know my heart; test me and 
know my anxious thoughts. 
See if there is any offensive 
way in me, and lead me in 
the way everlasting." Psalm 

Hometown: De Leon 
Springs, Florida 
Major: Environmental 
Biology: Minor: Chemistry 
"Many scientists study apes 
to learn more about the evo- 
lution of man. I study apes 
to learn more about God." 

' J Ji<f</i(f/t >J}i)H' 

( <nmt< h 

Hometown: Miami, Florida 

Major: English; Minor: 


"Her excitement energizes a 

lifeless room-words ignite 

with wondrous alacrity." L. 


Job 23:10 

<?J)Htt ( i (((((ft 

Hometown: Virginia 
Beach, Virginia 
Major: Elementary Educa- 

'Take my love; my Lord, I 
pour at Thy feet its treasure- 
store. Take my self, and I 
will be ever, only, all for 
Thee, ever, only, all for 


enmmin Jtee 

Hometown: Anderson, CA 
Major: Biology (Pre-Med); 
Minor: Chemistry 
"Therefore I say unto you. 
Take no thought for your 
life, what ye shall eat or 
what ye shall drink; nor yet 
for your body, what ye shall 
put on. Is not the life more 
than meat, and the body 
than raiment?" Matt 6:25 

( €(<„/< 

Hometown: Lookout 
Mountain, Georgia 
Major: Psychology; 
Minor: Philosophy, Bible 
"Clap your lingua to your 
pallet, drop your jowl with 
a jolt, tambourine until 
your breath slides, pet a 
pout and it's out." James 
• Joyce 

» vuan ( f J(> 

Hometown: Greenville, 

South Carolina 

Major: History/Education; 

Minor: Bible 

"Every day is a holiday, and 

every meal is a feast." 

Hometown: Savannah, 

Major: Elementary Educa- 

"And from my stricken heart 
with tears, two wonders I 
confess, the wonders of re- 
deeming love and my un- 
worthiness." Elizabeth 

WmM/e <Jie/t/,e 

Hometown: Richmond, 

Major: Early Childhood 

"All the men are good look- 
ing; all the women are 
strong; and all the children 
are above average." Garri- 
son Keillor 

Hometown: Chattanooga, 

Major: Business; Minor: 

"My hope is built on noth- 
ing less than Jesus' blood 
and righteousness; I dare 
not trust the sweetest frame, ! 
but wholly lean on Jesus' 

%D WtVH 

Hometown: Lilburn, GA 
Major: History 
"A man prayed, and at first 
he thought that prayer was 
talking. But he became 
more and more quiet until 
in the end he realized that 
prayer is listening." Soren 

Wait fa 

Hometown: Dom Eliseu, 

Pard, Brazil 

Major: Biblical Studies 

"I consider everything a loss 

compared to the surpassing 

greatness of knowing Christ 

Jesus my Lord." Phil. 3:8 

Ma ton S'tnut 


Hometown: Oak Ridge, 


Major: Psychology 

"But He said to me, 'My 

grace is sufficient for you, for 

my power is made perfect in 

weakness.' Therefore I will 

boast all the more gladly 

about my weaknesses, so 

that Christ's power may rest 

on me." II Corinthians 12:9 

rJata/t &/f*'{rM/t 


Hometown: Lookout 
Mountain, GA 
Major: Math Education 
" Because of the Lord's great 
love we are not consumed, 
for his compassions never 
fail. They are new every 
morning; great is Your faith- 
fulness." Lamentations 

Hometown: St. Louis, 


Major: Psychology 

"I love Covenant College and 

all the people in it." Lucy S. 


c €/nhto/rhei 'M'tian 

Hometown: Savannah, GA 
Major: Information and 
Computer Science; Minor: 

"He has shown you, O man, 
what is good; And what does 
the Lord require of you but 
to do justly, to love mercy, 
and to walk humbly with 
your God?" Micah 6:8 

Hometown: Knoxville, TN 
Major: Psychology; Minor: 

"Be strong and courageous! 
Do not be afraid or terrified 
because of them, for the 
LORD your God goes with 
you; he will never leave you 
nor forsake you." 

Deuteronomy 31:6 

r vJllhvn fame Sfefete 

Hometown: Boca Raton, 


Major: Business 

"Dear friends, let us love one 

another, for love comes from 

God. Everyone who loves 

has been born of God and 

knows God. Whoever does 

not love does not know God, 

because God is love." I John 


Hometown: Lutz, Florida 
Major: Elementary Ed. 
"The Christian is the one 
who seeks to discern the 
voice of God amidst the 
many voices that come our 
way. One of the greatest 
challenges that we have is 
to learn to hear the voice of 
truth." Max Lucado 

Amanda 2!i^rm 

Hometown: Newberry, 
South Carolina 
Major: Middle Grades 

"Every experience God gives 
us, every person he puts in 
our lives, is the perfect 
preparation for the future 
that only he can see." Cor- 
rie ten Boom 

Hometown: Greenville, 

South Carolina 

Major: Business 

"I generally avoid temptation 

unless I can't resist it." Mae 


Hometown: Crystal River, 

Major: IDS-History, 
Philosophy, Bible 
"With me, there is an abun- 
dance of sin; in Thee is the 
fullness of righteousness. 
Therefore I will remain with 
Thee, to whom I may not give 
but of whom I can only re- 
ceive." Martin Luther 

128 Seniors 

Hometown: Colorado 
Springs, Colorado 
Major: English Literature 
"If only we could so can our 
innocence, our sense of 
wonder. . .Campbell's cream 
of youth. Swanson's spring 
chicken." Tom Robbins 

Hometown: Annapolis, MD 
Major: History; Minor: 
Philosophy, English 
"The fruit of silence is 
prayer, the fruit of prayer is 
faith, the fruit of faith is love, 
the fruit of love is service, 
the fruit of service is peace." 
Mother Theresa 
"Chop your own wood, and 
it will warm you twice." 
Henry Ford, Sr. 

Hometown: Bridgewater, 

Major: Applied Music 
"Thought is the exertion of 
the intelect, phase is it's de- 
light. To replace thought by 
phase is to confound poison 
with nourishment." Victor 

Hometown: Pine Ridge, SC 
Major: Environmental 
Biology; Minor: Chemistry 
" Set your mind on things 
above, not on things on the 
earth. For you died, and 
your life is hidden with 
Christ in God. When Christ 
who is our life appears, then 
you also will appear with 
Him in glory." Col 3: 1-4 

Mee te ma 

Hometown: Byron Center, 
Major: Business 
"God made Him who had no 
sin to be sin for us, so that 
in Him we might become the 
righteousness of God." II 
Corinthians 5:21 

Hometown: Franklin, TN 
Major: English; Minor: 
Secondary Education 
"But one thing I do: For- 
getting what is behind and 
straining toward what is 
ahead, I press on toward the 
goal to win the prize for 
which God has called me 
heavenward in Christ 
Jesus." Phil 3:14 

tjimy <s//jt//ce//i 

i 'Ji t (f/.M J i 
Hometown: Memphis, 

Major: Elementary Educa- 
tion for Middle Grades 
"But maddest of all, to see 
life as it is and not as it 
should be." the Man of 

MeMcaA > Maijciy 

Hometown: Omaha, NE 
Major: Biblical Studies; 
Minor: Interpersonal 
Communications, Youth 

"Pray also for me that when- 
ever I open my mouth words 
may be given me, so that I 
will make fearlessly known 
the mystery of the Gospel." 
Ephesians 6:19 


Hometown: Lookout 
Mountain, Georgia 
Major: English, History 
"We see how great love the 
human nature is capable of, 
not only to God but fellow 
creatures. How greatly are 
we inclined to the other sex! 
Nor doth an exalted and fer- 
vent love to God hinder this, 
but only refines and puri- 
fies it!" Jonathan Edwards 

Hometown: Chattanooga, 


Major: English 

'They give us four inches- 

what do you expect me to 


Hometown: Corpus 
Christi, Texas 
Major: Biblical Studies 
"Take his garment that is 
surety for a stranger, and 
take the pledge of him for a 
strange woman." Proverbs 

'MtUi/iV tfaitr/tr 

Hometown: Chiba-City, 

Major: History 
"I have always known 
That at last I would 
Take this road, but yester- 
day I did not know 
That it would be today." 

Hometown: Lookout 
Mountain, Georgia 
Major: Psychology 
"Each of you should look 
not only to your own inter- 
ests, but also to the inter- 
ests of others." Phil 2:4 

^a^dei ^a/u 



Hometown: Ithaca, New 


Major: Biology (Pre-Med); 

Minor: Chemistry 

Hometown: Sorrento, FL 
Major: English /Secondary 

"It is only with the heart 
that one can see rightly; 
what is essential is invisible 
to the eye." The Little Prince, 
Antoine De Saint-Exupery 

Hometown: Lilburn, 

Major: IDS-Bible, Philoso- 
phy, English 
"He butta my bread. He 
suga my cocoa. Soso 
wonda, my Jesus ne do." 
Liberian song 

JVcdkcm SPhiMiA 

Hometown: Jonesboro, GA 
Major: Biology (Pre-Med); 
Minor: Chemistry, Phi- 

"I do not feel obliged to be- 
lieve that the same God who 
has endowed us with sense, 
reason, and intellect has in- 
tended us to forgo their use." 
Galileo Galilei 
Philippians 4:12 


Hometown: Colorado 
Springs, Colorado 
Major: Natural Science 
(Math); Minor: Education 
"God resists the proud, but 
gives grace to the humble." 
James 4:6 

Hometown: Biloxi, Missis- 

Major: Music; Minor: 

"Love does no harm to its 
neighbor. Therefore love is 
the fulfillment of the law." 
"My command is this: love 
each other as I have loved 
you." John 15:12 


Hometown: Merida 
Yucatan, Mexico 
Major: Elementary Educa- 
tion; Minor: Art 
"He said to them, 'Go into all 
the world and preach the 
good news to all creation.' " 
Mark 16:15 

Hometown: Miami, Florida 
Major: Elementary Educa- 

"Perfect submission, all is at 
rest; I in my Savior am 
happy and blest; watching 
and waiting, looking above, 
filled with his goodness, lost 
in his love." Fanny J. 





out I net/ 

Hometown: Greenville, 
South Carolina 
Major: Sociology; Minor: 

"Certainty is the mark of the 
common-sense life, but gra- 
cious uncertainty is the 
mark of the spiritual life." 
Oswald Chambers 

friJiee <€lait SBUU 

Hometown: Atlanta, 

Major: English; Minor: 

"I'm a driver, I'm a winner- 
things are gonna change, I 
can feel it." Beck 
"So much more 

attractive... inside the moral 
kiosk." R.E.M. 

7 ' iriitt/J< Jt 
Hometown: Highland, IL 
Major: History; Minor: 

"I am two fools, I know, for 
living, and for saying so in 
whining poetry; But where's 
that wiseman, that would 
not be I, if she would not 
deny?" John Donne, The 
Triple Fool 

*A(aMhew SPccM 

Hometown: Fenton, MI 
Major: Bible; Minor: 
Youth Ministry, Sociology 
"Don't let anyone look down 
on you because you are 
young, but set an example 
for the believers in speech, 
in life, in love, in faith and 
in purity." I Timothy 4: 12 

$ tin >J{a(/tfeen > J ft<i±v 

Hometown: Waldorf, 


Major: IDS-Marketing, Art, 


"THINK"... again. 


Hometown: San Diego, 


Major: Sociology; Minor: 

Psychology, Interpersonal 


"Joy is the serious business 

of heaven." C.S. Lewis 


Hometown: Cypress, CA 
Major: Business, Biblical 
Studies, Sociology 
"But those who hope in the 
Lord will renew their 
strength. They will soar on 
wings like eagles; they will 
run and not grow weary, 
they will walk and not be 
faint." Isaiah 40:31 

Seniors 131 

^cl&u <J/laMm 

Hometown: Anderson, SC 
Major: Sociology; Minor: 
Interpersonal Counseling 
'The book or the music in 
which we thought the 
beauty was located will be- 
tray us if we trust to them; 
it was not in them, it only 
came through them, and 
what came through them 
was longing." C.S. Lewis 

Hometown: Sweetwater, 

Major: Elementary Educa- 

"Ox in the ditch every Sun- 
day? Sell the ox or fill up 
the ditch." 

"Always remember; so if 
anyone asks, you'll know. 
Later, y'all." 

Hometown: Portsmouth, 

Major: Natural Science/ 
Mathematics; Minor: 

"Let us, then, be up and do- 
ing, with a heart for any fate; 
still achieving, still pursu- 
ing, learn to labor and to 

Hometown: Wethersfield, 


Major: Business 

"God is our refuge and 

strength, an ever present 

help in trouble. Therefore 

we will not fear, though the 

earth give way and the 

mountains fall into the heart 

of the sea." Psalm 46: 1-2 

■■.-,,,,>- -".;• 

Hometown: Where the Air 
Force sends you! 
Major: Sociology; Minor: 
Youth Ministry, English 
"Finally, brothers, whatever 
is true, whatever is noble, 
whatever is right, whatever 
is pure, whatever is lovely, 
whatever is admirable-if 
anything is excellent or 
praiseworthy-think about 
such things." Phil 4:8 

Hometown: Cumming, GA 
Major: English 
"Makin' my way, the only 
way I know how, but that's 
just a little bit more than the 
law will allow..." Dukes of 
"Where's my little fat 
buddy? Hojo. J JAP. Any- 
body seen Suzanna or 
Claudette? Yum-yum!!" 

Hometown: San Fran- 
cisco, California 
Major: History; Minor: 

"God creating the universe 
out of nothing is truly ex- 
traordinary, but what is 
more extraordinary is that 
he can turn a sinner into a 
saint." Soren Kierkegaard 



Hometown: Tampa, FL 
Major: History; Minor: 
Secondary Education 
"When I was a boy of four- 
teen, my father was so igno- 
rant I could hardly stand to 
have the old man around. 
But when I got to be twenty- 
one, I was astonished at how 
much he had learned in 
seven years." Mark Twain 


Hometown: Roscoe, 


Major: English; Minor: 

Secondary Education 

"I did not wish to live what 

was not life, living is so 

dear..." Henry D. Thoreau 


Hometown: West Orange, 
New Jersey 
Major: Middle Grades 
Education (History, En- 

"From a deep, doubtful 
quaking and surmise in my 
own heart, I knew that all 
this had been only a prepa- 
ration." Till We Have Faces, 
C.S. Lewis 






'/{fHt/wt/y ffae 

Hometown: Severna Park, 


Major: Business 

"Life's a cake, don't just lick 

off the icing." 

Hometown: Tacoma, 
Major: Sociology 
"I'm nobody! Who are you? 
Are you nobody, too? Then 
there's a pair of us-don't tell! 
They'd banish us, you 
know." Emily Dickinson 




Hometown: Ocoee, Florida 
Major: History; Minor: 

"How should tasting touch- 
ing hearing seeing 
breathing any-lifted from 
the no of all nothing-human 
merely being 
doubt unimaginable You?" 



SrteftAen >jl /vote 

Hometown: Centreville, 
Major: Bible 

"So do not fear for I am with 
you. Do not be dismayed for 
I am your God. I will 
strengthen you and help 
you. I will uphold you with 
my righteous right hand." 
Isaiah 41:10 

Hometown: Tallahassee, 


Major: English 

"I believe that in the end 

the truth will conquer." 

John Wycliffe 



Hometown: Maryville, TN 

Major: Sociology; Minor: 


"When I am afraid. I will 

trust you. In God, whose 

word I praise, in God I trust; 

I will not be afraid. What 

can mortal man do to me?" 

Psalm 56:3-4 

'Though He slay me, yet will 

I trust Him." Job 13:15 




Hometown: Oostburg, \VI 

Major: Education (Middle 

"We are all looking for direc- 
tion, Who to be and where 
to go. When the answer to 
life's question was carved in 
flesh. Two thousand years 
ago. It's written in the 
scars." G. Chapman 

Hometown: Okegawa. 
Saitama, Japan 
Major: Bible 

"He has shown you, O man. 
what is good. And what does 
the Lord require of you? To 
act justly and to love mercy 
and to walk humbly with 
your God." Micah 6:8 

fjfemu'fe't * J Jlenee 

f/'/, ( ,W 

Hometown: Lawrenceville, 


Major: Pre-Physical 


Hometown: St. Louis, MS 
Major: Sociology; Minor: 
Interpersonal Counseling 
"Rabbi, that man who was 
with you on the other side of 
the Jordan-the one you tes- 
tified about-well, he is bap- 
tizing, and everyone is going 
to him. To this John replied, 
'He must become greater; I 
must become less.' " 

7wW,/ SUM 

Hometown: Jacksonville, 
North Carolina 
Major: History; Minor: 
English, Philosophy 
"History, although some- 
times made up of the few 
acts of the great, is more 
often shaped by the many 
acts of the small." Mark 




Hometown: Clermont, 

Major: English; Minor: 

"So, remove vexation from 
your heart and put away 
pain from your body, be- 
cause childhood and the 
prime of life are fleeting." 
Ecclesiastes 1 1:10 


Hometown: Maryville, 


Major: History; Minor: 


"They say best men are 

molded out of faults, and, 

for the most, become much 

more the better for being a 

little bad." Shakespeare 

Hometown: Chester, VI 
Major: Elementary Ed. 
"Do everything without 
complaining or arguing, so 
that you may become 
blameless and pure, chil- 
dren of God without fault in 
a crooked and depraved 
generation, in which you 
shine like stars in the uni- 
verse as you hold out the 
word of life." Philippians 

Hometown: Orange Park, 

Major: Sociology; Minor: 
Marketing, Business, 
Youth Ministry 

> Madefy it sflaige 


| Hometown: Lookout 
Mountain, Georgia 
Major: Biology Minor: 
"Praise with elation 
Praise every morning 
God's recreation 
Of the new day" 
"Morning Has Broken," Cat 

Sue fyiMfrw 

Hometown: St. 
Catherines, Ontario 
Major: History; Minor: 

"So we fix our eyes not on 
what is seen, but on what 
is unseen. For what is seen 
is temporary, but what is 
unseen is eternal." I Corin- 
thians 4:18 

flat ah <y&n/n "14m, 

Hometown: Amsterdam, 
the Netherlands 
Major: Sociology; Minor: 

"Lord, you have assigned 
me my portion and my cup; 
you have made my lot se- 
cure. The boundary lines 
have fallen for me in pleas- 
ant places; surely I have a 
delightful inheritance." 
Psalm 16:5-6 

//euiea . Hi/eUt 

Hometown: Burke, Vir- 

Major: Music (voice, 

"Mi piaccion quelle cose che 
han si dolce malia, che 
parlano d'amor, di 
primavere, che parlano di 
sogni e di chimere-quelle 
cose che han nome poesia." 
Mi chiamano Mimi, 

(eitifneit / ajut 

Hometown: Cincinnati, 

Major: Elementary Educa- 
tion (Middle Grades) 
"I am convinced that life is 
10% what happens to me 
and 90% how I react to it." 
Charles Swindoll 

- Ka/ftete (U/ain 

V It (fie ton? 

Hometown: Crystal River, 

Major: Math Education 
"How good and pleasant it 
is when brothers live to- 
gether in unity!" Psalm 

l/ae/e/ ^Jfte/a/ti/w 


Hometown: Yamagaia, 


Major: Philosophy; Minor: 


w€W&rmrU locJieae 

is his wav. ^ 



"A man's heart plans his way, 

But the Lord directs his steps." 

Proverbs 16:9 

^/aU of 1998 

"... I will not forget you!" 
Isaiah 49:15 

Seniors 137 

138 People 

Cory Carpenter 
Shannon Carraher 

Angela ( 

139 People 


Lisa Franceschini 

Daniel Gerhardt 
J. Blake Gilmore 
Samuel Glaser 
Stephanie Glass 
Rachel Gleason 
Monique Good 
Karen Grady 

David Graham 

James Graham 

Katherine Grant 

Kara ( !ray 

Kara Griffith 

Lisa ( iurney 

Carlle-Lize Hacquebord 

Hannah Hager 
loshua I lagei 

Erin Harris 
Elizabeth Hastie 
Joanna Hastings 
onathan Hastings 

I '.nun ] l;u\ I 

140 People 

Carrie Hayes 
M egg in I la yes 
Matthew Hedinger 
I eah I [eisig 
Karen Herder 
Daniel Herron 

Erin Hess 

Jonathan Hesselink 
Joanna Hessenbruch 
Samuel Hettinger 
Anne Hexum 
Joshua Hinman 
Stephen Hitchcock 

Alexandra Hobbs 
Andrew Hobbs 
Christine Holliday 
Wes Hollowell 
Angela Holt 
Amy Homer 

1 '.111. I 1 ll'ps.'ll 

Cale Hor 
Eric Hornick 
Nicole Hoi 
Neal Howard 
Philip Howlett 
Carolyn Hub! 
I laniel 1 IiilIs.hi 

1 bid-son 
Angela Isbell 
Maija Iv( 
Brent Jackson 

Marv Kathernu' Ik 1 s, hi 

141 People 

142 People 

Austina McFarland 

Katie McKittrick 

Annamarie Meyer 

Therese Middendorf 

Matthew Monahar 

Starr Moore 
Jennifer Morrison 
Nola Muir 
Jonathan Mullen 
Laranda Mullinax 
Michael Mullinax 
Karen Murray 

Kristen Musselmai 
Miriam Mwaria 
William Neely 
Paige Nelson 
Deborah Nichols 
Matthew Novenst 

Scott Oberg 
Stacey Ogburn 
Blessing Oguntehi 
Thomas Olma 
Nathanael Oster 
David Parish 
|acob Patton 

David Pendergrass 
Andrew Perkins 
1 lave Perry 
Matthew Peters 
Erin Petrella 
Terrie Petrella 
Dianna Pohl 

Jonathon Polk 
[ohn Porter 
Nathan Post 
Esthei l\>t. ishnu k 
Matthew Potoshnic 
Nicholas Powell 
Rachel Powell 

143 People 

Melissa Rine 

Benjamin Robertson 

David Robertson 

Michael Robertson 

Elizabeth Robeson 

Tiffany Robeson 

Joseph Robins 

Laura Rodriguez 
Timothy Rowe 
Jedidiah Royal 
Emily Sanders 
Elizabeth Sands 
Kathryn Schenk 
Andrew Schmidt 

Joel Sell 

Matthias Shapiro 

Keni Slu He 

kii I Shi ire 

Matthew Siedhoff 

Sarah Sligh 

Stephanie Sligh 

Ashley Smith 

Samuel Spiritosanto 

Julie Stair 

Sarah Stale} 

Kara Stanley 

Melissa Stanton 

Joseph Staven 

1 laniel Slue re 

Carrie Stewart 

Elizabeth Stewart 

Kathleen Stortz 

John Sweet 
Dawn Swinney 
Yukiko Takata 
Sarah Talarico 
Melissa Taylor 

y ; 1011 

144 People 

mJ 1 

Damaris Wessel 
Bethany Weston 
Stephen Wheeles 
Amy Whetzell 
Grace White 
Mary White 
Rohert Wiegers 

Gregory Wilhelm 
Evan Williams 
Jessica Wilson 
Joseph Wise 
Christopher Wright 
David Yleah 
Laini Young 

145 People 

yfrr</enh Jht Mcluted 

Greg Anderson 
Stephen Ashworth 
Daniel Baker 
Bradd Bieshaar 
James Bilbrey 
Rehekah Bomer 
Megan Brandon 
Josh Bray 
Kimberly Brock 
Bruce Brown 
Wendy Butters 
Andrew Canning 
Kristy Clark 
Sarah Cleavenger 
Ashley Cobb 
Matthew Cobb 
Robert Colvin 
Kristin Corley 
Phillip Crabtree 
Raven Crown 
Timothy Cummings 
Shannon Dager 
Jocelyn Davis 
Mallory Dean 
Justin DeMarco 
Jeannette DiBernardo 
Nathan Dreger 
Jonathan Dupree 
Amanda Easton 
Carey Echerd 
Sherry Eubank 
Lisa Faries 
Paul Ferris 
Jessica Fisher 
Laurel Foreman 
Scharlie Frame 
Stephen Freas 
Brian Freed 
Alice Gambino 
Taylor Gaskill 
Elisha Godfrey 

Eugene Golden 
Michael Gosey 
Jennifer Green 
Shannon Green 
Jonathan Hamilton 
Jill Hancock 
Darren Hawk 
Angela Heirendt 
Jeffrey Helmus 
Nicholas Herndon 
Richard Hess 
Sean Hildebrandt 
Kimberly Honaker 
Thomas Horner 
Valerie Howard 
Danielle Huckabee 
Micheal Hughett 
Heather Huston 
Jerry Jackson 
Kathleen Jackson 
Mozhdeh Jamison 
Nicole Jenkins 
Melinda Johnson 
Peter Johnson 
Dawn Johnston 
Kathryn Jordan 
Anne Khoury 
Theodore Kim 
Matthew Kimbrell 
Laura King 
Angela Kinsey 
Andrew Kinzler 
Cannon Kirby 
Leah Kring 
Rachel Lammers 
Jessica LaRose 
Dale Lee 
Ryan Leestma 
Adam Leestma 
Daniel Lindley 
Phil Long 
Ruth Lothers 

Julia Loud 

Kevin Magnuson 
Nathan Malone 
Anandit Mangalvvadi 
Nathan Maphet 
Robert Martin 
Edna Massengale 
Christopher McCartney 
Kevin McCarty 
Samella McCullough 
Austina McFarland 
Megan Mcllhenny 
Andrew Millette 
Caleb Monroe 
Andrew Montgomery 
Katy Morgan 
Jill Mullms 
Jonathan Murton 
Monica Napier 
Darcee Nevin 
Kathryn O'Grady 
Elizabeth O'Leary 
Richard Orr 
Ellie Page 
Daniel Patterson 
Sarah Paulk 
Reidun Paulsen 
John Perkins 
Joseph Pipa 
Andrew Powell 
Destiny Rahrer 
Corrie Rantal 
Tracey Record 
Benjamin Richards 
Robert Righter 
Leigh Anne Robinson 
Mary Grace Rogers 
Jessica Rollo 
Stephen Rowe 
Wava Ruckel 
Kristen Sandhoff 
Frederick Schalmo 

Stephanie Schneider 
Jerah Seelinger 
Jennifer Shaw 
Douglas Sikkema 
Edward Silva 
Robert Simmons 
John Simpson 
Timothy Sotelo 
John Spalding 
Stephanie Sproul 
Ryan Steinbrecher 
Emily Stout 
Joel Swanson 
Anita Taylor 
Heidianne Thames 
Jonathan Thrower 
Rachel Tilley 
Holly Tolson 
Deborah Turner 
Marina Valdez 
Lycia van der Westhuize 
Brandon Van Eck 
Cherish Vance 
Winship Varner 
Sally Wall 
Michael Walls 
Samuel White 
Jamie White 
Teresa White 
Willa Williamson 
Geri Williamson 
Carleton Willison 
Jason Wood 
Heather Woods 
Michael Wren 
Matthew Wright 
Daniel Wykoff 
Luke Wynja 
Nancy Young 

146 People 

&aci*Mif V tffaff ,A<d WMt/ted 

Claudette Andrews Telephone/Operator & Receptionist 

Eileen Auel 

Office Services/Manager 

Jeff Barr 

Tech Services & Programming/ 


Tracy Blea 

Conference & Special Events/Manager 

Bob Brown 


Bruce Brown 

Tech. Services & Programming/ 


Carter Brown 


Dean Cleavenger 

Business/ Assistant Professor 

Jean Corey 


Randy Crabtree 

M&O/Assistant to Preventive 

Maintenance Specialist 

Bill Davis 

Philosophy/Associate Professor 

Mark Duble 

Athletics/Women's Soccer Coach 

Brian Fikkert 

Economics/Assistant Professor 

David Fish 

Grounds/Field Tender & B.E.S.T/Floor 


Denis Fogo 

Publications/Coordinator of College 


Cliff Foreman 

English/Associate Professor 

Jenny Gienapp 

Development & Admissions/ 

Administrative Assistant to VP 

Grace Haymes 

Student Development/Chapel Secretary 

Michael Hughett 

Physical Plant/Clerk 

Travis Hutchinson B.E.S.T./Custodian 

Jerry Jackson M&O/HVAC Technician Assistant 

Kathy Jackson Purchasing/Assistant 

Phil James Lookout Inn/Resident Assistant 

Jack Lothers Biology/Professor 

Ruth Lothers Health Services/Staff Nurse 

Larry Lynch M&O/Maintenance Mechanic 

Edna Massengale Development/Data Entry Clerk 

Betsy Matthews Student Development/Resident Director 

John McMillian Quest/Director 

Carol Moore Development/Production Coordinator 

Shari Moses Library/Technical Assistant 

Rick Quinn Library/Techinical Assistant 

Brenda Rapier Accounting/Clerk 

Scott Raymond Student Development/Dean of Students 

Phil Roerdink Lookout Inn/Resident Manager 

Doug Sikkema M&O/Assistant Carpenter 

Ray Smith Business/Adjunct 

Timothy Steele Music/Associate Professor 

Joe Stephens Admissions/Director 

Jane Stewart Education/Secretary 

Ken Stewart Bible/Associate Professor 

Debbie Turner B.E.S.T./Assistant Supervisor 

Beth Ward Quest/Clerk 

Michael Wren M&O/Maintenance Mechanic & 
Painter Assistant 


People 147 

Dick Allen/ Quest Dean of Experiential Education 

Roben Ashlock/ Education Professor 

Don Bailey/Grounds Supervisor 

Suzy Bakke/Otfice 0/ Records Assistant 

Carolyn Ballard I [uman Resources Administratoi 

Betty Barham/Accounting Adninusn.mrc tasistaw 

Nick Barker/English Pro/essor 

Cal Beisner/IDS Assoc. Professor 

Rebecca Bigger/Student Financial Director 

bunk lihuk/Prcsidcul 

Ken Brooks/PE Pro/cssor 6? Men's Basketball Coach 

Cathy Brumgard/Of/ice Services Assistant 

Ray Clark/BiMicul Studies Associate Professor 

Joseph Clumpner/Math c* Applied Science Professor 

Carol Collier/B.E.S.T. Assistant Supervisor 

Carol Corn/ Accounting Clerk 

Angela Counts/ Admissions Ass'l ( Ififice Manager 

Marjorie Crocker/Tech Services & Prog. Director 

Phyllis ( Irooks/Accotmtmg C 'ontrollei 

Brian Crossman/PE Pro/, Athletic Dir. , Soccer Coach 

Ray Dameron/Physical Science Adjunct 

BUI Dennison/Interdisciplinary Associate Professor 

Chris Dodson/Business Associate Pro/essor 

Rebecca Dodson/AV Svcs 6? Master 0/ Ed. Ass't Dir. 

Charles Donaldson/Chemistry Professor 

DC. Dreger/Development Director 

Troy Duble/Admissions, Dir, "I i Constituent Relations 

( 'orev Dupree/P/mical Plant (. 'lerk 

Jonathan Entrekin/Studeni Dev. Resident Director 

Lora Erickson/Admissions, Visitor* bordinatoi 

Inn Evearitt/Education Professor 

Brent Faulk/Admissions Assistant Regional Director 

David Friberg/MusicAssociate Professor 

Virginia ( iarrison/Quesl Academic Advisor 

Arthur Gauthier/B.E.S.T. Maintenance Assistant 

Gene Golden/Plmiwil I'Lnu Administrative Assistant 

James Goldsmith/M6?0 Painter 

Leda Goodman/Admissions Regional I 'ircctor 

Don Graham/Ed. Pro/. & Student Dev. Chaplam 

Artie Green/B.E. S.T. Supervisor 

Susan Green/Student I Vt .Administrative Assistant 

Herman Griggs/M<5?< I Maintenance Specialist 

Shan Griggs/Curccr / Vrclnpmcnt Assistant Director 

Kathleen Gulick/Student Dev. Resident Director 

Daphne 1 laddad/Education Associate Director 

Jeff Hall/Ed. Assoc. Prof & Dir. o/M. of Ed. Prog. 

John Hamm/Music Pro/essor 

Bob Harbert/Busmess Office, VP Admin. & Finance 

M & 



148 Faculty /Staff 



Mike Hardie/Academic Affairs, Dir. Exp. Studies 
Carolyn Hays/ Student Finaru ial Plan. Coordinator 
Kimberlee Hays/Women Volleyball Coach 
Russell I leddendurl/NiHfolog\ Pro/essoi 
Paul Hesse link/Eng. Pro/. 6? Dir. o/Moc Prog. 
Bill Higgins/M<S?0 Electrician 

Eddy Hilger/ 'Admissions Ass't Dir. & CC Coach 

Henry Hilliard/Mc?0 Supervisor 

David Hoover/Business Administration Assoc . Prof. 

Kent Huff/Grounds & Equipment 

Margaret Huffine/Quest Administrative Assistant 

C iary 1 luisinan// .ihranan 

Dot Hunter/Purchasing Director 

Stephen Kaufmann/Education Professor 

Ed Kellogg/Art Professor 

Jerry King/Career Development Director 

1 lenry Krahhendam/BiMical Studies Professor 

Roger Lambert/BiMnal Studies i* Missions Professor 

Dale Lee/Physical Plant Director 

Phil Little/M<S?0 Electrical Assistant 

Michelle Luchenhill/Admissions Sec. & Recept. 

Paula Lynch/ Admissions Office Manager 

Craig Lyon/An\iliiir\ SVrrii es,( 'allege I losress 

Dan MacDougall/Biblicaf Studies, Associate Professor 

'Inua Magntisun/Picsidi'nt's ( >|/u e.S'ec H'lon' 

Reg McLelland/P/idi'sup/n I'u ^ ss, n 

Larry Mehne/Chemistry, Associate Professor 

Barbara Michal/I leahh V> i u es ,1 hn\ i, <i 

Dennis Miller/Dean o/ Academic Administrarion 

Rodney Miller/Office o/ Records, Dean 

Lucas Mininger/Admissions,/ >ir o/ Const. Relations 

Bob Monroe/Music, Adjunct 

Ramona Moore/Student Work Program Coordinator 

Regina Moore/Telephone, P/ione N\s tern Coordinator 

Tim Morris/Biology, Associate Professor 

Paul Morton/History, Assistant Professor 

Jack Muller/Sociology, Professor 

Christine Page/Human Resources .Director 

Mike Parker/ Admissions, Assistant Regional Director 

Donald Petcher/Ph^sics, Associate Professor 

Ethan Pettit/Lifcrary, Assistant Librarian 

Charlie Phillips/VP/or Development and Admissions 

( 'ami IVrec/lJiicst, Administrative Secretar\ 
Cathy Pinner/B. E.S.T. Assistant Supervisor 
Harry Pinner/Jnstitutional Research and Planning 
Herb Politano/Auxiliarj Service , Director 
Patricia Ralston/English Professor 
Kimberly Redpath/Library, Technical Assistant 

Faculty /Staff 149 

rshall Ro\vc/Dcvolo/)))i. 
Mike Kuhn/Psychohgy 

150 Faculty /Staff 

3?eMeh fhmn ike & >/ iMul0yd 

This has been another year of significant change for Covenant College. It is in fact the first year that we have ever had two 
buildings going up at the same time. In addition to the construction, we added the largest number of faculty that we've ever 
added in a single year - five new faculty, not including Dr. Barker who returned to the classroom. 

You have been a part of Covenant's growth and progress, and in the final analysis you are the most important part. The 
faculty, the facilities, the changes in the curriculum all reflect our commitment to trying to give the student the very best 
education we can possibly give. 

There are some signs that a cultural shift is beginning to take place. There has actually been a national decrease in crime. 
Many of our leaders seem to be more concerned about the family, and there seems to be strong national support for the fight 
against drug abuse. 

The overall strength of the economy masks our most serious problems, however, and I believe that students who try to live 
according to biblical worldview will be more challenged than ever. I think you will find that you will have many opportuni- 
ties if you're willing to work hard, be full of integrity and seek to serve the needs of others. It is our prayer that you will have 
learned at Covenant the importance of careful analysis, good communication and strong relationships. We hope that you 
have learned to learn, because in a rapidly changing world this may be the single most important attribute you could possess 
other than your faith. Most importantly, I hope that you will have learned how to know and understand God's Word and 
apply it in a variety of situations. If so, you will have many opportunities to be salt and light in post-Christian America. 

Thank you for your involvement as a student. I hope that you will not forget the college. It is important that you continue 
to support us as we grow and as we seek to serve future generations of students. We pray God's richest blessings upon you and 
we hope that you will come and visit often. 

In Christ, 

Frank A. Brock 

Faculty/Staff 151 

&jekcJd, AafifiM fa ike mem 

JAehefo/w do vwt etehfu&e Ike 
cktiiUeMMa c£ tke tS^AmoMu. 

3he wwmdby Jmt 3u& Acmcfo ma/ce 


Job 5:17-18 


Let us, then, not think that we are 
jnything the better for our conviction of 
the truths of the great doctrines of the 
ch we contend. . . , unless we 
vr oj the truths abiding in our 
s, and have a continued 
>/ their necessity and excellency 
ding before God ai\d our 
with I lim." 

-John Given 

Love always - Dad, Mom & Jessica 


:r»T»Tifrn»] i\ 




'Nifferl 'Kitten ~ 

You have succeeded in your studies and grown in your faith . . . 

Wonderful reasons to celebrate your life. We thank God for the blessing you are and for the gifts He 

has bestowed upon you. Reach upward and embrace God's desires for your heart and treasure His 

plans for today and your tomorrow. 

With Dearest Love, 
Daddy and Mama xo 

Romans 15:13 
"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him." 

Congratulations Josh 

Nell done 1 We are awed by oar CORD, who is working things 
together in your life. Oar prayer is that by His grace yoa 
flight continae to delight yoarself in Him, and He will give yoa 
h .he desires of your heart. Keep looking for the narrow gate. 

Low in Him, 
YSekah, Monique, Mom and Dad 


^KeeFoods ^ snacks 

Collegedale.TN 37315 

Visit our Web site at <> 

You Have Come a Long Way, 

Your Family Is Very Proud of You, 

May the Lord Guide your Path in the Future 

Robert Parker McFarland, Jr. 

Gmilu ( ( ani/ite// 

"He (God) hits made everything beautiful 
in its time. . ." 


God has made you beautiful inside and 



Mama and Daddy 


I >'J{im Slmeb, 



W^' i 

Kim , 

■ Follow Your Dream and Soar 
with the Eagles. 

We are so proud of you! ! 


Love , 
Mom & Karen 


We Love you! 
Mom & Kerry 
Jeremiah 29:11 

idcMu 9cmw/be tJ/laMm 

Congratulations, My Beautiful Colby! 

How I rejoice in your accomplishments of the last four years 

and 1 rejoice infinintely more in our great God's faithfulness 

to you in accomplishing His work in and through you. 

I love you so very much, 

Colossians 3:1-4 

Congratualtions Albert! 
"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, 
always in every prayer of mine making request for you 
with all joy, for your fellowship in the gospel from the 
first day until now, being confident of this very thing, 
that He who begun a good work in you will complete 
it until the day of Jesus Christ." 
Philippians 1:3-6 
I love you- Karen 



John , 


We foi 

ow you'll keep building 
His house . 


^ fe. 


Love , 
, Kim, Mary, & Joy 


We are so proud of all your accomplishments in the past and 
for the determination to complete these past four years of 

college. Most of all, we are proud of you ana thankful that 

the Lord blessed our lives with you. You have grown in so 
many ways in these past four years and we want you to 

know how very much we love you. May God continue to 
guide and direct you . ' 

With All Our Love, 
Dad, Mom, Dawnie, Joy 



The 1997-98 Tartan, Volume 41, was published by 
Walsworth Publishing Company in Marceline, Missouri. 
The company representative was Bill Stoess. The book 
has 176 pages and 32 of those are color pages. The fonts 
are Body Copy: Goudy, Captions: I Goudy Italic, Head- 
lines: Commercial Script, Photo Credit: B Goudy Bold, 
Sub-Headlines: Bookman Medium. All spreads were pre- 
pared with PageMaker 5. 1 on Macintosh computers. The 
cover is a navy blue linen cover with silver foil and an 
embossed pair of hands. The theme "In His Hands" was 
developed and carried through by the editors and staff. 
Photographs were taken and compiled by Publications 
Photo and the Tartan staff. The Tartan office is located 
at Covenant College, Carter Hall, Lookout Mountain, 
Georgia 30750. Telephone 706-820-1560 ext. 1375. 


Adams, Tonielle 72, 124 

Akin, Katie 72, 124 

Akin, Sara 22,63, 110, 106, 138 

Alexander, Jackson 93, 138 

Alfonzo, Esther 65, 117, 138 

Allen, Dick 148 

Allen, Doyle 44, 72, 115, 124 

Altork, Rachel 72, 113, 124 

Ammons, Christopher 72, 138 

Anderson, Charity 

74, 106, 124, 103 
Anderson, Crystal 

74, 106, 124, 103 
Anderson, Greg 

59, 106, 115, 146 
Anderson, Katie 

65, 111, 112, 138 
Anderson, Scott 71, 114, 138 
Anderson, William 54,138 
Andreas, Thomas 44, 56, 138 
Andrews, Claudette 147 
Aquila, Natalie 124 
Armes, Sarah 73, 113, 117, 138 
Arrington, Robin 111, 138 
Asano, Makoto 69, 146 
Ashlock, Robert 148 
Ashworth, Matthew 56, 138 
Ashworth, Stephen 70, 146 
Atkins, Allison 65, 112, 138 
Auel, Eileen 147 
Ayres, Lisa 65, 138 


Bailey, Don 148 

Baker, Daniel 111, 138, 146 

Baker, Sarah 

55, 110, 112, 114, 115, 138 
Bakke, Suzy 148 
Ball, Clint 124, 101 
Ballard, Carolyn 148 
Baloche, Vanessa 

58, 87, 116, 117, 138 
Barham, Betty 148 
Barker, Nick 148 
Barker, Sarah 42, 117 
Barr,Jeff 147 
Barrett, Shanna 114, 138 
Baxter, Ben 13, 59, 117, 125 
Baxter, Brian 72, 138 
Bear, Brian 56, 138 
Bedzyk, Mike 68, 117, 138 
Beeman, Emily 72, 115, 138 
Behm, Leah 55, 125 
Beisner, Cal 148 
Bell, Maria 55, 117, 138 
Belz, Esther 

75, 110, 111, 113, 138 
Belz, Jane 75, 117, 138 
Bennett, Karen 58, 138 

160 Ind 

Bentson, Kris 64, 138, 104 
Bentson, Noel 

17, 72, 112, 115, 125 
Bentson, Rhett 12, 70, 110, 138 
Bentson, Tim 32, 70, 107, 138 
Bieshaar, Bradd 69, 146 
Bigger, Rebecca 148 
Bilbrey, James 71, 114, 146 
Birchler, Dan 71, 138 
Bird, Josh 71, 138 
Black, Tim 7, 59, 125 
Blackburn, Hunter 125 
Blackburn, Kathleen 125 
Blair, Ginny 32, 57, 110, 138 
Blankenbeckler, Corrie 72, 113 
Bland, Nathan 59, 113, 106 
Blea, Tracy 147 

Boatright, Emily 12, 38, 58, 138 
Bode, Rachel 57, 110, 114, 138 
Bomer, Rebekah 80, 146 
Bond, Amanda 138 
Boone, Christopher 

26, 70, 93, 138 
Bostrom, Jared 69, 138, 101 
Brady, Holly 55, 113, 138 
Bragdon, Alissa 125 
Bragdon, Kathryn 73, 138 
Brandon, Megan 146 
Brangwin, Peter 

69, 111, 117, 138 
Branson, Lisa 57, 138 
Brant, Robert 69, 138 
Brauer, Kristen 74, 117, 138 
Brauer, Nathan 71, 115, 138 
Bray, Adam 6, 125 
Bray, Josh 69, 138, 146 
Brindley, Jonathan 56, 113, 138 
Brock, Frank 148 
Brock, Kim 94, 95, 146, 104 
Brooks, Ken 101, 148 
Brown, Bob 147 
Brown, Bruce 146, 147 
Brown, Carter 147 
Brown, Richard 64, 92, 138 
Bruegger, Molly 39, 75, 112, 138 
Brumgard, Cathy 148 
Brumgard, Timothy 138 
Bryant, Matthew 

16, 38, 69, 115, 117, 138 
Bulicz, Janelle 58, 113, 116, 138 
Burke, John 138 
Burnside, Kellie 30 
Bursi, Laura 73, 106, 138 
Butters, Wendy 115, 146 

Cabezas, Xavier 72, 138 
Cameron, Rebekah 115, 126 
Campbell, Amy 60, 126 
Canales, Carlos 72, 114, 138 
Canning, Andrew 71, 146 
Carlisle, Brian 16, 70, 138 
Carlson, Christina 

36, 73, 117, 138 
Carpenter, Cory 1 39 

Carraher, Shannon 73, 111, 117, 

Case, Angela 72, 139 
Case, Keith 70, 139 
Cason, Stacy 65, 139 
Caviness, Kerry 57, 139 
Childs, Laura 57, 111, 139 
Chinchen, Joanna 

65, 113, 117, 139 
Chiva, Pavel 72, 139 
Claassen, Benjamin 59, 106, 126 
Claassen, Jacob 

23, 59, 106, 116, 139 
Clark, Aarin 65, 139 
Clark, Kristy 61, 146, 102, 103 
Clark, Nathanael 126 
Clark, Ray 82, 148 
ClawsomAmy 73, 116, 139 
Cleary,Tim 12, 59, 139 
Cleavenger, Dean 147 
Cleavenger, Sarah 146 
Clumpner, Joseph 148 
Cobb, Ashley 36, 57, 111, 146 
Cobb, Matt 71, 93, 146 
Cohee, Daniel 71, 110, 116, 139 
Collier, Carol 148 
Collins, Gerald 70, 139 
Collins, Jennifer 74, 139 
Collins, Kim 60, 110, 139 
Collison, Ben 64, 114, 139, 104 
Colvert, Jessica 114 
Colvin, Robert 56, 146 
Cook, Andrew 93, 139 
Corder, Justin 

40, 67, 110, 106, 114, 139 
Corey, Jean 147 
Corley, Kristen 146 
Corn, Carol 148 
Counts, Angela 148 
Counts, Bryan 72, 126 
Counts, Janneke 126, 60 
Counts, Paul 71, 111, 114, 139 
Court, Brian 

67, 112, 139, 100, 101 
Cox,Vaden 70, 114, 139 
Crabb, Jonathan 

43, 54, 112, 113, 139 
Crabtree, Phillip 146 
Crabtree, Randy 147 
Crane, Charlotte 126 
Crews, Andy 68, 117, 139 
Crocker, Kimberly 117, 126 
Crocker, Marjorie 148 
Crooks, Phyllis 148 
Crossman, Brian 93, 148 
Crown, Raven 58, 127, 146 
Cummings,Tim 54, 111, 146 
Cureton, Chad 71, 139 


Dager, Shannon 22, 63, 113, 146 

Dameron, Ray 148 

Davis, Bill 147 

Davis, Jennifer 75, 99, 115, 139 

Davis, Jocelyn 146 

Davis, Jonathan 

39, 56, 111, 112, 106, 139 
Davis, Lindsay 110 
Davis, Martha 113, 127, 139 
Davis, Matthew 139 
Davis, Sharon 55, 112, 127 
Dean,Mallory 10, 69, 117, 146 
deBoer, Shauna 

14, 65, 110, 112, 117, 139 
DeHaan, Jennifer 112, 139 
Delia Vecchia, Renee 139 
Delmar, Brian 59, 117, 139 
DeMarco, Bob 111, 146 
Demaree, Erin 10, 139 
Dennison, Bill 148 
Dennison, Dave 69, 100, 101 
Dennison, Jeffrey 139 
Dennison, William 139, 101 
DeRuyter, James 

14, 54, 112, 139 
Deutschmann, Jeremy 71, 107 
Deutschmann, Krista 

74, 113, 117, 139 
DeVries, Rachel 

60, 110, 112, 116, 139 
DiBernardo, Jeannette 

18, 110, 117, 139, 146 
Dixon, Andrew 54, 139 
Dixon, Michael 64, 139, 104 
Dodson, Chris 148 
Dodson, Rebecca 148 
Donaldson, Charles 148 
Donaldson, Sarah 18, 65, 127 
Douglass, Clay 127 
Drake, John 70, 117, 139 
Dreger,D.C. 148 
Dreger, Nathan 146 
Dreher, Paul 

28, 29, 70, 110, 139 
Duble, Mark 95, 147, 104 
Duble,Troy 106, 104, 105, 148 
Dunn, Steve 59, 106, 139 
Dupree, Corey 148 
Dupree, Jonathan 146 
Dusenbury, Julie 139 
Dyches, Christopher 127 
Dyches, Melissa 114, 139 
Dyck, Christina 139 


Early, Nathan 71, 114, 139 
Easton, Amanda 146 
Echerd, Carey 63, 146 
Egan, Joseph 71, 139 
Elliott, Jesse 59, 139 
Elliott, Kim 75, 110, 117, 139 
Ellis, Maria 73, 117, 139 
Ellis, Tabitha 36, 113, 139 
Ellis, Thomas 72, 111, 139 
Ellison, Sarah 75, 95, 140 
Elmer, Kim 60, 127 
Emerson, Daniel 97, 140 
Emerson, Naomi 97, 117, 140 
Enter, Rebekah 73, 140 
Entrekin, Jonathan 104, 148 
Entrekin, Suzi 104 

Faries, Lisa 111, 146 
Farquhar, Erin 

24, 37, 55, 117, 140 
Farr, Kristy 36, 57, 111. 140 
Faucheux, Jeanne 

55, 115, 116, 140 
Faulk, Brent 104, 148 

Fekete, Allison 66, 99, 127, 104 

Fellers, Evan 71, 113, 140 

Ferman, Alisha 73, 99, 106, 140 

Ferris, Paul 146 

Ficca, Angela 61, 128 

Fields, Mark 64, 140, 101 

Fikkert, Alison 140 

Fikkert, Brian 147 

Fink, Teresa 110, 106, 117, 140 

Fish, David 147 

Fish, Deb 75 

Fish, Deborah 140 

Fish, Lisa 104 

Fisher, Jessica 72, 111, 113, 146 

Floyd, Amanda 12, 72, 128 

Floyd,.Daniel 32, 56, 140 

Fluegge, Sarah 

65, 110, 116, 117, 140 
Fogo, Denis 147 
Folkerts, Christopher 67, 140 
Foreman, Cliff 147 
Foreman, Laurel 63, 146 
Fowler, Nathan 67, 140 
Fox, Bonnie 128 
Frame, Scharlie 

80, 111, 116, 117, 146 
Franceschini, Lisa 57, 140 
Franklin, Dave 106 
Franklin, Sarah 98, 99, 140, 104 
Franks, Michael 67, 140 
'ray, Kristin 73, 117, 140 
'reas, Stephen 

56, 112, 113, 114, 146 
Fredericks, Autumn 57, 115, 140 
G reed, Brian 106, 146 

'riberg, David 148 

ambino, Alice 146 
aarrison, Virginia 148 
Gaskill, Taylor 55, 146 
3ast, Andrew 140 
jauthier, Arthur 148 
uautsch, Yon 67, 140 

ray, Danielle 63, 140 
uelston,Phil 68, 96, 97, 128 
3erhardt, Danny 

69, 113, 114, 140 
3ermain, Kris 

106, 128, 104, 105 
jienapp, Jenny 147 

Gilmore, Blake 71, 93, 140 
Giroux, Brian 101, 104 
Gitter, Angelica 113 
Glaser, Sam 64, 113, 140, 104 
Glass, Stephanie 30, 75, 140 
Gleason, Rachel 73, 140 
Godfrey, Elisha 71, 146 
Golden, Gene 146, 148 
Goldsmith, James 148 
Good, Josh 

68, 93, 106, 116, 128 
Good, Monique 

32, 61, 95, 114, 116, 140 
Goodman, James 70, 93 
Goodman, Leda 148 
Gosey, Michael 56, 146 
Grady, Karen 55, 140 
Graham, Dave 54, 140 
Graham, Don 40, 148 
Graham, James 140 
Grant, Katherine 75, 117, 140 
Gray, Kara 73, 95, 140 
Green, Artie 148 
Green, Jennifer 81, 112, 146 
Green, Josh 24, 56 
Green, Shannon 

55, 116, 146, 103 
Green, Susan 112, 148 
Gregson, Timothy 54, 117, 128 
Griffith, Kara 110, 115, 140 
Griggs, Herman 148 
Griggs, Shari 148 
Gulick, Kathleen 104, 148 
Gurney, Lisa 22, 34, 63, 140 


Hacquebord, Carlle-Lize 57, 140 
Haddad, Daphne 148 
Haga, Jesse 69, 140 
Hager, Hannah 61, 95, 140 
Hager,Josh 93, 140 
Haggerty, Staci 74, 99, 140 
Hall, Jeff 148 

Halvorson, Kurt 93, 111, 140 
Hamilton, Jonathan 71, 116, 146 
Hamm, John 148 
Hancock, Jill 94, 95, 146 
Hansen, Andrew 112, 128 
Hansen, Laura 72, 106,112, 140 
Hansinger, Andrew 72, 110, 140 
Harbert, Allison 66, 140, 104 
Harbert, Bob 148 
Harderman, Michelle 113 
Hardie, Mike 18, 149 
Harmon, Heather 111, 140 
Harnick, Eric 110 
Harris, Erin 75, 140 
Hastie, Elizabeth 21, 57, 95, 140 
Hastings, Joanna 

60, 110, 111. 117, 140 
Hastings, Jonathan 

59, 110, 106, 117, 140 
Hawk, Darren 110, 140, 146 
Hayes, Carrie 55, 111, 141 
Hayes, Meggin 

65, 112, 116, 117, 141 

Hay mes, Grace 147 
Hays, Carolyn 149 
Hays, Kimberlee 149 
Heddendorf, Russell 149 
Hedinger, Matt 71, 114, 141 
Heerema, Jason 71, 1 29 
Heirendt, Angela 

75, 112, 113, 146 
Heisig, Leah 36, 110, 141 
Helmus, Jeffrey 70, 146 
Herder, Karen 58, 112, 113, 141 
Herndon, Nick 67, 146, 101 
Herron, Daniel 71, 93, 113, 141 
Herron, Esther 72, 113, 115, 129 
Herron, Peter 

67, 112, 113, 106, 141 
Hess, Erin 55, 95, 141 
Hess, Rich 69, 106, 146 
Hesselink, Jonathan 141 
Hesselink, Paul 149 
Hessenbruch, Joanna 

74, 141, 102, 103 
Hettinger, Sam 64, 93, 141 
Hexum, Anne 57, 141 
Higgins, Bill 24, 45, 149 
Hildebrandt, Sean 

64, 146, 100, 101 
Hilger, Eddy 

97, 106, 104, 105, 149 
Hilliard, Henry 149 
Hinman, Josh 

70, 110, 111, 116, 141 
Hitchcock, Stephen 111, 141 
Hobbs, Alexandra 58, 112, 141 
Hobbs, Andrew 20, 71, 141 
Holliday, Christine 73, 141 
Hollowell, Wes 36, 56, 111, 141 
Holt, Angela 

40, 58, 110, 116, 117, 141 
Homer, Amy 30, 75, 141 
Honaker, Kimberly 

40, 66, 111, 117, 146, 104 
Hoover, David 149 
Hopson, Dana 73, 141 
Horae,Cale 71, 116, 141 
Horner, Tommy 70, 112, 146 
Hornick, Eric 71, 141 
Horton, Nicole 73, 114, 116, 141 
Howard, Neal 59, 112, 113, 141 
Howard, Valerie 57, 115, 146 
Howlett, Philip 

72, 113, 106, 141, 104 
Hubbard, Carolyn 

60, 97, 111, 113, 106, 141 
Huckabee, Danielle 74, 146 
Hudson, Amy 129 
Hudson, Dan 

10, 69, 89, 113, 106, 141 
Hudson, Jessica 73, 116, 141 
Huff, Kent 149 
Huffine, Margaret 149 
Huggins, Becky 

72, 115, 116, 117. 129 
Hughett, Michael 146, 147 
Huisman, Gary 149 

Huisman, John 129 
Hultink, Valerie 60 
Hunter, Dot 149 
Huston, Heather 129, 146 
Hutchinson, Travis 129, 147 


Iguchi, Hiroko 55, 129 

Isbell, Angela 141 

Iverts, Maija 61, 95, 106, 141 

Jackson, Brent 

38, 64, 112, 114, 141 
Jackson, Jerry 146, 147 
Jackson, Kathy 146, 147 
Jackson, Mary Katherine 

18, 63, 89, 141 
Jacobs, Jason 64, 141, 104 
Jacoby. Jay 69, 141 
James, Frances 55, 141 
James, Phil 147 
Jamison, Miri 74, 111, 116 
Jamison, Mozhdeh 146 
Janos, Tesia 66, 141, 104 
Jardine, Jennica 42, 75, 111, 141 
Jenkins, Mark 36 
Jenkins, Nicole 61, 111, 146 
Jimenez, Rachel 95, 114 
Johnson, Cherith 75, 114, 141 
Johnson, Gabe 106, 130, 141 
Johnson, Jenny 130 
Johnson, Kimberly 

74, 98, 99, 106, 141, 103 
Johnson, Mindy 66, 146. 104 
Johnson, Peter 64, 114, 146, 104 
Johnson, Polly 61. 95 
Johnson, Will 56, 117, 141 
Johnston, Dawn 

66, 114, 117, 146, 103 
Jones, Jeremy 

8, 68, 96, 97, 111, 106, 130 
Jones, Myriam 75, 113, 141 
Jordan, Kathryn 146 
Joseph, Camiile 

66, 112, 113, 141, 104 
Justice, Brandon 68, 112, 141 


Kadtke, Jennifer 73, 141 
Kamp, Allen 71, 141 
Kaufmann, David 

20, 70, 97, 117. 141. 105 
Kaufmann. Stephen 149 
Keehn, Rob 71, 141 
Keen, Emma 65, 113. 141 
Keesee. Rich 20 
Keller, Angela 74, 141 
Kelley, Kristin 55, 141 
Kellogg, Ed 149 
Kellogg, Francesca 72. 141 
Kellogg. Jessica 30, 75, 141 
Kennedy, Hannah 72, 141 
Kessler, James 67. 110, 141 
Khokhar, Jeremiah 72, 113, 142 
Khoury, Anne 142, 146 

Index 161 

Kickasola, Matthew 70, 117, 142 
Kim, Theodore 146 
Kimbrell, Matt 

34, 70, 86, 92, 93, 146 
King, Jerry 149 
King, Laura 74, 146 
King, Stephen 14, 54, 117, 142 
Kinsey,Angie 66, 106, 146, 104 
Kinzler, Andrew 59, 142, 146 
Kirby, Cannon 146 
Kirby, Meghan 74, 142, 103 
Kirkpatrick, Stephanie 73, 142 
Kiser, Shannon 36, 54, 117, 142 
Knodel, Chris 67, 142 
Knox, James 54, 117, 142 
Knox, Sarah 66, 106, 142 
Knutson, Joel 110, 116, 142 
Knutson, Nathan 

6, 59, 89, 106, 130 
Krabbendam, Henry 149 
Krieg,Jodi 74, 142 
Krieg,Mark 71, 93, 114, 142 
Kring,Leah 58, 146 
Kuiper, Matt 59, 106, 130, 142 

Lamb, Christine 110, 142 
Lambert, Roger 111, 113, 149 
Lammers, Rachel 66, 146, 104 
Langley, Ken 

10, 69, 110, 114, 117, 142 
LaRose, Jessica 146 
Larson, Jonathan 72, 117, 142 
Larson, Nathan 1 1 1 
Larson, Tim 59, 72, 111, 142 
Lawton, Rebecca 75, 85, 142 
Leavengood, Albert 

13, 38, 59, 106, 117, 130 
Lee, Dale 146, 149 
Lee, Katie 73, 112, 142 
Leestma, Adam 70, 146 
Leestma, Ryan 70, 146 
Lefler, Jennifer 65, 112, 142 
Legters, Debora 72, 113, 130 
LeHeup, Katie 55, 142 
Levi, Amanda 72, 115, 131 
Levi, Janna 6, 72, 142 
Lichlyter, Anne 74, 142 
Liggett, Marlain 60, 142 
Ligon, Courtney 131 
Lillie,Jon 70, 114, 116, 142 
Lindemann, Steve 

36, 68, 117, 142 
Lindley, Daniel 146 
Lins, Anna 142 
Litle, Justice 54, 131 
Little, Phil 149 
Lively, Erin 75, 86, 142 
Livingston, John 37, 117, 131 
Long, Davison 64, 142, 104 
Long, Phil 64, 93, 113, 146 
Long, Taylor 64, 142 
Longfellow, Nathanael 71, 142 
LoPiccolo, Jenny 

66, 110, 111, 117, 142, 104 

Lothers, Jack 147 
Lothers, Ruth 146, 147 
Loud, Julie 66, 146, 104 
Lown, Sarah 60, 95, 142 
Lowry, Julia 

6, 10, 14, 18, 63, 113, 117, 142 
Lucas, Pamela 58, 142 
Luchenbill, Matthew 131 
Luchenbill, Michelle 142, 149 
Luchenbill, Tamara 65, 117, 142 
Lyman, Kerry 75, 142 
Lynch, Erin 1 3 1 
Lynch, Larry 147 
Lynch, Paula 149 
Lyon, Craig 149 


MacDougall, Dan 149 
MacNair, Joanna 104 
Maddox, Molly 61, 95, 142 
Maffet, Jonathan 142, 101 
Magnuson, Kevin 146 
Magnuson, Tricia 149 
Maliepaard, Carissa 72, 114, 131 
Malone,Nate 68, 97, 146 
Mangalwadi, Anandit 55, 146 
Mantooth, Matt 106 
Maphet, Nathan 56, 112, 146 
Marchman, Matt 64, 142 
Marooney, Matt 

12, 59, 111, 106, 142 
Marquis, Marty 110, 142 
Marshall, Debbie 

60, 113, 131, 146 
Marshall, Tim 

70, 113, 115, 116, 142 
Martin, Emily 106, 142, 104 
Martin, Jeremy 64, 142, 104 
Martin, Lang 36, 54, 114, 142 
Martin, Robert 146 
Martin, Sarah 66, 142 
Mason, Colby 57, 111, 114, 132 
Massengale, Edna 146, 147 
Matthews, Betsy 72, 106, 147 
Mattice, Ian 92, 93 
May, Katie 61, 95, 142 
McAvoy, Rob 72, 114, 142 
McCampbell, Emily 132 
McCartney, Chris 70, 146 
McCarty, Kevin 113, 114, 146 
McCauley, Heather 72, 132 
McClain, Jennifer 

58, 112, 113, 114, 115, 142 
McClellan, Katie 75, 111, 142 
McCullough, Samella 58, 146 
McDowell, Erin 58, 142 
McDowell, Timothy 112, 132 
McFarland, Alicia 72, 113, 132 
McFarland, Austina 

113, 143, 146 
McFarland, Robert 115, 132 
Mcllhenny, Megan 65, 97, 146 
Mcllhenny, Ryan 35, 46, 132 
McKenzie, Jennifer 63, 87, 143 
McKittrick, Katie 74, 143 

McKnight, Shawn 67 
McLellan, Grace 58, 106, 143 
McLelland, Reg 149 
McMillan, Todd 92, 93, 132 
McMillian, John 147 
McQuillen, Kevin 

64, 106, 143, 104 
McWilliams, Sarah 63, 117, 143 
Megginson, April 73, 143 
Mehne, Larry 149 
Mehne, Laura 143 
Meiners, William 

72, 96, 97, 113, 106, 143 
Metrakoudes, Heidi 55, 133 
Meyer, Annamarie 58, 116, 143 
Meyer, Jessica 143, 104 
Meyer, Toby 143 
Michal, Barbara 149 
Middendorf, Catherine 

61, 97, 106 
Middendorf, Therese 

61, 106, 143 
Miller, Dennis 149 
Miller, Maryrose 55, 110, 143 
Miller, Rodney 149 
Millette, Andy 114, 146 
Millette, Chip 36, 54, 111, 143 
Miner, Mary 18, 19, 96, 97, 133 
Mininger, Lucas 104, 149 
Mininger, Marcus 

68, 111, 116, 117, 133 
Mitchell, Matt 71, 117, 143 
Moffitt,Amy 115 
Moffitt, Ben 70, 111, 116, 143 
Monahan, Matt 110, 143 
Monroe, Bob 149 
Monroe, Caleb 44, 68, 110, 146 
Montgomery, Andrew 146 
Moon, Josh 44, 67, 143 
Moore, Carol 147 
Moore, Christopher 93, 133 
Moore, Evan 106 
Moore, Julie 63, 143 
Moore, Kimberly 18,72, 133 
Moore, Lisa 143 
Moore, Ramona 149 
Moore, Regina 149 
Moore, Starr 57, 143 
Morgan, Katy 146 
Morris, Tim 149 
Morrison, Jennifer 60, 143 
Morton, Paul 149 
Moses, Shari 147 
Muir,Nola 74, 143, 103 
Mullen, Jonathan 

64, 106, 143, 104 
Muller,Jack 149 
Mullinax, Laranda 74, 143, 103 
Mullinax, Michael 68, 143 
Mullins,Jill 111, 116, 146 
Murray, Karen 75, 143 
Murton, Jon 54, 112, 117, 146 
Musselman, Kristen 73, 143 
Mwaria, Miriam 72, 117, 143 


Napier, Monica 33, 55, 111, 146 
Neely,Will 64, 143, 104 
Nelson, Paige 

57, 112, 114, 115, 116, 143 
Neuhoff, Lizzie 72, 113, 133 
Nevin, Darcee 81, 146, 104 
Nichols, Amy 133 
Nichols, Ruth 63, 143 
Noll, Scott 93, 143 
Novenson, Matt 

64, 116, 117, 143, 104 


Oberg, Scott 

69, 111, 106, 143, 104 
Ogburn, Stacey 61, 95, 143 
O' Grady, Katie 74, 146 
Oguntebi, Blessing 

72, 110, 115, 116, 143 
Ohanian, John 112 
O'Leary, Liz 60, 146 
Olma, Thomas 54, 143 
Orr, Richard 72, 146 
Oster,Nate 40, 68, 117, 143 
Owens, Beth 60, 95 

Page, Christine 149 
Page, Ellie 146 
Parish, Scott 68, 106, 143 
Parker, Mike 104, 149 
Parrish, Skye 

37, 66, 113, 106, 117, 104 
Patterson, Danny 

37, 54, 114, 117, 146 
Patton, Jake 

20, 64, 106, 143, 104 
Paulk, Sarah 63, 146 
Paulsen, Reidun 58, 146 
Peck, Rob 18, 72, 97, 117 
Pendergrass, David 70, 143 
Perkins, Andrew 110, 112, 143 
Perkins, John 64, 116, 146, 104 
Perry, Dave 56, 143 
Petcher, Donald 149 
Peters, Matthew 71, 113, 143 
Petrella, Erin 143 
Petrella, Terrie 72, 143 
Pettit, Ethan 113, 149 
Pettit, Linda 113 
Phillips, Charlie 149 
Pierce, Carol 149 
Pinner, Cathy 149 
Pinner, Harry 149 
Pipa, Joey 40, 146 
Pohl, Dianna 60, 114, 143 
Politano, Herb 149 
Polk, Jon 69, 143 
Porter, John 68, 117, 143 
Post, Nathan 56, 143 
Potoshnick, Esther 

60, 112, 114, 117, 143 
Potoshnick, Matthew 64, 143 
Powell, Andrew 146 

162 Index 

Powell, Nicholas 69, 143 
Powell, Rachel 

73, 95, 110, 111, 143 
Prager, Jeff 

59, 88, 89, 106, 115, 133 
Prentice, Jennifer 

57, 95, 111, 116, 144 
Pruitt, Jennie 65, 112, 144 
Pugh, Olivia 36, 60, 117, 144 

Quillen, Chris 71, 116, 144 
Quinn, Rick 147 

Ragsdale, Thomas 70, 144 
Rahrer, Destiny 

61, 146, 102, 103 
Ralston, Patricia 149 
Rantal, Corrie 42, 146 
Rapier, Brenda 147 
Ray, Summer 55, 117, 144 
Rayburn, Bryonie 

16, 36, 117, 144 
Raymond, Scott 116, 147 
Record, Tracey 74, 146, 103 
Redd, Joey 15, 64, 144, 104 
Redpath, Kimberly 149 
Remillard, Matthew 71, 144 
Render, Chris 67, 111, 144 
Reph, Jessica 58, 144 
Richards, Ben 71, 110, 146 
Richards, Jon 104, 105 
Richardson, James 

36, 54, 117, 144 
Richter, Karen 

14, 38, 63, 116, 144 
Riggs, Toby 104 
Righter, Rob 67, 110, 146 
Riley, Linda 24, 58, 112, 144 
Rine, Melissa 58, 113, 144 
Robertson, Ben 67, 110, 144 
Robertson, David 

54, 111, 112, 144 
Robertson, Michael 67, 144 
Robeson, Elizabeth 74, 106, 144 
Robeson, Tiffany 

57, 111, 112, 114, 144 
Robins, Joseph 56, 144 
Robinson, Leigh Anne 

60, 116, 146 
Rodriguez, Laura 110, 144 
Roerdink, Jeremy 106, 134 
Roerdink, Phil 147 
Rogers, Mary Grace 30, 146 
Rollo, Jessica 113, 146 
Rowe, Stephen 112, 146 
Rowe,Tim 56, 112, 113, 144 
Royal, Charles 68, 114, 116 
Royal, Jed 70, 110, 144 
JRuckel,Wava 58, 111, 146 
Rulon, Mike 83 

Sanders, Emily 57, 144 
Sandhoff, Kristen 

63, 80, 106, 146 
Sands, Liz 66, 95, 144 
Sankawa, Risa 72, 134 
Schalmo, Frederick 146 
Schenk, Katie 61, 144 
Schmidt, Andy 64, 144 
Schneider, Stephanie 73, 146 
Scribner, Jamin 

54, 111, 113, 116, 144 
Seda, Michelle 8, 57, 111, 144 
Seelinger, Jerah 113, 146 
Sell, Joel 144 
Shapiro, Matthew 71, 144 
Shaw, Jennifer 114, 134, 146 
Shore, Kent 69, 144 
Shore, Kirk 67, 144 
Siedhoff, Matthew 

46, 64, 106, 144 
Sikkema, Doug 146, 147 
Silman, Andrew 117 
Silva, Edward 56, 146 
Simmons, Rob 110, 116, 146 
Simpson, John 64, 113, 114, 146 
Slater, Shelley 73, 134 
Sligh, Sarah 75, 110, 144 
Sligh, Stephanie 144 
Smialek,Tami 103 
Smith, Ashley 55, 113, 144, 103 
Smith, Aubry 103 
Smith, Crosby 110, 106 
Smith, Kara 103 
Smith, Ray 147 
Solle, Chandra 111, 104 
Sotelo,Tim 72, 97, 146 
Spalding, John 146 
Sperow, Lisa 144 
Spiritosanto, Deborah 

72, 113, 134 
Spiritosanto, Samuel 69, 113, 144 
Sproul, Stephanie 

73, 110, 112, 117, 146 
Stair, Julie 55, 144 
Staley, Sarah 73, 110, 144 
Stanley, Kara 58, 144 
Stanton, Melissa 

74, 95, 106, 113, 115, 144 
Stanton-Jimenez, Rachel 130 
Staven, Joseph 56, 112, 144 
Steele, Timothy 38, 147 
Steere, Daniel 68, 93, 117, 144 
Steinbrecher, Ryan 146 
Stephens, Joe 147 

Stevens, Kathy 104 

Stewart, Carrie 58, 111, 112, 144 

Stewart, Elizabeth 66, 144, 104 

Stewart, Jane 147 

Stewart, Ken 147 

Stortz, Katie 61, 144 

Stout, Emily 63, 146 

Stowe, Jenna 110, 134 

Sukhia, Grace 134 

Swanson, Joel 71, 116, 146 

Swanson, Julie 65, 111, 117, 144 

Swartz, Jesica 60, 111, 116, 144 

Sweet, John 56, 93, 144 

Swierzb, Katie 72 

Swinney, Dawn 58, 94, 95, 144 

Takata, Yukiko 

66, 113, 144, 104 
Talarico, Sarah 

36, 57, 114, 115, 144 
Taylor, Anita 73, 113, 146, 103 
Taylor, Jarrod 64, 93, 

111, 115, 116, 145 
Taylor, Melissa 75, 99, 144 
Temple, Amber 75, 117, 134 
Terry, Jessica 61, 145 
Thames, Heidianne 74, 146 
Thomas, Benjamin 145 
Thomas, Cedric 54, 145, 101 
Thomas, Michelle 

20, 66, 145, 104 
Thompson, Lydia 

36 57, 110 112 114 115, 116 145 
Throener, Charity 

14, 63, 116, 145 
Thrower, Jonathan 

59, 110, 111, 106, 146 
Tilley, Rachel 

63, 112, 113, 117, 146 
Tiscione, Krista 

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Tolene, Nicole 116, 145 
Tolson,Clay 11, 68, 135 
Tolson, Holly 55, 146, 105 
Tolson, Laurel 66, 106, 145, 104 
Toms, Megan 

16, 72, 113, 114, 116, 117, 145 
Toner, Seth 145, 101 
Toole, Jeremy 15, 64, 97, 145 
Towers, Eric 67, 110, 117, 145 
Townsend, Amy 55, 145 
Traver, John Calvin 29, 70, 115, 

Trice, Warren 59, 110, 145 
Trikenskas, Jana 60, 145 
Trimiew, Jason 

8, 70, 87, 111, 112, 145 
Trimmier, Alana 

30, 75, 117, 145 
Trimmier, Madelyn 135 
Tucker, Anthony 

40, 93, 106, 145 
Tuininga, Eric 69, 135 
Tuininga, Janine 74, 145 
Turner, Debbie 146, 147 
Tyler, Ty 70, 116, 145 


Ulrich, Julia 

6, 63, 111, 113, 145 
Usher, Laurel 

38, 57, 110, 113, 145 
Ussery-Perez, Sarai 

60, 111, 117, 145 
Uthlaut, Robert 37, 54, 117, 145 

Valdez, Marina 146 

van dcr Westhui/.en, Lycia 

66, 113, 146 
Van Eck, Brandon 70, 145, 146 
Van Steenburg, James 95, 104 
Vance, Cherish 73, 110, 146 
VanderHart, Megan 115, 145 
Varela, Pablo 67, 145 
Varner, Winship 

22, 36, 54, 112, 146 
Vaughn, Nellie 65, 145 
Vendsel, Mike 54, 110, 145 
Viss, Sarah 58, 113, 115, 135 
Viverette, Mandi 73, 114, 145 
Vreken, David 69, 116, 145 


Walker, Jenny 10, 145 

Wall, Sally 146 

Wallis, Jessica 44, 117, 135 

Walls, Jake 67, 146, 101 

Walton, Justin 56, 112, 145 

Ward, Beth 147 

Wardell, Isaac 20, 71. 117, 145 

Weaver, Johnathan 12,54, 145, 101 

Weaver, Kristy 63, 99, 145 

Webb, June 72, 117 

Weir, Lisa 145 

Werson,Jana 73, 110, 145 

Wessel, Damaris 57, 113, 145 

Weston, Bethany 63, 111, 117, 145 

Wharton, Isaac 28 

Wheeles, Stephen 

67, 106, 114, 145 
WhetzellAmy 145 
White, Grace 84, 145 
White, Jamie 65, 146 
White, Mary Frances 75, 145 
White, Sam 72, 110, 114, 146 
White, Teresa 60, 112, 146 
Wiegers, Bob 18, 54, 110, 145 
Wilhelm,Greg 72, 113, 106. 145 
Williams, Evan 70, 110, 145 
Williamson, Geri 146 
Williamson, Willa 146 
Willison, Carleton 146 
Wilson, Jessica 73, 145 
Wilson, Ty 36 

Wise, Joseph 12, 64, 145, 104 
Wismer, Courtney 135 
Witherow.Mat 14, 54, 106, 135 
Wood, Jason 146 
Woods, Heather 9, 14, 63, 146 
Wren, Michael 146, 147 
Wright, Chris 69, 145 
Wright, Matt 68, 146 
Wycoff, Steve 114 
Wykoff, Dan 44, 67. 146 
Wynja, Luke 111, 117, 146 

Yaegashi, David 113, 135 
Yleah, David 72, 111, 145 
Young, Laini 66, 106, 145, 104 
Young, Nancy 

45, 57, 111, 113, 146 

College Hymn 

All for Jesus! 

All for Jesus! 

All my being's ransomed power; 

All my thoughts and words and doings; 

all my days and all my hours. 

Let my hands perform His bidding; 

Let my feet run in His ways; 

Let mine eyes see Jesus only; 

Let my lips speak forth His praise. 

Worldlings prize their gems of beauty, 

Cling to gilded toys of dust; 

Boast of wealth and fame and pleasure ~ 

Only Jesus will I trust 

Since Mine eyes were fixed on Jesus, 

I've lost sight of all beside, 

So enchained my spirit's vision, 

Looking at the crucified. 

Oh what wonder! How amazing! 
Jesus, glorious King of kings, 
Deigns to call me His beloved, 

Lets me rest beneath His wings. 


Closing 165 

168 Closing 

170 Closing 

Closing 171 

172 Closing 










■9. . 

Closing 173 

• ( Jn iltfM ' 3"Ama& 

174 Closing 

TDfiMfal r^'le-enunmti 

175 Closing 




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